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Star Wars Rebels Finale (AKA Four Year Preview For New Series)


It’s over, and I’m sad…Star Wars Rebels wasn’t better.

Rebels wasn’t the worst show ever, but being set in the Star Wars universe I had high expectations that weren’t met. The overall story was good. Season premieres and finales were nice and there were good episodes scattered in-between. But, so much of Star Wars Rebels felt mediocre. I watched because it was a Star Wars show more than anything else. That said, I’m glad I watched it but I’ll never watch the entire series again, just YouTube clips of favorite scenes.

Now, about that finale.

Honestly, wasn’t expecting much. My main reason watching was seeing how they wrap up Erza and Thrawn, two characters, by continuity standards, shouldn’t play an active role in the original trilogy. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a good solution, taking them off the board (and out the galaxy) until after the Battle of Endor. From there, Disney is free to go nuts with the two and Ahsoka, another fan favorite too popular to die on a kid’s show.

Sabine spent all or most her time protecting Lothal, I’m cool with that

We knew Hera and Chopper were surviving, thanks to Rogue One and Forces of Destiny, passed Battle of Endor. No problems there. Oh? Hera’s got a kid and Kanan’s the father, how sweet.

What the hell, show!

No, you don’t. No. You. Do. Not!

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Ezra Won’t Die [Star Wars Rebels]


The second Star Wars Rebels season four trailer dropped and it’s looking good. This is the final season so anything goes, no one is safe! Okay, Hera and Chopper are safe, they were seen or mentioned in Rogue One, but everyone else could die–everyone except Ezra. He ain’t dying.

Let’s be honest, Disney won’t kill the teenage main character of their kids show. Not happening. But, what about the canon, you ask? There should be only two Jedi in the galaxy by the time of Empire Strikes Back. That’s right, Jedi. But, what if you’re a force user who isn’t an official Jedi? Let’s back it up a bit. Here’s two ways I think the Star Wars Rebels creators can keep Ezra alive without wreaking continuity: