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Chill Out, Bruh! [My Hero Academia 352]

Why should I care about this fight again?

Toya VS Shoto. Uh-huh. They’re brothers, but that’s it. There’s no real personal investment from either. Dabi’s just attacking Shoto because he’s Endeavor’s favorite, while Shoto’s using Dabi as a stepping stone to master his new Ultimate Move.

And sorry, Shoto, but I’m over your daddy issues. I’m glad for you, but I don’t feel all too invested because you’ve been slowly reconnecting with your dad. Sure, you were feeling stuck seeing Izuku and Bakugo gain experience and power, but I don’t think the manga focused on your insecurities enough in the last fifty chapters to deserve this kind of payoff. I’m so apathetic about it all.

♪The cold never bothered him anyway.♪
Manga My Hero Academia

Super Flare-rio Bros. [My Hero Academia 351]

Dabi’s not making out of the series alive, is he?

How can he? It’s been setup he should’ve been dead years ago, and he has zero regret killing people. Also, losing to Shoto will kill his ambition. It’s one thing losing to dear old Endeavor, but Shoto? His little masterpiece? Woo boy! That’s a loss if I ever seen one. Dabi should drop dead the second that happens. But who knows? Maybe Shoto will save him by freezing him? …Nah! He dead!

And by “us” Shoto means the United States. You can’t just dump your problems on Captain Celebrity, dude.
Manga My Hero Academia

Chris P. Dabi [My Hero Academia 350]


All For One and Ujiko saved Toya. …Okay. I was hoping for something more interesting, but that’s what we get. Sure, it makes sense. The son of the No. 2 hero would make a fantastic vessel in case something happened to Tomura Shigaraki. I’ll give you points for that, AFO. Too bad for you, Dabi wasn’t having any of that.

Looks like the same orphanage Dabi woke up at, right? My guess is Overhaul was another failed experiment. Kinda hard molding someone into a quirk-filled vessel when they hate quirks. I wonder if anyone else lived at that orphanage? Bruno Mars, maybe?

Time for AFO to break out the Aloe vera quirk
Manga My Hero Academia

Wanna Know How I Got These Burns? [My Hero Academia 349]

Dabi: Origin is a go!

I’ve been wondering how the heck Dabi survived his flames turning blue for years. Looks like we’re getting the low-down next chapter. So, will Dabi burn himself out? It certainly seems like Endeavor’s first son isn’t holding back anymore. My guess: All For One gave him another quirk. Something to offset his enormous fire power. Maybe.

From the last page, it looks like he’s literally burning up. Could be a fake out, I guess. It just seems like a wasted opportunity if AFO didn’t give Dabi a support quirk for his power. Hell, both Toga and Spinner should’ve also gotten a secret hidden quirk from Daddy AFO. It’d certainly make all of their fights more interesting.

Those staples aren’t working, Dabi. Time to bust out the duct tape!
Manga My Hero Academia

It’s Not You, It’s Me [My Hero Academia 348]

You know what they say: The shorter the skirt, the sharper the knife.

The love gloves are off. Time to get serious. But, hey! I’ll give Toga huge respect points for confessing to Deku. That took guts…from someone wanting to take Deku’s guts. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can be hard for many, including myself. Toga, you’re insane, but you’re confident. If only she’d met the League of Podcasters instead of Villains, she could host her own self-help show.

So, what do we call them? Izuga? Todoriya? Demiko?
Manga My Hero Academia

Giving Heroes The Finger [My Hero Academia 347]

Hands ≥ Quirk Singularity

Did anyone understand how hands prevent quirk singularity? I didn’t. Maybe it’s more about Shigaraki’s body being more adaptable? His body able to change itself to best suit any quirk he obtains? Sure, let’s go with that.

Team Best Jeanist is screwed without Deku, but they’re still quite the powerhouse. They’ll eventually lose, but it gonna be a treat seeing them trying to win. This group won’t go down easily. Well, except for maybe Suneater. What the heck is he gonna do against Shigaraki? Smack him with a lobster claw? Get outta here!

Use the spare equipped with a grenade launcher, Mirko!
Manga My Hero Academia

I’m Not Locked In Here With You! You’re Locked In Here With Me! [My Hero Academia 346]

The heroes turned U.A. into a flying prison for Shigaraki.

That’s it. Mind you, it’s awesome. A feat that could only be made by the efforts of multiple heroes with the perfect quirks for the job along with other specialized heroes keeping it all functioning. A grand marvel of My Hero Universe technology. Just…not a lot to talk about.

I like Mirko’s short hairdo. Um…hey! Was that short-haired electric quirk girl the same one who’s friends with Nejire Chan? Very interesting. Let’s talk about for five minutes! …No? Okay.

Truly, a sight to behold. And yet they still haven’t got around to fixing U.A.’s second floor men’s bathroom.
Manga My Hero Academia

Select Your Stage [My Hero Academia 345]

How the heck is Team Endeavor gonna beat All For One?

AFO isn’t in his prime, but he’s not to be underestimated either. This is the fight I’m most looking forward to because I have no idea how the heroes are gonna win. Buuut, if I had to guess…Star & Stripe’s pilots will lend a hand. And, I’m still hoping an international hero or two shows up (i.e. Captain Celebrity and The Crawler) to assist. Basically, I’m betting everything on this fight being the best in the entire arc.

Ah, yes. The old keep-the-protagonist-and-antagonist-separate-until-the-final-battle trope. I’m fine with it because I want to see Toga’s story wrapped up. But, in a good way. We’ve got the drama between her, Ochaco, and Deku as well as Twice’s blood, making her a serious threat. All the ingredients for a good battle, but I’m still worried. I smell a drop of redemption in that conflict cupcake. Maybe not redemption, but a tragic figure. That’s not a bad thing, it just comes down to how everything plays out.

AFO forgot to use the bathroom before leaving home
Manga My Hero Academia

I Know Why the Caged Villain Sings [My Hero Academia 344]

Divide and conquer.

That’s pretty much the chapter. Having Monoma use Kurogiri’s teleportation quirk to transport the caged villains to different locations. Good seeing Monoma, along with Shinso, play an important role in the final arc.

Yep. It’s confirmed Shinso brainwashed the Aoyama Family to bypass AFO’s lie detection quirk. Nice. I hope Shinso joins the battle against Team AFO. His quirk will be really useful if used strategically. Have him call AFO a rat bastard in All Might’s voice. That’ll guarantee AFO responds and gets brainwashed.

Witness the power of UPS Express Delivery!
Manga My Hero Academia

My Hero Academy Awards [My Hero Academia 343]

The stage is set. The actors are ready. Now, go out there a break a leg. A couple of ribs too; AFO deserves it.

The ol’ double cross. Always a good start to a fight scene. Nice going, Aoyama. Maybe not Oscar worthy, but you’re definitely getting a MTV award for that performance. AFO mentioned stealing his lie detector quirk from someone whose descendent’s working with All Might. If you read My Hero Vigilantes, you know AFO’s referring to Detective Tsukauchi. While not confirmed in the spin-off series, we know his sister, Makoto, has a lie detection quirk. Don’t take a Nezu to figure out the good detective has one too.

Great acting, Deku. But, did you have to send your fellow heroes a box of used condoms just to get into the role?

Are we all in agreement Shinso brainwashed the Aoyama Family over the phone so AFO couldn’t detect them working against him? Yes? Okay, then. Moving on…