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Meet the Geek: Kohei Horikoshi [My Hero Academia]


I’m been praising My Hero Academia for a long time. After what seems like forever, I’ve finally been granted a phone interview with it’s creator, Kohei Horikoshi.

Redgeek: Thank you for your time, Hirokoshi-sensei.

Hirokoshi: No, no. Thank you. Always happy to talk with my fans.

Redgeek: Let’s begin with Overhaul. Quite the powerful villain, any hints as to whether or not he’ll survive this arc. I have a little theory his days are numbered. Not saying Deku will kill him. I just think the world of My Hero Academia isn’t big enough for the likes of Shigaraki and Overhaul. Any comments?

Hirokoshi: Yes! Yes! Awesome.

Redgeek: Would you mind clarifying?

Hirokoshi: Kylo Ren, baby. No way is he’s killing momma Leia. I swear I’ll riot if he so much as look as her funny.

Redgeek: What?

Hirokoshi: This will not…go the way…you think! Hell yeah!

Redgeek: Are you watching the Star Wars trailer?

Hirokoshi: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, but please continue. It’s only my eighty-sixth time. You were saying?

Redgeek: Will Shigiraki kill Overhaul?

Hirokoshi: Fuck yes! God, yes! Rahhhhh!!!!

Redgeek: Was that a yes to my question or—

Hirokoshi: Hot damn. You see that latest trailer. Luke Skywalker in the Millennium Falcon! Oh, oh….uhh! Tissue, tissue.

Redgeek: Woah! Hirokoshi-sensei, I think you’re a little too excited for Star Wars.

Hirokoshi: That’s like being too excited for Avengers four. Did you see that leaked trailer?

Redgeek: Sir, can we please get back on topic?

Hirokoshi: …Sorry. Okay, I’m calm. Back to the subject, I’ll probably name the next place after Kylo Ren, maybe Skywalker if I can get away with it. You think naming the third best hero school Skywalker or Ren is better?

Redgeek: You can always break up the words Sky and Walker, I’d go with that. Now about my theory—

Hirokoshi: Yeah, that’s perfect. Gotta draw it. Let’s talk later, bye. *click*

Redgeek: And there you have it. Overhaul will not be killed by Shigaraki, but Kylo Ren. Tune in next time for the another spoiler packed Meet the Geek.

Eiichiro Oda Interview Meet The Geek One Piece

Meet the Geek: Eiichiro Oda on Pedro [One Piece]


I finally got another chance to travel to Japan. While here I decided to sit back down with Eiichiro Oda and talk a bit about the last couple chapters of One Piece.

Redgeek: Oda-sensei! Been ages!
Oda: Sup, baby boy! Homie dude! Scruffy Toad! Yes, yes I’ve been very busy.
Redgeek: Have to say, Oda. Your English is getting better and better.
Oda: Yeah, man. Watch enough Game of Thrones you start to pick up on it. Go Robb Stark! Love that guy, he’s my favorite character.
Redgeek: Um, yeah… Let’s talk about Chapters 877 and 878. Really, Oda? Pedro died? This is Pell part two, isn’t it?
Oda: Why does everyone have to bring up Pell? Okay, a few of my characters escaped certain death, so what? I’ll have you know people can survive a gunshot point blank to the face just like Brownbeard. Saw it on the internet.
Redgeek: But, don’t you think that well is dry? It’s true you’re are a great storyteller. Even after all the characters who came back from a doomed scenario, people still believe this will be the exception. Don’t you think it there are better ways to handle these types of story beats?
Oda: I promise you, Pedro is dead. Totally. Absolutely. Irrefutable. Dead.
Redgeek: Perospero survived. They both were at the center of the explosion. They both should be dead.
Oda: ……………………..
Redgeek: And when you say dead, does that mean not alive or missing until they show up again in the story like Sabo?
Oda: How about this? If Pedro is alive, I’ll take you to Tokyo Disneyland next week.
Redgeek: But, I’m going back home tomorrow.
Oda: Sorry, next week only. I’m a busy man. Only get four minutes of sleep a night, you know.
Redgeek: Yeah, yeah, whatever Oda. Always a pleasure, see you next year. …You sure I can’t take a raincheck on Disney—
Oda: Sorry, no understand. Me English not good. Bye-bye!

Hunter x Hunter Interview Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi [Hunter x Hunter]


Join me as I sit down with Hunter x Hunter creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. I was planning on a more in-depth interview, a ride thoughtout the mangaka’s entire career, but things didn’t work out as planned.

Interview Meet The Geek My Hero Academia

Meet The Geek: Todoroki’s Mom Interview [My Hero Academia]

todoroki mom00

It took three long years, but I was finally granted permission to interview the estranged wife of the famous Flame Hero Endeavor. For the first time, we’ll hear her side about life at the Todoroki household, and that fateful day she injured her own son. Enjoy.