Manga One Piece

The World Government Strikes Back [One Piece 1060]

  • Evil Empire? Check!
  • Palpatine? Check!
  • Death Star? Check!

The World Government owns Uranus! Okay, we don’t know if it was officially Uranus that destroyed Lulusia, but come on! It was Uranus. If destroying an entire island isn’t a clue, I don’t know what is. Scary, huh? I wondered what the World Government would do when backed into a corner. What their trump card could be? Well, we know now. If the promise of “peace” can’t keep the countries in line, then fear will do the job. Fear of this battle station ancient weapon. We really are in the endgame, Y’all.

How the hell did Sabo learn about Im? He’s one of the biggest kept secrets by the WG. Was he protecting Vivi from him? Did Im kill King Cobra? In any case, Sabo had to die after learning something as huge as that. …Of course, he’s not really dead, mind you. I wonder what Sabo will do now? The Revolutionary side plot is getting real juicy. Gimme more, Oda!

You’re next, New Jersey!
Look for That’s So Bonney premiering next month on the Disney Channel

I wonder where Vivi’s at? She had to have escaped somehow. My guess is she’s hiding in Ryugu Kingdom. King Neptune and his family would help her out if they could. Vivi’s role in One Piece is becoming even more important than I realized. Im’s right to be concerned about Alabasta’s princess. She’s gonna be a big player in future events before this series ends.

Jewelry Bonney. Was she with Sabo on Lulusia when it blew up? Glad she’s taking the spotlight. If the theory she’s been alive for a loooong time is true, ole Bonney’s the key to finding the last Road Ponegliff.

And where did that get Ace? Dead. Not your best argument, Zoro.

This was a great chapter! One Piece has been killing it since post-Wano. Loved everything about the chapter. The plot, the Straw Hat’s interactions (especially Robin and Luffy’s relationship), and Uranus’ (alleged) debut. So, what’s Luffy’s dream, you ask? Easy! He wants to have a massive party spanning the entire world! Either that, or get his screenplay made into a movie. And of course, Luffy wants to direct. Dream big or go home, Y’all!

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