Hero Talk No Jutsu [My Hero Academia 323]

At any given moment, public opinion is a chaos of superstition, misinformation and prejudice. —Gore Vidal

Great job, Uraraka! I’m glad you’re there, explaining the situation to the crowd, hopefully able to get them on your side. They don’t need to know everything, but the angry mob needs to know just how important Deku is to defeating All For One/Shigaraki and returning Japan from the grips of despair. Once again, I’m hoping Giant Fox Woman steps up and vouches for Deku. Kota too, and everyone else who was helped by our stinky hero with a lemon fresh scent heart.

We learn more about the U.A. Barrier. It’s pretty impressive. Took a couple read throughs and google searches (What the heck’s a maglev and bulwark?) to finally understand. At the very least, those ungrateful masses should be safe. But, it makes me wonder just who is Nezu?

The angry crowd activating Deku’s Danger Sense. See? This is why Japan needs to legalize marijuana.

A High Resistance to Fire and Restraining Orders [My Hero Academia 274]

Remember when people were complaining Deku getting Past Users’ quirks made him too powerful? Well, Deku, maybe you should start carrying a baseball bat too cause you’re gonna need all the help you can get, buddy.

Shigaraki finds someone with a Lip Balm quirk.

Shigaraki has Ragdoll’s Search quirk. Uh-oh! Now, he can track Deku wherever he goes. Or, maybe there’s a range limit, who knows. I’m assuming all these quirks (Search, Regeneration, Super Strength, etc.) are part of Shigaraki’s actual body and didn’t come pre-loaded inside the AFO quirk. It would make the pain Shiggy received for several months unnecessary if they all just came with AFO Pro Version. Either way, he’s got them and is not afraid to use them.

Big points to Endeavor for holding his own against the new Lord of Evil. He’s got the strength and battle experience to give Ultra Instinct Shiggy a run for his money…so far. Remember, Shigaraki’s fresh out the oven. We don’t yet know how many quirks he’s got now and all of this won’t matter in the long run because he’ll get even stronger by stealing more quirks. So, yeah, this is the weakest Super Shiggy will ever be. Yikes!


The Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s great just to be nominated. But, count me out going to the ceremony. I heard that place is haunted, y’all!


And nominated is where I’ll stay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely honored Jay, from his blog RJ Writing Ink, took the time to nominate a small-time dork like myself for the award. But, frankly, I don’t think I deserve it. I don’t spend nearly enough time blogging as I want to or feel I need to.

I first envisioned this blog to be a catch-all for everything I like and I’ll still blog about anything worthy of more attention (Did I ever blog about Locke & Key? Either way, check it out. It’s a great comic.). I’ve even considered making a new blog dedicated only to all things My Hero Academia. You know, focus on one thing instead of trying to be a general anime/manga blogger, but Mammoth Base Opera Castle has pretty much become that already, plus, I really love the name! Anyway, I’ll continue blogging about anything that catches my fancy because this is the only place on the internet I can do that (I’m not a big social media guy.).

If you want to nominate someone for the Sunshine Blogger Award, here are the rules courtesy of Jay himself:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and link it back to them.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write 11 new questions for them.

4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post of blog.

Let’s answer some questions!

  1. What’s been your favorite thing to blog about?


Things people may not have heard about AKA Hipster Hotline. There’s so much media out in the world a lot of great stuff falls between the cracks. Bringing attention to these hidden gems, giving them the recognition they deserve, that’s what I love the most.

2. If you could date one fictional character, who’d it be?

Hm. I don’t know. I love fictional characters but I don’t seriously think about dating them. I’ll just say Sara Spencer because no one will know who she is without looking her up, but I think my first cartoon crush was Lady Jaye from G.l. Joe.

3. What’s your all-time favorite show? Or video game?


The original Mysterious Cities of Gold. That show made me realize cartoons can be serious and fun while still being educational. There was a beginning, middle and end (a far cry from the one-and-done episodes from most other children shows at the time) and the animation itself is what got me first interested in anime (the show was a Japanese/French collaboration if I remember correctly). I wouldn’t be the geek today without that show. So…thank you?

4. What’s your favorite show from the 2010s?

Apparently, there’s no ground in the New World.

