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Meet the Geek: Kohei Horikoshi [Why Are My Hero Academia Chapters Shorter?]


Welcome. Redgeek, here. It’s time we learned the truth. Kohei Horikoshi has been turning out shorter chapters for months and I want answers! I had a chance to sit down with Horikoshi-sensei at his office for another exclusive interview.


RG: Been awhile, Horikoshi. *stares*

Horikoshi: W-what are you doing?

RG: Checking for signs of exhaustion. Have you been sleeping okay?

Horikoshi: Oh, yeah, yeah. Four hours every night. That’s plenty.

RG: Um, that’s not good at all.

Horikoshi: Relatively speaking. Black Clover’s creator (Yūki Tabata) only gets three hours.

RG: That explains why it’s so bad.

Horikoshi: Hey! Don’t be rude. *cough cough*

RG: Whoa. Are you sick?

Horikoshi: Well, just a little. Had a cold a few months back, then the flu last month. I caught something else recently.

RG: Allergies?

Horikoshi: No, stairs.

RG: Huh?

Horikoshi: Fell down them.

RG: That’s horrible. You fell from lack of sleep?

Horikoshi: Lack of speed. Togashi-sensei (Hunter X Hunter creator) was rushing out Shueisha to buy Smash Bros. Special and I didn’t dodge out his way in time.

RG: I see. But, why were you at Shueisha? I thought editors picked up your work at your office.

Horikoshi: I had a meeting. It’s embarrassing to admit but I got busted for drug possession.

RG: What?

Horikoshi: No, no! It’s not as bad as it sounds. A fan sent me some homemade cookies and apparently they had a little something extra.

RG: So, you got high?

Horikoshi: …Yeah. According to the police, I was picked up on a bike on my way to Tokyo Disney. It wasn’t my bike. But, it’s cool. Oda-sensei put in a good word for me at the station. Everything was smoothed out quick. The police there loves One Piece. A couple future spoilers and an ecchi Nami picture and I was a free man. 

RG: What a nice guy.

Horikoshi: You bet! He even offered to take the rest of those drug cookies off my hands. In fact, he insisted. Even demanded I mail him any more stuff like that straight to him.

RG: A saint. A true saint.

Horikoshi: Of course, now I have to fix my last couple chapters. See, I had this huge Uraraka and Mina fight planned out but I accidentally forgot it when I was high.

RG: Oh, no.

Horikoshi: Sorry about that. Don’t worry I’m getting back on track.

RG: Well, I certainly never expected all this happened. Now, I see why chapters have been so short. I hope everything’s good now.

Horikoshi: Sorry to make you worry. I’m ready to turn out full-length chapters from now on. Right after I stop the upcoming demon apocalypse. 


Horikoshi: It’s okay. I have a sword. Well, a sword replica but it’ll all work out. Speaking of work, better finish this chapter before I take on the armies of hell. If you’ll excuse me.

RG: …Sure. Thank you, Horikoshi. See ya.

Horikoshi: Not if the world gets eaten by Death incarnate. *laughs*

RG: I think I need some cookies.

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Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi Returns (Hunter X Hunter)


The Earth revolves around the sun. The sky is blue. Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus. I sat down with Togashi once again to talk just how long we’ll be waiting and how guilty he feels about it.

Redgeek: Alright, Togashi. What’s the excuse this time?
Togashi: Narcotics.
Redgeek: Togaaaaaashiii…
Togashi: Far Cry 5, Avenger Infinity War, and I’m trying to speed run Pokemon Ultra Moon. Good times.
Redgeek: What about your Hunter X Hunter fans? Aren’t you tired disappointing them?
Togashi: Don’t worry, Red. Hunter X Hunter WILL return next week.
Redgeek: Great.
Togashi: Or, later this year.
Redgeek: Really?
Togashi: Next year, tops.
Redgeek: What?
Togashi: 2020 only if my D&D character doesn’t die, promise.
Redgeek: You know, at this rate the current arc won’t end until—no, it won’t end. Period.
Togashi: Hey! Don’t jinx it! I got back problems. Gaming and D&D and sunbathing and podcasting soothes the horrific pain.
Redgeek: Guess I and your audience have no choice but hope you get better enough to work.
Togashi: Joining my Pateron won’t hurt either.
Redgeek: What!
Togashi: Give two-thousand yen a month and get a free Hunter X Hunter poster and access to my podcast a week early. Cool, huh?
Redgeek: What the hell’s this podcast about? Drawing?
Togashi: No, cooking.
Redgeek: I-I don’t…I’m leaving.
Togashi: Say bye to my Twitch chat before you go!
Redgeek: What the— I’m so telling your editor.

