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Visit Your Mommy, Dabi! (My Hero Academia 187)

I’m selling my story to TMZ

The Dabi=Todoroki theory is teased again. One of Shoto’s older brothers mentions Endeavors shitty treatment of Shoto, Mama Rei and one other but he decides not to talk further. No doubt he’s talking about the eldest Todoroki brother. Once again Hirokoshi is sidestepping any information regarding the first sibling. At this point is it even worth talking about this? Dabi is a Todoroki. I know it. You know it. Everyone in the fandom knows it. Let’s move on.

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Black Mist + Muscular=High End? (My Hero Academia 185)

Hawks is a jerk. The End.

"Get Hard" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Already planning to put Mirko in my next video

What else is there to say? Everyone’s having a good time at the Top 10 Hero Billboard Awards. Drake, the number one music billboard artist, was going to perform and rumors circulated they’ll have free pizza and ice cream at the afterparty. Fun!

But, here comes Hawks talking about…what the heck was he on about? Heroes need to think outside the box? They need to give better speeches? Seriously, what’s going on with Hawk? Guess I’ll chalk it up to A.D.D.

Let’s get to the juicy part. Hawks wants Endeavor to help him with some suspicious activity happening in his neck of the woods. And Hirokoshi didn’t waste time showing us it’s all legit. Shigaraki (guessing it’s him) is talking to a nomu, and it talks back! We got talking Nomu, kiddies. A talking, thinking nomu, yikes! That means the new nomu can go on missions alone. Hmm…I wonder where’s he’ll go?

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The World Needs More Twice Cosplayers (My Hero Academia 184)

It’s true, I searched. There are maybe three Twice cosplayers at max! And, yes, I get the irony of that number.

Twice’s opinion on Deadpool cosplayers.

Okay, chapter 184. Let’s begin with Eri and the surprise everyone predicted. Yes, readers, Eri is moving to U.A. I’m excited. We may get a chance to see her training to control her quirk as well as her interactions with other U.A. students. Bakugou meets Eri, yes, please! Speaking of Eri meeting people, where’s my Eri+Kota scene? Damn you, Horikoshi. You better not mess this up. I know the cuteness factor is a striking Mach 10 but it’s for the greater good.

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Overhaul? No, Female My Hero Academia Heroes Are the True Losers This Arc.


Welp, the Eri Arc is officially over, well, not “officially” (Support the official release!), and it pains me to say my honeymoon period with My Hero Academia is over.

Not to say the series is going down the toilet. While not a huge fan of the wrap-up, the overall arc was good. Red Riot, Suneater, Lemillion, Toga, Rappa, Shigaraki and Twice all deserve praise. Even Eri found the courage to help save herself in the end, quite the millstone for a kid pretty much at the end of her rope. I look forward to re-reading all the parts I liked. But, there was a HUGE hiccup I want to address.

Why didn’t the female heroes get more chances to shine? I was so excited when Uravity and Froppy were coming along to the yazkuza stronghold. I really thought those two would get to showoff a new attack or have a character defining fight. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. No one-on-one fight equal the their male counterparts, no cool new attacks, nothing but basic hero roles any nameless grunt could do.

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Why Yaoyorozu was recommended?


Yaoyorozu and Todoroki are the only recommended students in Yuuei’s freshman hero class. Why? Okay, we can guess Todoroki was recommended because his father is a top ranking hero, but why Yaoyorozu? I’m guessing it’s one of two possible reasons:

1. A relative is a top pro hero. 

A parent or sibling could be ranked one of the best heroes in Japan. This could also connect our smartest class 1-A student to an upcoming arc. But which hero can it be? I’m putting my money on it being the unknown third ranked hero pre-Kamino arc. Hirokoshi is saving that hero reveal for reasons, this could be one of them.

2. Her family’s business is hero related.

Could they be financing Yuuei? The school seems to have the latest in security, robotics, and overall resources. Has to come from somewhere. And we know Yaoyorozu is rich and smart. Makes sense she got her intelligence from her corporate owner parents.

