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Shota Aizawa: Vigilante With Benefits [My Hero Vigilantes 65]

All this time Aizawa wasn’t a hero.

Okay, yeah, he’s a hero, but I’d also consider him a lawful vigilante. Or, he was until the end of this chapter. I only now realize how fitting it was having him in My Hero Vigilantes.

Glad he’s less of a jerk now. Guess Mineta’s once again the worst U.A. student in history.

We catch up with Aizawa and Yamada one year after Shirakumo’s death. While Yamada seems to be back to his normal self (at least on the outside), Aizawa is different, more like the sleepy Aizawa we see in the main series. It’s not because he’s gotten lazy. No, quite the opposite! He’s in ultra training mode, perfecting his fighting skills as best he can. And, all that training’s made him a tired guy.

It’s also implied Aizawa is more distant than ever, not even entertaining the idea of hanging out with his classmates. You can tell Yamada is the one holding on to their friendship, not because Aizawa’s pushing him away, but he’s just so focused on training he has little time for anything else. Guilt. Aizawa’s holding a lot of guilt over Shirakumo’s death. One of his best friends was killed by a villain and he’s doing everything he can to make sure no one else goes through what he has.

Although U.A. offers a student like Aizawa many options in how to become a professional hero, Aizawa just wants to start his agency immediately and start whopping criminal butt. No sidekicking. No Teams. Just him specializing in anti-villain combat. Like I said earlier, Aizawa became the closest thing to a vigilante without breaking the law.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Good News & Bad News [My Hero Vigilantes 64]

The good news is Aizawa took down that giant villain!

Defeated by balls in the mouth. I can relate.

I seriously thought he was no match for Garvey but I was completely wrong. It was a hard fight, but using his wits and quirk, Shota pulled out an impossible win by keeping Garvey’s focus set on him and knocking his attacking balls in the air and away from civilians.

Yep. Everything worked out fine in the end. What a great chapter!

What’s the bad news, you say? Why do you wanna know that?! Let’s just end it here, okay? Come on. Please? Ugh, fine! Here’s the bad news:

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Blaster Master [My Hero Vigilantes 63]

Go get ’em, Aizawa (He’s screwed.)! You got this buddy (You really don’t.)!

Whether it’s the Wild Wild Pussycats or the Edgeshot Avengers. Every single hero team in the My Hero universe is freaking awesome.

We turn back the clock on the flashback and see how His Purple Highness and one of the goggles users were hurt. Turns out the goggle guy taken down was Shirakumo while he was protecting pre-schoolers and their teacher. Could Shirakumo’s injury be the catalyst for him eventually leaving UA? Honestly, that’s the only way I can think a positive guy like him who’s dead set on becoming a hero can fall. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. For all we know, Shirakumo may bounce back and help Aizawa take Garvey down.

Speaking of Garvey. He looks very, uh, bioweapony. If not for Midnight running down his rap sheet I’d think he was one of Ujiko’s creations sent out for a test run. Midnight did say he seemed more powerful. Ujiko/The Villain Factory probably had a hand at that. Keep in mind this flashback takes place when Aizawa was in highschool. Ujiko’s been a busy little mad scientist for quite a few decades, huh?

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Goggles Chrome [My Hero Vigilantes 62]

You know what? Something tells me things aren’t gonna end well for Shirakumo. Brace yourselves now, y’all. We’ve reached the beginning of the end.

Stick with sunglasses, baby. You look like a try-hard Twitch streamer.

It’s a new semester and Aizawa and Shirakumo are still interning at Purple Highness’ agency. They’ve become a great team, so much so they (And, by “they” I mean Shirakumo) decides to partner up in a 2-on-2 training battle. Yamada and his work-study teammate, Sensoji, also team-up. By the way, whose agency are they working at? And, what’s the homeroom teacher’s name? I still need details damn it!

Anyway, Sensoji, being the established Class Jerk that he is, rags on Aizawa using goggles because he’s decided he should be the only one in the hero course with eyewear. Even though he stole the idea from Present Mic. What a meathead.

Sensoji challenges Aizawa and Shirakumo to a fight with their goggles on the line. High stakes, people. High stakes. We learn Sensoji’s quirk is Blast, and from what I can tell he fires a beam or energy force from his hands that causes a lot of random debris flying in every direction. Hence, the need for him to wear protective glasses. Anyway, Sensoji charges in on his own without Present Mic and quickly loses to Team Aizakumo.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

I Wanna Be Your Lover [My Hero Vigilantes 61]

I was expecting O’Clock but we got someone better. Attention, friends! His Purple Highness has arrived!

If his quirk’s not Purple Rain we riot.

Team Purple Revolution (Aizawa, Midnight [You Sexy M.F.!] and Shirakumo) are on the scene stopping a thief who looks a teensy bit like Majin Buu. And, by “teensy” I mean a lot. He’s definitely not one of The Beautiful Ones. Darling Nikki—erm—Aizawa fails to capture Buu who may or may not have escaped in a Little Red Corvette down Alphabet St.

Prince is more upset about Aizawa not giving off a positive (stage?) presence than the Delirious villain getting away. Back in the locker room, a Soft and Wet Shirakumo suggests Aizawa use his goggles in order to get close to the smoky villain and use his Erasure quirk. I Adore that idea. And, now we know why Aizawa started wearing goggles.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Where’s my Vigilantes Databook?! [My Hero Vigilantes 60]

Seriously, I wanna know Aizawa’s classmates and teachers’ real names, hero names, and quirks ASAP!

Fine. I’ll name them myself. Hello, Hairball, White Mage, Meow Master, and McNasty3224.

