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Survive: Beach City [Steven Universe]

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Beach City, home to Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. Remember, his name’s Steven. Don’t worry if you forget, the show will constantly remind you, repeating his name at least twenty times an episode.

Tangent, sorry. I moved to Beach City. How long can I survive? The Crystal Gems can take care of any gem related problem, just have to keep my distance from their HQ. Will need a job, the Big Donut has an opening. May as well make myself the manager, more money for me.

Guess I’ll live in an apartment near the Big Donut. Do they have apartments in Beach City? Well, if not, I can live in a motel until I can afford my own house. Maybe learn martial arts or get a motorcycle in case a gem threat goes down. I can sorta protect myself or escape on my bike.

Okay, considering the price of living, intergalactic threats, and abundance of heart-filled talks involving healthy displays of emotion, I can probably survive in Beach City for: 

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Eric Raymond Dead at 53 [Jem & The Holograms]


Surprise! Surprise! Do you like surprises? Well, I got one for you. Listen Up. Eric Raymond is dead. It Takes A Lot to Survive in this world. But, Eric couldn’t survive changes in popular music, overdosing on reality star auto-tune. Police have yet to determine whether that is the official cause of death or if he was mistakenly killed by the Misfits in a scheme to stop Jem & The Holograms from performing at a Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Allegedly Makin’ Mischief for other musical acts, Raymond was being investigated over possible involvement in a freak plane crash that killed Josie & the Pussycats after their glorious return from outer space. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! answers.

The Misfits are scheduled to play at the former music mogul’s Free and Easy funeral service this weekend in Hawaii, using the opportunity to challenge Jem & The Holograms to their two-hundredth Battle of the Bands. No, the Stingers aren’t invited. The entire event will be streamed on KJEM’s website.

This is Farewell to you, Eric Raymond. Congratulations for almost Takin’ It All, but Now it’s the end of your careee~~eer.

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Don’t Need Nostalgia to Enjoy Ducktales 2017, I Think


Okay, six episodes in and I’m officially onboard.

Not to say the previous five were bad, they were all varying degrees of enjoyable (least favorite is Beagle Birthday) but I’m ready to put the nostalgia glasses away and watch Ducktales 2017 as a fan of this version, not of the 80’s cartoon.

Not that criticizing the old series is hard, I love the old series but there were many episodes I didn’t like, but at its core, speaking as someone who never read the comics, OG Ducktales at its best was about adventuring with Scrooge McDuck and the rest of the main cast. That’s why the first episodes are so memorable to me. The Golden Suns arc was what I wanted Ducktales to be all the time–adventure with some comedy, mystery and character development mixed in.