Whether or not either is true, I think Yaoyorozu’s future arc is gonna be pretty interesting.

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Deku VS Overhaul, Who Wins? [My Hero Academia]


Answer: Tomura Shigaraki

Let’s be honest, Shigaraki is killing it, metaphorically. All For One was right, once he got locked up, his student pulled up his big boy pants and got to work. Work doing what? Not sure, but the man got plans.

After AFO’s defeat, Shigaraki and the League of Villains logically went into hiding. Now, Facepalm-kun could’ve easily just waited until the heat was off then start planning again, but no, oh no. Instead, he sends the league OUT into the world, the opposite of what 99% of law enforcement probably thought they would do, and use AFO as a beacon to find more members. Genius! And, from what we saw from Dabi and Twice, everyone is looking for quality NOT quantity. You ain’t joining if you ain’t got power. What we are seeing is the prelude to League of Villains 3.0. Naturally, we won’t meet these new recruits in an arc not league focused but we did see that same big villain with the radio in Kirishima’s flashback. I don’t think it’s a stretch to figure out that guy will finally join the league.

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Nejire, the Time Stopper [My Hero Academia]


Thank you, Hirokoshi!
I was scared you’d go full Oda on your female characters but you pulled through. Now, I could be jumping the shark but I believe the chances of a flashback showing how the female heroes wind up crashing Overhaul’s victory kill party is coming next chapter.

Hm? I don’t see Nejire in chapter 155.
Hm? Someone has to save Aizawa.
Hm? Two of the Big Three already had solo fights this arc.
Think it’s safe to say Nejire will duke it out with Chronostatis, complete with an added flashback like Mirio and Tamaki.

That leaves  Ryukyu, Uravity, and Froppy to help deal with Overhaul and Plague Doctor Hulk. Maybe one will get Eri and Sir Nighteye to safety. Not Uravity, of course. She’s the key to bringing down Overhaul. One touch and he’s floating with no way to manipulate the ground. Maybe, Froppy could sneak up in camouflage mode giving Uravity her chance to grab Overhaul. Or, maybe…better stop or I’ll be here all day.

At this point, I’m just glad the girls are getting their due. Yay!

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20% Ain’t Enough Deku [My Hero Academia]


Deku has achieved his equivalent of Gear Second, but with one fatal flaw, he lacks technique. I think it’s safe to say U.A. don’t require students to learn a martial art, instead relying on increasing the body’s physical strength, speed, and stamina. Technique at U.A. basically means improving a students quirk to its highest ability. Overhaul pointed out the young hero lacks fighting technique and, for a body enhancing quirk like One For All, it won’t matter if Deku has full control if he sucks at fighting. So, if Deku wants to learn how to fight, what should he do?

All Might and Gran Torino aren’t up to it. Deku doesn’t fight like All Might and Gran Torino is more about gaining general fighting experience than learning a martial art. Ectoplasm is a great choice, being a kicking expert, but I think someone else is up to the task.

Sir Nighteye.
Yes, Deku surviving Sir Nighteye’s certain death prediction is just what the pro hero needs to finally give the One For All successor his full blessing and train him just like he did Mirio. Look at Mirio’s fight against Overhaul and Sir Nighteye’s fight against Rappa, these guys know how to fight. I’ll go so far to say Mirio’s quirk wouldn’t be nearly as effective if he didn’t have combat training. A powerful quirk means nothing if you can’t hit an opponent. Mirio jumped that hurdle. Now, imagine Deku doing what Mirio did but with his quirk. Cool, huh?

20% Deku=Gear 2nd…maybe not.
Let’s call it Gear 1.5. Only when Deku combines his power with fighting technique will twenty percent be, not only cooler, but his true Gear Second.

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Welcome to Class 1-A, Shinso! [My Hero Academia]


Hitoshi Shinso, the only student in the U.A. General Department given any type of development. Interesting, considering it was said students in Heroics and General can be moved into either department based on their performance. That little piece of information got me thinking.

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Who Will Kill All Might?



Why would the hero killer cut down the one person he regards as the pinnacle of heroism? Because All Might isn’t dead.