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Your Friendly Neighborhood Skycrawler [My Hero Vigilantes 126] [Finale]

What a ride!

Got a lot of thoughts bouncing in my wacky little brain. Thoughts about this chapter, the series as a whole, whether we’ll see the Skycrawler again. But, first let me say I’m happy. I’m happy I got to enjoy such a well thought out, well-written series. Happy this manga series ended on a hopeful note. Happy My Hero Vigilantes ended on its own terms. But yeah, I’m sad to see it go.

Let’s jump in. This chapter’s great! It did a great job updating us on the fates of the main and supporting characters while delivering a typical fun Vigilantes chapters. Koichi’s massive debt and impending lawsuits keeping him out of Japan (and away from All For One and what happens in the series) makes sense. It also sucks. The guy saved Pop, the Police and medical professionals at the hospital and he gets slapped with lawsuits? Bleh! The price of being a vigilante finally caught up with Koichi, but at least he’s now a hero. So, good for you, Skycrawler!

126 chapters. 1260 times Koichi almost died.

I love Koichi saving the plane. That’s his thing. He helps people. But now he does so on a massive scale. His Skycrawler costume’s cool too! I like the nods to Captain Celebrity’s costume. Koichi receiving the New York All Might hoodie reminds us where he came from. That no matter the outfit, he’ll always be an All Might fanboy.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Skycrawler Saga [My Hero Vigilantes 125]

Koichi Haimawari is officially a hero!

As predicted, Koichi’s currently living in the U.S. as Captain Celebrity’s official sidekick, designated CCC-02: Skycrawler. WOO!!!!!! I’m so proud of you, Koichi! You made it, my boy! You did it!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

…Okay…okay. I’m calm… AFO’s been looking into Koichi’s background for a few months, so I’m guessing it’s been about that long since the Naruhata Lockdown Arc happened. Sounds about right.

Interesting how AFO’s direct decision to go all in on the Nomu project was because of Number 6’s fight against Koichi. Sure, the Nomu was something AFO was planning for years, but I think it was mostly a plan to defeat All Might or at least keep him at a distance. From what I gathered from AFO this chapter, he’s now going to use Nomu (the battle version) more as general soldiers rather than ONLY to defeat All Might. This would also explain Hood and the USJ Nomu we saw in the bio-tank. They were probably created to specifically combat All Might. Well, we know USJ Nomu was. It’s just confirmed Hood is part of the All Might Hater’s Club too. His desire to fight strong opponents supports the theory.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Red Riding Hoodie [My Hero Vigilantes 124]

It’s Happening!

Time to grow up? Get a “real” job? Wrong, Koichi Haimawari! You’ve been hit by the hero bug. Helping people is in your blood, son. Don’t fight it. And thanks to Makoto and Captain Celebrity, you won’t have to.

Koichi’s becoming an official hero! Not only that, he’s becoming Captain Celebrity’s sidekick! Makoto and C.C. claiming Koichi worked for the good captain all along was a nice way to keep him from getting arrested by the police. Now that Makoto knows Koichi wants to continue helping people, she’s gonna make it a reality. Koichi can be a bit too easy-going. But, now he’s contractually obligated to (I assume) get a hero license and move to America to become C.C.’s Robin. Good for you, Koichi!

Pop upset over the rise of gas prices and bikini wax

Koichi can also further master his quirk under the tutelage of Captain Celebrity while avoiding any unexpected visits from All For One. Perfect, huh? Everything’s worked out.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Six Appeal [My Hero Vigilantes 123]

End of the road, Number Six.

It’s over. No, not the series…yet. The Naruhata Blackout Arc. Number 6 has been defeated. The town is saved. Well, what’s left of it.

All No. 6 wanted was to have a meaningful life. A life where he’ll be remembered. Unfortunately, All For One twisted his brain to where he tried achieving his goals in the worst way possible. Murder, kidnapping, mass destruction. Those aren’t the most noble ways to become a hero. But, again, what can you expect when you’re raised by AFO? That’s what I love about No. 6. Sure, he’s a bastard through and through, but that’s only possible due to the guidance of the King of The Bastards, AFO. As much as a threat No. 6 was, he never overshadowed the true shit head of the My Hero Universe. It’s gonna be so satisfying seeing AFO taken down in the main series. I already got the DJ booked for the victory party!

Dude, it was a G.I. Jane joke

No. 6 defying “AFO” in his last moment. Given how much of a pawn he is, that was surprising. No. 6 went out on his own terms and achieved what he set out to do, again in the most screwed up way possible. Scarring Koichi, the man he’s wanted dead more than anything else, became the only way he’d truly be remembered. Koichi won’t forget him. Maybe failing to save No. 6 helps lead Koichi down the pro hero path? It’s possible. I really hope so. I’d hate for someone as powerful as Koichi to retire from helping people.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

こんにちは, All Might [My Hero Vigilantes 122]

You’re late!

