Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-000
A visual representation of Twitter.

Have you read Shattered Grid, the arc before this current one? No? Well, if you’re a Power Rangers fan you should check it out. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the ending, the ride itself was fun fun fun. Speaking of fun, I enjoyed this issue so much I wanted to talk about it and get the word out how good this series is.

Hm. Should I do a full recap of the comic series? Nah! Look, it’s based on the TV show but doesn’t follow it exactly. Think of it as a modern/alternate version of the first couple seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With that said, this chapter takes place in the TV show’s equivalent of season 2. Rita’s out and Zedd’s in. Jason, Zack, and Trini are (not) off on a peace conference and they’ve been replaced by Aisha, Rocky, and Adam AKA the Stone Canyon Trio.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-006
Lord Zedd must be freezing without pants…or skin.

You know how Zordon is against escalating fights? Well, the Legendary Omega Rangers are fine with it, and they’re taking the fight right to Lord Zedd on the moon. Did I mention three of the four Omega Rangers are Jason, Zack, and Trini? Yep, that whole peace conference thing is a ruse. Now, they’re power rangers tasked with capturing threats due to the shattering of reality in…well, Shattered Grid.

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Hipster Hotline: Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken

A comic book about the Mirror Universe Next Generation Enterprise crew. Read it.

Star Trek- TNG - Mirror Broken-000
Aw. I wish evil Picard had poofy hair.

Who says reviews can’t be short? Okay, I give you some details. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken shows us what’s going on with Mirror Universe Captain Picard and the regular members of the Enterprise crew. Honestly, I never even considered something like this happening. Even after watching Deep Space Nine and the prequel Enterprise’s Mirror Universe episodes years ago. Forget a TNG episode, why wasn’t this idea a movie? Anyway, it’s a comic, so let focus on that.

Like I said, it’s a good story. Evil Captain Picard and most of the TNG regulars are working aboard the I.S.S. Stargazer, Picard’s old ship for those who may have forgotten. So, why aren’t they on the evil Enterprise? Well, The Terran Empire has seen better days. After the events of the original Star Trek Mirror Universe episode, Spock took over and tried making the Mirror Universe less evil (Yay!), but the Klingons and Cardassians teamed up and stomped the Terrans all the way back to Earth’s solar system (Whoops!). Meaning, the Terran Empire doesn’t have the resources to build galaxy class ships like the Enterprise. Or, do they?

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How I’d Make Marvel Comics More Popular


The Marvel movie franchise is one of the biggest in the world. So, why aren’t more people reading their comics? Even turning half of Marvel’s moviegoers into comics fans would send Marvel Comics into the stratosphere. Well, I have two main reasons.

1. People look down on the comic book industry.

Movies, TV, Books, and Plays are some of the many ways to tell a story. But comics have never been fully accepted by the mainstream. Even now, the average person will hear about an iconic comic character vastly changing their status quo and freak out, even though: A.) They don’t read comics. And, B.) Things will be reset after a fixed time.

And, let’s not forget the people who think only superhero and kids theme stories become comics. Calling comics a media only for kids is like saying TV is only for kids because of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Even, manga readers have these assumptions! Yet, if someone insults manga, calling it hentai, they’ll lose their minds. So, what can Marvel do against all that bias?

Solution: Focus on improving the comic industry’s reputation.

Lay a foundation. Many people won’t read comics if they think it isn’t cool or only for kids. The world’s full of mindless sheep like that. Marvel has to go on a huge advertising attack protecting comic legitimacy. I’m talking about TV and internet commercials. Show an ad with someone dismissing comics and have a comics fan show them how much the industry is like TV or movies, full of different genres with something for everyone. That’s right everyone. Not just geeks, not just kids. Everyone. Show the average Marvel movie fan they can read more about their favorite heroes. Show a disinterested movie date reading a mystery or romance comic. Make comics the norm and the wallets will follow.

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Hipster Hotline: Future Quest Volumes 1 & 2 (comics)

Future Quest Vol. 01-000

Take some classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon shows, updated them a bit and put them together in a crossover event comic and what do you get? Awesomeness, that’s what!

Future Quest tells puts Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, Birdman, The Herculoids, and other old-school cartoon characters together in a “quest” to save Earth from an organism absorbing monster. A simple premise but it works. It works really well.

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Hipster Hotline: Superb (comic)

Superb v1-001

We’ve had all kinds of superheroes. LGBTQ, females, males, adults, children, robots, even villains. But, what about a superhero with Down syndrome or at least one starring in his own comic? No? Then let me introduce you to Superb.

