Karakuri Circus [Episode One]

Why aren’t more people talking about this show?

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The animation is amazing. Look at those rocks!

It’s a miracle it even exists. An anime adaption in 2018 of a manga series that ended in 2006. It’s almost unheard of nowadays. Especially, because Karakuri Circus isn’t exactly mega-popular, at least not in the west.

Long story short (and spoiler-free), Karakuri Circus tells the story of a Masaru, Narumi, and Shirogane. Three people whose lives intertwine with each other and the Automatons, mechanical puppets with a tenacity to kill, usually under the guise as performers at the Midnight Circus. Why are they doing this? What’s their goal? And what’s all this has to do with our three main characters? Spoilers, spoilers, and spoilers. But believe me, learning the answers to these questions are what makes this story work. Can’t say how they’ll fit the entire saga in 36 episodes, but if it the anime is half as good as the manga it’s worth a watch.

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Ever read a manga you enjoyed then wondered why the heck it isn’t popular?
Karakuri Circus is a shounen manga about a boy named Masaru Saiga on the run from relatives who want him, or more specifically, the eighteen billion yen his dead dad left him. He quickly meets Narumi Kato and a woman calling herself Shirogane, both separately wanting to help Masaru. Simple plot, right? Yeah, but that’s only the beginning.