Wow, I don’t know. I like a lot of shows. There’s Agents of SHIELD and Avatar the Last Airbender. Steven Universe and… *one google search later* Level-E. Hunter X Hunter and My Hero Academia even though I read the manga. Psycho-Pass. Can you tell I’m looking through Wikipedia? Um…From the New World, that’s a good one. I need to read the novel. Death Parade and…that’s it? I probably forgot something or other.

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Bonney’s Ancestor is Kuma? (One Piece 908)

The World Building Arc is rolling along.

I mean, come on! Miz Cracker deserves to be in the top four!

Let’s start with Jewelry Bonney, a pirate who snuck into the highest security place on the planet. Why? To save Kuma, it looks like. Why? Because he’s family? Okay, he’s family. Oda’s dropped enough breadcrumbs for us to guess that much. Bonney disguised herself as Queen Dowager, of Sorbet Kingdom. No makeup, just simply aged herself. If that’s not a big hint the real Dowager is related to Bonney, I don’t know what is. And, yeah, I assume there’s a real Dowager. Someone has to be running Sorbet and Bonney can’t do her pirate thing and rule a kingdom at the same time. Makes sense she asked her relative to say home while she went to the Reverie to try and save Kuma.


Is One Piece sexist? Twitter user posts scathing essay about Japan’s favorite manga

Been searching the internet for what women thought about One Piece and found this. Any other female One Piece fans out there agree or disagree?

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Applejack Dead at 33 (93 in horse years)


Generation One My Little Pony brought happiness and gender targeted toys to untold girls and plastic toy collectors in the 1980s. With a heavy Dark Heart, I announce that generation’s beloved character, Applejack, had passed away due to complications from moldy hay stuck in her throat.

Applejack, real name Crabapple Jackson, gave life and cute girly sounds to the role of the silly pony Applejack. She leaves behind four daughters, twelve grandchildren, and a collection of stale Hostess apple pies no one wants to inherit. Her life-long friend, Dolly Parton will be playing at her funeral at Midnight Castle on Sunday. G4 Applejack posted on twitter this morning calling her alternate version “A bad jumper but a heck of a good mentor and friend.”

Goodbye, dear mare. You will forever be one of the greatest Applejacks not counting the current series or the cereal.


One Piece Chapter 742: Ever At Your Side

Plot is moving. That’s good.

I’m conflicted with this chapter. I’m happy, very happy, Usopp fought Trebol & Sugar knowing he would probably lose. But, I’m bothered we only saw the beginning and ending. Now, about the last page, I didn’t like it. When I first read it I had no idea what the hell was happening. I thought Usopp made some sort of plant tentacle vine double of himself. After I got an explanation from a forum I understood the joke but still didn’t care. Don’t hate it but it was too reliant on dumb luck for my taste. Like Oda wrote himself into a corner having to make Usopp beat Sugar while also losing to Trebol while making sure he didn’t physically hurt Sugar.

I hope the Kyros flashback is justified in the next couple chapters because I don’t care about him enough to enjoy all the attention Oda is giving him because at this point I’m assuming he’s going to get taken out quickly by Doflamingo to get to him fighting Luffy. Maybe he’ll take out some members of the Donquixote Family instead. At this point he needs to do something awesome to get me to care more about him.

Speaking of the Donquixote Family, I’m curious how the rest of the family will be defeated. Franky and Usopp are out of commission and Team Sanji busy with Big Mom and/or her crew. That basically leaves Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Kinemon, and Kyros to deal with the rest of the family. Or, not.

Sabo will take down Diamante and there are several pissed off toys about to turn human to serve Trebol and his grunts hell on a platter. Zoro got Pica so that takes care of the elite officers but what about the other Donquixote executives? Kinemon could take one down but someone is missing…Fujitora! Even Law may help a little. I knew Sanji leaving Dressrosa was a departure from the usual versus formula but Oda could be taking it to another level. Looking forward seeing how it plays out.

I wonder if the woman looking at baby Rebecca was the queen? By the way, what’s with Oda hating queens? Either they’re dead or not around. Bad experience watching Alice in Wonderland or Freddie Mercury kicking sand in his face, you decide.