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Meet the Geek: Inagaki Riichiro (Dr. Stone)


Welcome. I recently sat down with Dr. Stone author, Inagaki Riichiro, to discuss certain developments in the popular science manga.


Thank you for sitting with me today, Inagaki-sensei.
A pleasure.

Let’s dive into it. Incest. Your manga did not shy away inferring the village Senku visits was created solely due to incest.
Yes. I felt it is the logical conclusion of this particular situation.

Well, at least Senku’s not related to them. Does that mean Senku will end up marrying someone from the village? Kohaku, maybe?
Who knows? *laughs*

Why didn’t the astronauts implement a system where each male/female couple had a child to spread out the gene pool?
Fun. If you can’t have fun after the apocalypse, what’s the point in living?


Dr. Incest (Dr. Stone)


What the heck?

I knew Byakuya and the rest of the astronauts would be the origin of the village but the manga didn’t even try to allude to possible meetings with other possible un-stoned people or somehow another person or group surviving. Nope. Just one big incest party. And, guess what? You’re not invited. Well, unless you’re related, of course.

Look, I’m not taking a moral high ground here (My browser history can back me up.). If you’re consenting adults, go nuts, but I have a problem from a genetic perspective. At the bare bones minimum, some kind of breeding system would’ve been nice, scattering the genes as far as possible early on. Nah, screw that! Let’s have 1 on 1 marriages!

Really, the only thing I can take away from the past two chapters is them getting to work immediately having kids. And even that’s problematic because they all died relatively (Heh!) young.

I guess at some point the bad inbred genes got fazed out. Survival of the fittest and all that jazz. Talk about a tease, though. Forget Senku, I wanna see what that village in the past went through. F-for research purposes, of course. Yep. *coughcough*


Dr. Stone Shifting Gears? (Dr. Stone)


Something seems final about chapter 40 of Dr. Stone. Senku became village chief and it’s resolved in a few pages. Everyone in Senku’s gang are happy, even Gen (mostly because he finally got his cola [Dr. Cola™]). Point is, I thought we had more hardships coming before Ruri got her antibiotics. Not that it’s a bad chapter, just caught me off guard.

Yeah, we still got the big showdown between Team Senku and Team Tsukasa coming. But, the series isn’t ready for that. So, what’s gonna happen next? Well, the series has two options: Stick with Senku as he takes the next steps towards his ultimate goal or sideline the science kingdom storyline while the audience checks in with Taiju & Yuzuriha. Remember, its been around six months their time since we last saw them. There’s a lot to catch up on, but I think their update won’t be as long at Senku’s science kingdom adventures so far. The series is called Dr. Stone after all.

Who knows, really. All I can say is my pessimist sense is tingling. The overpowered high school jock shoe will drop at some point. We can’t have Senku on the fast track without Tsukasa becoming more of a threat and right now if Taiju & Yuzuriha did join his group as spies that makes three people in his community secretly working against him. Hmm…I don’t think Senku being alive will be secret much longer. I think that conflict is coming, not immediately, maybe at the end of our Taiju & Yuzuriha status update, but its on the horizon.

Oh, well. Maybe I’m chasing shadows and the story will continue with Senku in the forefront. But, if I’m right I’ll get to brag about it to all my many many friends. …Internet friends count, right? Oh… Well I’ll brag in the mirror.