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Catch These Knuckles [My Hero Vigilantes 116]

Knuckleduster’s final gift to Koichi: Permission to fight.

I thought he’d make it. I really did. But, no. Looks like Knuckleduster is dead, for real this time.

Thankfully, his spirit could visit Koichi before passing on. How? It’s a trope, just go with it. The fallen mentor telling his apprentice goodbye in a am I dreaming/hallucinating way to give said hero that last kick in the buns to overcome their current state and win is a classic. I’m just glad Koichi and Knuckleduster got in one last conversation. And after reading this chapter, I can see why the creators waited until now for it to happen.

You should’ve gone for the head, Number 6

Koichi knows he’ll be okay. He doesn’t need Knuckleduster anymore. But more importantly, he has permission to fight back. To do what Knuckleduster has always done, punch the crap outta bad guys.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

One-Punch Manslaughter [My Hero Vigilantes 115]

Where for art thou, All Might?

The Crawler’s in trouble. Number 6 not only recharged his energy, but is now stronger than he’s ever been thanks to feeding off the Anons’s exploding bomber cells. Koichi did great. Number 6 couldn’t touch him, but going at 100% for so long finally caught up with our favorite vigilante. The balance of power has dramatically shifted. To make matters worse, he’s badly hurt. So, what now, Y’all?

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Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Part Of A Balanced Breakfast [My Hero Vigilantes 114]

Number 6 is on a strict plasma and keto diet.

Okay. This fight ain’t over yet. I’m loving it, but what else is there to happen? Number 6 refuses backing down and even absorbed the Anons in a last ditch effort to strike again. So yeah, the Anons are gone. All that’s left of Operation Anonymous is a not so subtle flying plasma skeleton in a dogfight against a vigilante. It looked like No. 6 is about to blow himself up again on the last page. Maybe he now has enough bomber cells/plasma to do that several times. But…that doesn’t seem exciting enough to close out this battle.

As opposed to a catfight where both fighters clash in a condo while knocking over picture frames
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Lightning McMean [My Hero Vigilantes 113]

Number 6’s electric transformation is truly shocking!

Sky battle! Didn’t think I’d see this after No. 6 blew himself up last chapter, but here we are. No. 6’s Lightning Style helps even the playing field a bit, giving the villain aerial maneuverability similar to The Crawler. Add that with the nefarious number’s new ability to shoot homing plasma missiles at Koichi and you have the makings of an action-packed final round. I don’t see No. 6 getting more powerful than this. It’s now or never if he ever wants to defeat Koichi.

No. 6 calling Koichi the “ultimate villain” goes to show how much of a sociopath he really is. He truly believes it’s his right to succeed O’Clock, no matter the cost. Still, a part of me feels bad for the guy as, like with Shigaraki, All For One cultivated his dark emotions, creating a tool run on destruction and pain. That, I doubt, is a coincidence. After all, No. 6 is AFO’s experiment. He’s there to…um, what’s No. 6 an experiment for?

No. 6’s Lightning Style hips don’t lie

Overclock? Sure, that’s part of it. But, let’s not forget the bomber cells. If fact, I wonder if we’ll learn why AFO and Ujiko don’t incorporate them into basic nomu designs. You’d think Bombify + Regeneration quirk monsters is a no-brainer. There has to be a reason this quirk combination isn’t standard issue for all nomu.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Up, Up, and Away! [My Hero Vigilantes 112]

Koichi Haimawari and Soga Kugizaki to the rescue!

I love love LOVE both Soga and Koichi saving Knuckleduster. His two pupils coming through, preventing their mentor from sacrificing himself was something I really wanted to see. KD is smart and all, but he’s been on a path to self-destruction since losing his quirk. He’s more than willing to die as long as he takes the Villain Factory with him. Thankfully, his students had other plans.

Little does Koichi know that No. 6 has a parachute quirk
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Boomer VS Millennial [My Hero Vigilantes 111]

Experiment Number 6. We finally know your backstory.

First things first, No. 6 was born human! That blob was the audience seeing him through his perspective as someone with agnosia. So much for No. 6 being an artificial human in the literal sense, but, as someone on a forum I visit reminded me, the nameless 6 was probably picked up from one of Ujiko’s orphanages. That would explain why the mad doctor doesn’t know the cause of No. 6’s agnosia.

