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Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi Returns (Hunter X Hunter)


The Earth revolves around the sun. The sky is blue. Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus. I sat down with Togashi once again to talk just how long we’ll be waiting and how guilty he feels about it.

Redgeek: Alright, Togashi. What’s the excuse this time?
Togashi: Narcotics.
Redgeek: Togaaaaaashiii…
Togashi: Far Cry 5, Avenger Infinity War, and I’m trying to speed run Pokemon Ultra Moon. Good times.
Redgeek: What about your Hunter X Hunter fans? Aren’t you tired disappointing them?
Togashi: Don’t worry, Red. Hunter X Hunter WILL return next week.
Redgeek: Great.
Togashi: Or, later this year.
Redgeek: Really?
Togashi: Next year, tops.
Redgeek: What?
Togashi: 2020 only if my D&D character doesn’t die, promise.
Redgeek: You know, at this rate the current arc won’t end until—no, it won’t end. Period.
Togashi: Hey! Don’t jinx it! I got back problems. Gaming and D&D and sunbathing and podcasting soothes the horrific pain.
Redgeek: Guess I and your audience have no choice but hope you get better enough to work.
Togashi: Joining my Pateron won’t hurt either.
Redgeek: What!
Togashi: Give two-thousand yen a month and get a free Hunter X Hunter poster and access to my podcast a week early. Cool, huh?
Redgeek: What the hell’s this podcast about? Drawing?
Togashi: No, cooking.
Redgeek: I-I don’t…I’m leaving.
Togashi: Say bye to my Twitch chat before you go!
Redgeek: What the— I’m so telling your editor.

2D News Hunter x Hunter Manga

2D News: Hunter x Hunter’s 8,000th Named Character


Chapter 378 will go down in history marking Hunter x Hunter’s 8,000th named character, breaking the record previous set by One Piece with a measly 6,889. The lucky 8,000th character is called Luini, a Heil-ly associate and voyeur extraordinaire.

In celebration, Shueisha held a Hunter x Hunter disco party outside their office. The event goers came dressed as their favorite characters, including, Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika. Hardcore fans showed up dressed as lesser known characters such as: Menchi, a Hunter examiner; Burnout, the sassy Heaven’s Arena’s Floor Master with a speech impediment; Dela, the alcoholic chimera ant; and Nog, Gon’s evil nen clone created by Ging’s petty ex-roommate.

Series creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, made a guest appearance between Playstation updates thanking his fans and announcing Hunter x Hunter going back on hiatus with a planned return some time mid 2027.

Hunter x Hunter Manga

Sashay Away (Hunter X Hunter 373)


Hunter X Hunter is so on and off again, I stopped bothering to re-read chapters from previous breaks. But, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. Face it, we all know reading Hunter X Hunter is like going to the opera, just telling people you do it makes you look cultured. They assume you’ve been doing it for years and understand the details but will never question your knowledge in fear of looking like an ignoramus who only argues on Reddit and gets their news exclusively from political memes.

Now that it’s back, I’ve decided to do a live reaction blog post™. Why? Because I’m hip to the current jive and even a reaction hater like me must get my feet wet. Plus, “live reaction blog post” sounds cool. Let’s begin…

[Insert Over-the-top hype face here]

Page 1
A woman and man talking. My new OTP! What’s up with her hair? A gun? That’s so hype!

Page 2
Don’t kill your waifu! I’m not worried. Shonen manga taught me only ugly girls who do the ho ho ho! laugh die.

Page 3
Drop dead gorgeous! Or…
Shot through the heart
And you’re to blame
Darlin’, you give guards a bad name

Hunter x Hunter Interview Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi [Hunter x Hunter]


Join me as I sit down with Hunter x Hunter creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. I was planning on a more in-depth interview, a ride thoughtout the mangaka’s entire career, but things didn’t work out as planned.