Aizawa, Shirakumo, and Yamada hanging out. That’s pretty much the entire chapter. Okay, not exactly. The three U.A. students are 2nd Years so it’s important they find a hero agency to study under and get experience. But, just randomly picking a Hero to learn from won’t necessarily cut it. What the chapter emphasized was the three types of Heroes most fall into: Battle, Rescue, and Entertainer. A student has to put serious thought into which type of Hero they want to become and pick a hero agency related to that choice. You know, like when Froppy picked a water hero and Uraraka picked a battle hero to gain fighting experience. Speaking of the main series, we haven’t seen Class 1-A do entertainer lessons yet. Could that be the next arc? Hm… Huh? Oops! I’m supposed to be talking about My Hero Vigilantes. Sorry.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Angsty Aizawa [My Hero Vigilantes 59]

Whoa! I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed what would happen in this chapter. And, some people say Vigilantes isn’t canon. Yeah, right.

The Little Red Riding Hood reboot looks good.

Character. Character. Character. This is what My Hero Vigilantes excels at. It’s not about the punching punches, it’s about who these people are. See, this chapter, and probably the next one too, is all about Aizawa. Midnight is already a teacher at U.A. and Present Mic will start teaching next semester. She calls wanting to get Aizawa on board too but he’s not having it. So…Midnight claims Aizawa’s been avoiding something? Is he worried he’s not a popular enough hero to teach kids? Or, could it be a who that’s he’s avoiding? Ms. Joke’s a teacher. Could she be the one he’s avoiding? Maybe, she’s the one who’ll finally convince Aizawa to start teaching?

After a run-in with a small-time baddie, Aizawa and Koichi talk about the responsibility of taking care of an abandoned kitten and we hit…a flashback!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Season Two Finale [My Hero Vigilantes 58]

Welp, goodbye Captain Celebrity and…Makoto?

Never change, Pamela.

That’s right, Captain Celebrity has gone back to America and Makoto’s joining him, staying as his manager while going to school in freaking Avengers Tower. No, I’m not joking.

Guess I should back things up a little. In Captain Celebrity’s hospital room, the main cast (minus Knuckleduster) is hanging out and talking about the Sky Egg incident. Koichi, being a vigilante, won’t be getting any official thanks for his part in helping to stop the attack which is fine by Koichi. He got his All Might hoodie signed, after all!

Things take an interesting turn when we find out Aizawa has told Detective Tsuguchi about Koichi. Now, at first, I was bothered, thinking how could Aizawa throw Koichi under the bus like that. But, I’m starting to realize it was for the best. Koichi’s notoriety will only grow after this and he needs someone in the police looking out for him. And with Makoto gone, it’s up to her brother to watch Koichi’s back. This would be troubling if not for Tsuguchi being grateful for Koichi’s help in the Sky Egg incident, especially since it means he helped save his sister. Still, it’s gonna be interesting when the two actually meet.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Right to Bare Arms [My Hero Vigilantes 57]

Did I once say Knuckleduster was equivalent to the Marvel’s Daredevil? Because I take it all back. He’s the freaking Punisher!

Ragdoll loses her quirk, becomes Pussycats assistant. Knuckleduster loses his quirk, buys a shotgun.

This chapter picks up right where the last left off with Knuckleduster blowing up the building. His plan works, No. 6 can’t run in midair and is at his “mercy”. To make sure things stay that way, Knuckleduster pulls out a shotgun and unloads into the guy’s limbs!

And, if that’s not enough, Knuckleduster then starts kicking and smashing his face with the shotgun handle. You know, it’s just a theory, but I think Knuckleduster’s a teenie bit upset this guy has his quirk. Well, after getting the ass whoppin’ of the century, No. 6 just brushes it off. Turns out, he’s got some kind of healing ability. Either he was literally built like that or he’s got more than one quirk. I’m sure an artificial human could handle more than one. Hell, that’s probably why No. 6 was created in the first place.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Fastest Maniac Alive [My Hero Vigilantes 56]

And, here I thought No. 6 was your classic by-the-books villain. Turns out the well goes deeper than I thought. How deep? Let’s find out.

Either he’s an artificial human or the Kids Next Door manga got really dark.

Motivation. A big reveal we got from this chapter is No. 6 having separate goals from the Villian Factory. Well, it’s not official yet, but I don’t think The Doctor’s long term plans involve turning No. 6 into a hero. That’s what No. 6 wants. We knew for awhile he was obsessed with O’Clock, Knuckleduster’s old hero persona, but I had no idea he legitimately wants to follow in what he thinks are O’Clock’s footsteps. Sure, to him that means beating up criminals before they start trouble, but the fact he wants to be some kind of hero at all and he admired O’Clock before receiving his power is shocking to me. Quite a coincidence he got O’Clock’s stolen quirk, huh? Well, we’ll get to that later.

Succession. In the main My Hero Academia series, we’ve seen both All Might and All For One pass their hopes on to their disciples. Deku is tasked to become the next All Might/One For All user, and Shigaraki to be the next number one villain. They found their successors and the successors themselves are taking on that task, for themselves as well as their mentors.

And, then when have Knuckleduster and No. 6. A successor who, unlike my two examples, stole his power from this mentor instead of it being given or having their blessing. And, worse, he wants to kill said mentor to legitimize his actions! It gets even worse, Y’all. The mentor/successor premise is turned on its head a third time because Knuckleduster already picked a successor, Koichi! If he wasn’t before, our main character is without a doubt on No. 6’s kill list.  A confrontation between the two was a safe bet, but given the current situation, it has to happen. Koichi VS No. 6 is coming and no one can stop it.