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My Supervillain Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun [My Hero Academia 366]

Deku’s back! …Now what?

We have a lot to talk about. Sike! No, we don’t. Shigaraki took every hero down one by one until Deku arrived. That’s it. Oh! And Mirio’s got a fat ass. How fat? Like DC Comic’s Nightwing fat? Which heroic posterior’s bigger? Let’s discuss.

Mirio Thee Stallion
Deku’s gonna regret stopping for lunch at Popeyes’ instead of rushing straight there

No. No. I’m sure there’s something more chapter related we can discuss. Like Deku arriving with Star And Stripe’s Air Force buddies. Maybe they can help, somehow. Or…if Horikoshi will spend a third of the next chapter revealing how Deku got to U.A. and then focus on the other big battles happening around Japan? Yeah, probably. That’s Horikoshi’s M.O.

Ugh! This Shigaraki pre-game fight was a huge letdown. I’m just glad it’s over.

Shigaraki’s taking his nipples pinching habit to a whole new level

This was a bland chapter! The Mirio butt part and Deku arriving were the only things keeping my interest. But I will admit I’m intrigued by what Shigaraki’s final form will look like. My guess: A giant middle finger. Both to give to Deku and the readers. …Where are you, Skycrawler?!

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