Now there’s something I thought I’d never see in My Hero Vigilantes. All Might and Endeavor working together, kinda. All Might knocked the No. 6 copies in the air while Endeavor burned them up. Pretty cool, to say the least.

And that’s it.

Sure, “All For One” hyped No. 6 up on the last page, but come on! What the hell is he gonna do against All Might, Endeavor, and a crap ton of heroes ready to pound the living crap out of him? Seriously. What’s No. 6’s final play? You know me. I’ve predicted for ages No. 6 is gonna blow himself up in a last ditch effort to kill Koichi. That’s pretty much all he can do at this point, go out in a blaze of glory jealousy.

So amazing! I can’t believe Cuphead made a cameo in My Hero Vigilantes!
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Hero Naruhata Deserves [My Hero Vigilantes 121]

Haters gonna hate.

Jealousy. That’s what it comes down to. This entire battle is happening simply because Number Six is jealousy of our boy, Koichi. Witnessing firsthand Naruhata’s love of The Crawler sent No. 6 over the edge. Now, everyone’s a target! All of Naruhata’s doomed if No. 6 isn’t stopped.

So many minor characters making cameos! I can’t even place them all. There’s previously seen citizens, former instant villains, and others cheering our favorite vigilante on. Hey! It’s faux Rocksteady and Bebop! And, isn’t that little kid the same one helped by Koichi and Aizawa right before Eraser Head’s flashback? Well, it’s been a couple years, so maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is the town is giving Koichi their full support.

Forget Number Six. Koichi’s gonna die from Eraser Head yanking his injured body around like a rag doll.
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Best Jeanist’s Back, Alright! [My Hero Vigilantes 120]

Guess your coffee break’s over, huh heroes?

Finally! The heroes arrived! Well, Best Jeanist anyway. Ingenium, Edgeshot, and Eraser Head are either heading for BJ’s location or implementing a plan to take Number 6 down. Guess we’ll get a flashback explaining it next chapter.

Nice seeing Koichi’s friends and other citizens of Naruhata cheering their vigilante on. No, not vigilante, hero. Official or not, the Crawler is Naruhata’s very own hometown hero.

And, weirdly, telephone booths.
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Clash of The Titans [My Hero Vigilantes 119]

The Crawler’s gone. But Koichi Haimawari lives on.

Kochi’s All Might hoodie, essentially his vigilante costume, getting destroyed, is symbolic of where he currently is as a person. He’s no longer reliant on it be a hero. Koichi IS a hero. He’s taking on Number 6, not because he has to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

The Crawler + Knuckleduster = Koichi. His heroic nature has always been there, but it’s now refined, encompassing KD’s offensive style and resolve along with Koichi defensive attitude. This is Koichi at his strongest, mentally and physically.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Hope You Got A Passport [My Hero Vigilantes 118]

Who says you can’t be a hero?

With Number 6 currently made up of plasma, Koichi can go all out without fear of killing him. This battle just got a lot more fun for our favorite vigilante who’s all smiles during the most dangerous fight of his life. But, is it the end of the road for Koichi? Both literally and for his vigilantism?

Look, as much as I want Koichi becoming an official hero, if he doesn’t want to do it, it’s not happening. But, finally, FINALLY, that spark. That wondrous desire to be a hero has revealed itself. It’s been there for a while now, but it’s Koichi’s acknowledgement of wanting to continue being a warrior of justice that was needed. Now, the option of The Crawler getting a hero license is on the table. It can happen. In fact, if Koichi wants to continue fighting the good fight, he has to get a license.

Cut! Koichi, you forgot to yell out your attack name. Let’s try it again.

Remember, the police know his identity. Koichi can no longer operate as a vigilante. Especially with his battle against No. 6 potentially being broadcast all over the country. Liked by the locals or not, The Crawler is no longer too small a vigilante to overlook. It’s either become a legit hero or never use his quirk in public again!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Sixth Sense [My Hero Vigilantes 117]

The gang’s back together, sorta.

Last chapter “Knuckleduster” gave Koichi permission to fight. Now, “Pop Step” has given her blessing. Or, at least, their ghosts? Spirit forms? Look, I’m not sure what’s happening here. Maybe Koichi’s injuries are messing with his head. Maybe we’re witnessing the Near-Death-Pep-Talk Trope in full effect. Or maybe it’s a little of both. Safe to say all three main characters are close to death right now. Whether Koichi is really being visited by his near-death friends or not, I don’t think it’ll be fully explained anytime soon. Let’s just go with it.

What? I said Knuckleduster’s dead last chapter? Yeah, I did. Well, maybe he’s not. Give me a break, okay? Frankly, I don’t know anymore. He’s badly hurt. Pop’s badly hurt. Koichi’s badly hurt. What do yo want me to say? That all three characters will die at the end of the series?! …Oh… Oh, no… No, no, no. You can’t do this to me, MHV. You just can’t! Don’t make me love this series, then kill the main cast. That would be horrible!