Manga Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Inagaki Riichiro (Dr. Stone)


Welcome. I recently sat down with Dr. Stone author, Inagaki Riichiro, to discuss certain developments in the popular science manga.


Thank you for sitting with me today, Inagaki-sensei.
A pleasure.

Let’s dive into it. Incest. Your manga did not shy away inferring the village Senku visits was created solely due to incest.
Yes. I felt it is the logical conclusion of this particular situation.

Well, at least Senku’s not related to them. Does that mean Senku will end up marrying someone from the village? Kohaku, maybe?
Who knows? *laughs*

Why didn’t the astronauts implement a system where each male/female couple had a child to spread out the gene pool?
Fun. If you can’t have fun after the apocalypse, what’s the point in living?

Manga Meet The Geek My Hero Academia

Meet the Geek: Camie (My Hero Academia)


Time to end this discussion once and for all. I sat down with Shiketsu’s very own Camie to learn if she really was who she claimed to be.


Redgeek: Thank you for coming, Toga. I know this is a busy time for you.
Camie: My name’s Camie. Can I get your contact info?
Redgeek: So…killed anyone lately? You know, someone blocking you on the way to school, a waiter getting your order wrong, or even—I don’t know—a high school student whose blood you consumed so you can infiltrate one of the best hero schools in the country?
Camie: Have my own Discord channel if you want to join.
Redgeek: Hmmm…. Okay, you’re a friendly young lady. Tell me about your friends.
Camie: Oh, I have lots of friends! Always fun hanging out when not training.
Redgeek: Older friends? With many hands or burn scars?
Camie: What are you talking about?
Redgeek: Look, I just wanna know if you’re Toga in disguise.
Camie: What? No way! I’m Camie, see how happy and well adjusted I am. I’m just your average Japanese girl who can’t go one chapter without talking about a boy.
Redgeek: *sigh* I really need to talk to Hirokoshi again. Anyway, if you are Camie then what’s up with that bloody knife on the table.
Camie: No, no. That’s ketchup. I was making French fries.
Redgeek: Cutting French fries after pouring ketchup?
Camie: Weird huh? Saw it on Food Network and had to try it.
Redgeek: You know, Deku figured it out. The heroes got you dead-to-rights.
Camie: Deku! Uh, who’s that? Sound’s cool.
Redgeek: Well, looks like I won’t get anything out of you. Before we go, do you have anything you want to say to all your fans?
Camie: Yes, I didn’t steal my hero costume from Black Widow. She stole it from me!
Redgeek: Okay then, this is Redgeek signing off. Goodnight.
Redgeek: The hell!
Camie: Oh, sorry! I was trying to kill a fly on your shoulder. It landed in front of your heart. I’ll get it this time!
Redgeek: Nooooo!
Camie: There. Got it…

anime Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Diva (Blood+)


You are disgusting. An amoral, psychotic, ugly, vicious, pile of human excrement wearing a dress without panties. Oh! Sorry, got a little ahead of myself. Today I get the displeasure of interviewing the most horrible vampire ever, Diva.

Redgeek: …Hello, Diva.
Diva: I’m not ugly.
Redgeek: You are the devil!
Diva: I only do what I’m born to do. Don’t be racist.
Redgeek: What?! You’re a monster. Are we really going to have this conversation?
Diva: This is an interview, isn’t it?
Redgeek: First of all. Chiropterans are not inherently evil.
Diva: No, humanity is. Have you forgotten what was done to me?
Redgeek: And it’s a shame, really. But, massacring everyone at the Zoo is the least of your crimes. What about Riku?
Diva: *sigh* Why does everyone bring up Riku? Doesn’t even pay child support. Get it? Because you can’t pay when you’re dead. Honestly, I did him a favor.
Redgeek: I-I don’t… What you did to Riku… That one act of cruelty makes you one of the worst beings ever to walk the Earth.
Diva: What about me? You never asked how I felt about it now.
Redgeek: Okay, how do you feel?
Diva: Great. *laughs* Killing my sister’s adoptive brother, creating my darling children, and not having to engage in awkward post sex conversation—quite a treat. Plus, Riku was hung like a—
Redgeek: Stop! And to make things worse, you made a move on Kai. The hell is wrong with you?
Diva: That was a joke. Don’t tell me you never joked about raping and killing someone. What a SWJ. Next, I suppose you’ll tell me trying to turn a significant number of the populous into chiropterans was bad.
Redgeek: You know what? We’re done here Diva. I hope you die a painfully ironic death.
Diva: Maybe. Depends on which version of Blood+ you see. Did I just kill the fourth wall? Whoops. *giggle*
Redgeek: And with that, I’ll see you all next time on Meet the Geek.
Diva: I never got to promote my new album. Kanye West is producing it.
Redgeek: Truly a monster through and through.

Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Kohei Horikoshi [My Hero Academia]


I’m been praising My Hero Academia for a long time. After what seems like forever, I’ve finally been granted a phone interview with it’s creator, Kohei Horikoshi.

Redgeek: Thank you for your time, Hirokoshi-sensei.

Hirokoshi: No, no. Thank you. Always happy to talk with my fans.

Redgeek: Let’s begin with Overhaul. Quite the powerful villain, any hints as to whether or not he’ll survive this arc. I have a little theory his days are numbered. Not saying Deku will kill him. I just think the world of My Hero Academia isn’t big enough for the likes of Shigaraki and Overhaul. Any comments?

Hirokoshi: Yes! Yes! Awesome.

Redgeek: Would you mind clarifying?

Hirokoshi: Kylo Ren, baby. No way is he’s killing momma Leia. I swear I’ll riot if he so much as look as her funny.

Redgeek: What?

Hirokoshi: This will not…go the way…you think! Hell yeah!

Redgeek: Are you watching the Star Wars trailer?

Hirokoshi: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, but please continue. It’s only my eighty-sixth time. You were saying?

Redgeek: Will Shigiraki kill Overhaul?

Hirokoshi: Fuck yes! God, yes! Rahhhhh!!!!

Redgeek: Was that a yes to my question or—

Hirokoshi: Hot damn. You see that latest trailer. Luke Skywalker in the Millennium Falcon! Oh, oh….uhh! Tissue, tissue.

Redgeek: Woah! Hirokoshi-sensei, I think you’re a little too excited for Star Wars.

Hirokoshi: That’s like being too excited for Avengers four. Did you see that leaked trailer?

Redgeek: Sir, can we please get back on topic?

Hirokoshi: …Sorry. Okay, I’m calm. Back to the subject, I’ll probably name the next place after Kylo Ren, maybe Skywalker if I can get away with it. You think naming the third best hero school Skywalker or Ren is better?

Redgeek: You can always break up the words Sky and Walker, I’d go with that. Now about my theory—

Hirokoshi: Yeah, that’s perfect. Gotta draw it. Let’s talk later, bye. *click*

Redgeek: And there you have it. Overhaul will not be killed by Shigaraki, but Kylo Ren. Tune in next time for the another spoiler packed Meet the Geek.

Eiichiro Oda Interview Meet The Geek One Piece

Meet the Geek: Eiichiro Oda on Pedro [One Piece]


I finally got another chance to travel to Japan. While here I decided to sit back down with Eiichiro Oda and talk a bit about the last couple chapters of One Piece.

Redgeek: Oda-sensei! Been ages!
Oda: Sup, baby boy! Homie dude! Scruffy Toad! Yes, yes I’ve been very busy.
Redgeek: Have to say, Oda. Your English is getting better and better.
Oda: Yeah, man. Watch enough Game of Thrones you start to pick up on it. Go Robb Stark! Love that guy, he’s my favorite character.
Redgeek: Um, yeah… Let’s talk about Chapters 877 and 878. Really, Oda? Pedro died? This is Pell part two, isn’t it?
Oda: Why does everyone have to bring up Pell? Okay, a few of my characters escaped certain death, so what? I’ll have you know people can survive a gunshot point blank to the face just like Brownbeard. Saw it on the internet.
Redgeek: But, don’t you think that well is dry? It’s true you’re are a great storyteller. Even after all the characters who came back from a doomed scenario, people still believe this will be the exception. Don’t you think it there are better ways to handle these types of story beats?
Oda: I promise you, Pedro is dead. Totally. Absolutely. Irrefutable. Dead.
Redgeek: Perospero survived. They both were at the center of the explosion. They both should be dead.
Oda: ……………………..
Redgeek: And when you say dead, does that mean not alive or missing until they show up again in the story like Sabo?
Oda: How about this? If Pedro is alive, I’ll take you to Tokyo Disneyland next week.
Redgeek: But, I’m going back home tomorrow.
Oda: Sorry, next week only. I’m a busy man. Only get four minutes of sleep a night, you know.
Redgeek: Yeah, yeah, whatever Oda. Always a pleasure, see you next year. …You sure I can’t take a raincheck on Disney—
Oda: Sorry, no understand. Me English not good. Bye-bye!