Born human, huh? We don’t know if No. 6 originally had a quirk, but he’s got several now. Was his body modified to help contain multiple quirks? Was he given a copy of the All For One quirk? Or is it both? For now, I’ll go with both, seeing as No. 6’s invisible mentor (AFO) seems capable of independent thought.

Welcome to Chicago!

After everything No. 6 has done. All the death and destruction, I feel a bit bad for the creep. I think he truly meant what he said about only wanting to become like O’Clock. The problem with that being AFO twisting his desire into one built on suffering. AFO taught No. 6 cruelty of the highest caliber then let him loose on Naruhata. You bald bastard!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Sucker Punched [My Hero Vigilantes 110]

He’s baaaaack!

Knuckleduster is here! And with that, the final two pieces needed to finish this battle has arrived. Or should I say three? Or…four?

Let me explain. One, we have Knuckleduster. He had to return to finish his arc, which is tied to the very heart of My Hero Vigilantes: The defeat of the Villain Factory.

The Crawler is currently doing what he does best, protecting civilians. Now, it’s KD’s turn to take on the monstrous Number 6. And unlike Koichi, he’s got no problem killing the artificial human. How? Well, I’m sure Oguro has a plan or two. The guy is as tactical as Batman, he’s got this. I hope.

Knuckleduster hates litterbugs

Next, location. We’re at the final battle stage, Old East Naruhata. An area containing few civilians and near Koichi’s apartment. The best place to deal with a walking explosion monster. Remember that object under a cover Soga found in Koichi’s apartment building? Yep, that should come into play very soon.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

All For One Has Entered The Chat [My Hero Vigilantes 109]

Well…I didn’t see that coming.

I knew “O’Clock” wasn’t a real vestige because of how casually he talked about violence and killing. I just dismissed it as further proof Number 6 was losing his high-speed mind. Guess what, kiddies? The O’Clock vestige is actually an All For One vestige! Dun-dun-duuuun!

And if AFO’s a vestige, then that means Number 6 currently possesses a copy of the All For One quirk! Yeah, AFO didn’t give No. 6 each of his quirks one at a time. No, he simply gave the artificial human a copy of his quirk with the others pre-installed. That’s incredible news! Why? Because AFO only gives his quirk away if it furthers his goal of obtaining a new body free from the effects of quirk singularity. “This experiment” had to be referring to No. 6 himself. How far can he push the limits of his body? That’s what AFO wants to know, and it looks like he’s gonna find out.

Naruhata’s hatred of recycling saves Koichi once again
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Why Are You Getting So Defensive? [My Hero Vigilantes 108]

It’s hard to avoid the obvious Goku Ultra Instinct jokes when he’s pretty much doing it.

This is a loooong fight. But, I get it. It’s the final battle. The last confrontation between our main protagonist and chief antagonist. It all ends with this battle, so I can see why it’s being milked for all it’s worth.

Plus, the audience has to understand why The Crawler is winning. Sure, I knew, but My Hero Vigilantes’ covered in subtlety. This is the creators’ way of making sure everyone’s on the same page. And what is that page? Quirk Evolution + Fighting Style.

Listen closely and you’ll hear The Crawler humming Poor Unfortunate Souls

We’ve seen quirk evolution in the main series several times. Aizawa getting the students past their quirk limits thought rigorous training as well as the League of Villains growing stronger from their constant battle against Gigantomachia early in My Villain Academia. The more you train your quirk, the stronger it becomes. That’s a given in this universe, and we know Koichi’s had years of illegal quirk usage, so, yeah, he’s at peak quirk performance.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Speed Demon [My Hero Vigilantes 107]

No turning back now. Number 6 put The Crawler at the top of his sh!t list. Careful, Koichi, or you’ll end up as his toilet paper.

Party’s over. The Crawler VS No. 6 is no longer some quick exercise to get rid of a pest. Now, it’s war! No more playing around. No. 6 went all out this chapter and still lost, forcing the artificial human to transform into his final(?) form. Let that sink in, No. 6 rushed Koichi using Overclock and lost. Wow!

This, kiddies, is the cumulation of years of training and on-the-job vigilante experience. The Crawler didn’t gain his subconscious reaction overnight. He forged it in battle throughout the years. Basically, his body became a warrior, even if Koichi’s general thinking is that of a peacekeeper. Koichi has mastered his quirk while at the same time gained a truly powerful survival instinct. But, despite knowing all that, No. 6 will not stop until Koichi’s dead.

Number 6 loves spicy nachos