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Applejack Dead at 33 (93 in horse years)


Generation One My Little Pony brought happiness and gender targeted toys to untold girls and plastic toy collectors in the 1980s. With a heavy Dark Heart, I announce that generation’s beloved character, Applejack, had passed away due to complications from moldy hay stuck in her throat.

Applejack, real name Crabapple Jackson, gave life and cute girly sounds to the role of the silly pony Applejack. She leaves behind four daughters, twelve grandchildren, and a collection of stale Hostess apple pies no one wants to inherit. Her life-long friend, Dolly Parton will be playing at her funeral at Midnight Castle on Sunday. G4 Applejack posted on twitter this morning calling her alternate version “A bad jumper but a heck of a good mentor and friend.”

Goodbye, dear mare. You will forever be one of the greatest Applejacks not counting the current series or the cereal.