Hunter x Hunter Interview Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi [Hunter x Hunter]


Join me as I sit down with Hunter x Hunter creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. I was planning on a more in-depth interview, a ride thoughtout the mangaka’s entire career, but things didn’t work out as planned.

Interview Meet The Geek My Hero Academia

Meet The Geek: Todoroki’s Mom Interview [My Hero Academia]

todoroki mom00

It took three long years, but I was finally granted permission to interview the estranged wife of the famous Flame Hero Endeavor. For the first time, we’ll hear her side about life at the Todoroki household, and that fateful day she injured her own son. Enjoy.

Eiichiro Oda Manga Meet The Geek One Piece

Meet The Geek: Eiichiro Oda

RG: Hello! I’m Redgeek and welcome to Meet The Geek. Today, I have with me the esteemed creator of One Piece, Mr. Eiichiro Oda. Oda-sensei, I must say it is an honor, pleasure, and privilege to talk with you today.

Oda: I know. Just kidding! Hahahaha!!!! Hey buddy! What’s up?

RG: Wow! I had no idea you spoke English so well.

Oda: Oh, yeah yeah. I know a couple words and phrases. Good for you or this interview would be impossible.

RG: Yeeeeeeeah. *cough cough* So, why don’t you like being photographed? Is it because you’re too busy?

Oda: Oh, no! Because I’m too gorgeous! I don’t want my lovely face to distract my fans from my manga. It’s not fair for them to choose between that or me.

RG: I see. Now, how do you fee-

Oda: Japanese George Clooney! Yeah! That’s what I am. The Japanese George Clooney of manga.

RG: Right. You work hard. Fans know you spend almost every waking hour on One Piece. How do you feel about scanlators translating your story?

Oda: I hope everyone able to purchase One Piece where they live support it. My dream is for One Piece to be available for everyone to enjoy in the world.

RG: I see. So, you have no problem with fans living somewhere One Piece isn’t available reading a scanlation from Mangapanda or-?

Oda: FUCK MANGAPANDA! Have you seen what those asshats do to my baby?! Horrible translations and that God damn watermark?! Who the hell do they think they are treating my life’s work like that?! I’ll never forgive them!

RG: Woah.

Oda: I’m pissed! If you’re going to rip me off at least do it with respect! They don’t care about me or my fans, only being the fastest. Scumbags!

RG: Yeah, but what can you do?

Oda: You mean besides using my vast manga money to hire a crack team of assassins to find and murder them while they sleep? Don’t worry, papa Oda got this. They may try to RUN RUN RUN or Fight Together but I Believe One Day I’ll Share The World news of Mangapanda never Wake Up again. Sorry, forgive my English.

RG: No problem. Let’s move on. How do you respond to fans criticizing you about your treatment of women in the series?

Oda: Yes, I want to say how sorry I am for early form Alvida, Ms. Merry Christmas, Jora, Big Mom and others. I know it’s disgusting but they are needed in the story. Please be patient with them.

RG: Huh?

Oda: Ugly girls. No one likes them but they are needed to make the other girls more beautiful.

RG: No no, Oda. The problem some fans have is you drawing only beautiful, large breasted, super skinny women in One Piece.

Oda: Wha?

RG: Yeah. They want you to draw more physically diverse women.

Oda: I don’t understand. Are you saying people like ugly women and small breasts?

RG: No, that’s not it. They like beautiful women too but they want to see different kinds of women.

Oda: They like breasts but want girls with small breasts?

RG: No, Oda. They just want more gender equality in One Piece, like in real life.

Oda: There are small breasted girls in real life?!

RG: ……………….

Oda: ………………

RG: Okay. Let’s end it here. Thank you so much for joining us today Oda-sensei. See you next time on Meet The Geek. Goodbye!

Oda: …Wait. Are ugly girls real too?