Manga One Piece Rebecca Revolutionary

Chapter 734: The Kamaitachi of Rommel

Haters gonna hate!

Rebecca won thanks to Cavendish going in Hakuba mode. Love the guy who accused Rebecca of hiding a gun. Just where exactly could she be hiding one? I bet someone made a frisk Rebecca adult doujin.

Sabo knew about Hakuba, interesting. It’s definitely not common knowledge so how does he know? Either the Revolutionary Army also investigated the Rommel incidents or there’s a revolutionary mole in the Navy.

Another interesting point was Doflamingo saying Luffy had “treacherous blood”. He’s obviously talking about Luffy’s father, Dragon, but saying Dragon is treacherous could mean something important.

Crazy theories time!
We know Dragon was born in Goa Kingdom and for some reason the king of Goa was never shown or named. Why? Is the king of Goa linked to Dragon? Could he be Dragon’s father-in-law? At the very least for someone to create the Revolutionary Army he has to know what really goes in the world. I think Dragon was part of the World Government or Navy at some point.