A meteor landed giving people superpowers, including Jonah AKA Cosmosis, a teenager secretly using his superpowers to help people. Uh oh! Cue the evil corporation trying to capture him because, you know the drill, superpowered people are dangerous. But Foresight wants to turn these super people into super killers, working for them, of course. In fact, maybe this was Foresight’s plan all along. What do I mean by that? Read the comic. …I’m winking right now, just letting you know.


F*ck You Ever After! (X-Men Gold #30)

X-Men Gold (2017-) 030-000
Where’s Gold Balls? Geez, he always gets snubbed.

Seriously, what the hell, comic?

‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it! Warning: Spoilers Galore!

Here I am reading X-Men Gold issue thirty, the wedding issue between Colossus and Shadowcat aka Pieter and Kitty and… and…


Welcome Back, Anne! (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 12 #1)


There’s a season twelve?

I sure as heck didn’t know about it, don’t frequent Buffy forums anymore. But, here we are. I was afraid Buffy’s story would end with season eleven. A bold season with good parts, but overall too short and lacking a wider focus on other characters including a big bad I could give two steaks about. And don’t get me started on there needing to be another Slayerverse book featuring Robin Wood and the former season seven potential slayers AND a Billy the Vampire Slayer comic. Maybe put Andrew in one of them, give the guy something to do.

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers incoming!


Batman Beyond Vol. 2 Rise of the Demon (Part Two)

Writers: Vita Ayala & Steve Orlando,  Pencils: Siya Oum, Inks: Dexter Vines, Colors: Tony Aviña


You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista.

Filling out the volume is a story created by a guest team called Batwoman Beyond. There’s a Batgirl in the Beyond universe? Nice! I like the premise. Batgirl works in a tough part of town not even Batman frequents. Why? Wish someone in the story told me.

This takes place during the Rise of the Demon arc so yay for Max doing something other than waiting around and being worried. Commissioner Gordon is kidnapped and it’s up to Batgirl and Max to save her. Max, you need an alias, my friend. And, Gordon, are you the same Gordon from the regular arc because here you’re drawn more like older Barbara Gordon. But, I swear I thought the main story Barbara Gordon was her granddaughter. She looked middle age at the most. I’m confused. 


Batman Beyond Vol. 2 Rise of the Demon (Part One)

Writer: Dan Jurgens, Artist: Bernard Chang, Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo

Bruce is still waiting for Young Justice season three.

Let’s jump right in with the multiparter, Rise of the Demon. Following the events of volume one, Bruce Wayne is back and everyone’s happy. Looks like this volume is all about happiness and—oops! The League of Assassins are back and ready to assassinate…their own member, Curare? What the schway? Okay, sidebar, how does the League continue to exist? They’re always getting stomped by Batman or some other hero or infighting. Maybe save all that bloodthirsty dysfunction for Fortnite.

Rise of the Demon is a good story, but I liked the previous one more. I enjoyed Terry back in the game and Bruce reflecting on his life but I felt there’s too much inner dialogue in these comics. You always have to be in their head. It’s a general problem I have with western comics. You never escape the main character’s constant thinking. Not a fan of it, but that’s just me.


Batman Beyond Vol. 1: Escaping The Grave

Writer: Dan Jurgens, Artist: Bernard Chang, Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo

Batman: Applejack is best pony, period.

For those not familiar with how western comics work, as a way to bring in new readers companies will renumber issues after awhile. It’s a marking gimmick. Basically, this volume one isn’t the true Batman Beyond volume one, but a jumping on point for those wanting to give the series a chance. Everyone on the same page? Let’s begin.

Escaping The Grave, I like it. It feels like Batman Beyond. Yeah, I’ve seen the cartoon series and read previous Beyond comics, but I stopped reading the series years ago. Can’t remember why. Think DC’s New 52 had something to do with it (when in doubt, blame New 52). Either way, I lost interest. After reading the volume my Batman Beyond thirst is back.

The volume picks up after the last arc (which I didn’t read) ended. Terry McGinnis is back (Huh?), his little brother, Max, knows he’s Batman (What?), and Bruce Wayne, Terry’s mentor, is dead (The f*ck?). Whoever wrote the last arc when out with a bang. At least this writer’s quick to explain all the important past plot points, including a general recap of Batman Beyond’s origin. Again, nice for old and new fans.