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CP0 Open Up! [One Piece 1068]

No way is Rob Lucci this arc’s chief antagonist.

More developments must be happening. Not saying Lucci isn’t stronger than he was in the Enies Lobby arc, but so is Luffy. Lucci’s not beating the Straw Hat captain at anything other than tic-tac-toe anytime soon. Maybe Sentomaru’s the main antagonist? He’s a marine officer now. His loyalties may side with the Navy. And with the Vegapunks giving him control of the Seraphim, he’d have the perfect opportunity to take out most of the science eggheads. Plus, it’d give the Straw Hats opponents to fight. So, yeah, put me down for Sentomaru betraying the Vegapunks.

Nice legs, Lucci. Who’s your mother? Tina Turner?
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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste [One Piece 1067]

OG Dr. Vegapunk has a devil fruit. Wasn’t expecting that!

The Brain-Brain Fruit. It basically turned Dr. Vegapunk into a walking library. Which he then transformed it into an actual library. How exactly? It’s a devil fruit; Oda doesn’t have to explain it. Probably better if he doesn’t. Cutting off your brain, turning it into a digital library, then creating clones and giving them your mental Wi-Fi password is straight up magic. Let’s just accept it and move on.

Did you notice Dr. Vegapunk glitching? What’s that about? Is he dying? Is there a massive flaw to his Brain Library of Congress? Just putting it out there.

It used to be Cash Money Records, but they dropped Dr. Vegapunk for DJ Khaled

More power source talk. Yeah, that has to be why the advanced Ancient Kingdom lost. Something happened to their power source. Either it fizzled out or the Pre-World Government destroyed it. That would explain how they could possibly win against a country that advanced.

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Take A Look, It’s In A Book… [One Piece 1066]

How the heck did an advanced ancient civilization lose a war?

Maybe they ran out of batteries? What we do know is Jaguar D. Saul survived Ohara’s buster call? Cool, I guess. Honestly, I’d forgotten about that character. But if he’s on Elbaph along with Ohara’s books, that’s one more reason to guess the Straw Hats are going to Elbaph (besides Usopp wanting to go and it’s probably the location of the 4th Road Ponegliff).

Sure, Dr. Vegapunk’s the smartest man in the world. But can he rap?
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Spare The Rod, Spoil the Seraphim [One Piece 1065]

Clones of powerful pirates, laser beams, Lunarian DNA, and now, Seraphim have devil fruit powers?!

Now that’s overpowered! Even more interesting, the Jimbei Seraphim possesses Senor Pink’s Swim-Swim Fruit. Hmm… Is Senor Pink dead? Maybe, unless Dr. Vegapunk extracted the devil fruit power without killing the user. But, for now, I’d say he’s dead. I wonder what devil fruits the other seraphim have? I’m looking forward to finding out!

Ya know? Shaka The Good seems to know a lot about the world 900 years ago. Looks like curiosity got the better of the Vegapunks and they know more about the Void Century and the time before it than the World Government allows. Could the Vegapunks knowledge of the past be the reason the Elder Stars want them dead? Makes sense given their zero tolerance to anyone mentioning anything about the past.

When I asked “Do you know how to pick up women?”, I didn’t mean literally.
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Panties Are The Future [One Piece 1064]

You’re not even trying, Oda.

I know One Piece is written for Japanese boys but can you at least make Nami and Robin’s “future suits” cool looking? They’re as basic as you can get. It’s like you put all your artist points in making them look sexy but forgot about style. Oh, well. I’m sure your target audience will enjoy reading this chapter with one hand.

Looks like all the information about Kuma being a former tyrant was World Government lies. Most likely, he criticized the powerful organization, and had to give up his throne as a result or risk his country suffering from retaliation. Oda’s building up more hate for the WG, just in case you didn’t dislike them already.

The Straw Hats are ready for Dragon Con

Speaking of hype, Kuma is part of a special race? Could that be the same special race as…Blackbeard?! Dun-dun-dun! Kuma could be how the Straw Hats (and readers) learn about Blackbeard’s special body. If true, that’s an interesting way to go about it, Oda. I almost forgive you for turning Nami and Robin into Victoria’s Secret models.

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Bad To The Ponegliff [One Piece 1063]

Blackbeard? Well, isn’t this a surprise?

Was not expecting to not only see the Heart Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates, but we’ve got confirmation of several of Team Blackbeard’s devil fruits! Doc Q’s Sick-Sick fruit makes sense. Jesus Burgress’ Strong-Strong fruit is the perfect power for a muscle head like him. Stronger’s Pegasus Horse-Horse fruit works too. And woo-baby! We see Van Augur rockin’ the Warp-Warp fruit! That’s the perfect devil fruit for a sniper! I’m so excited for the destined Van Augur/God Usopp sniper fight. More than any other Blackbeard VS Straw Hat battle. Yeah, you heard me. I want to see Usopp master observation haki and whoop Augur’s ass. Just thinking about how insane their fight will be has me shaking with anticipation!

Combat gear? Never knew pants weren’t viable in a fight.
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Bratty Vega Punks [One Piece 1062]

*sniff!* *sniff!* Aw, yes. Nothing like the smell of a new One Piece arc forming.

Six Vegapunks?! Well, seven if you count its original body. And it’s probably an older body at that. I don’t see OG Vegapunk being less than 50 years old. That’s probably another reason he split himself up besides the lack of proper help.

I wonder what Punk-01, Shaka The Good wants with the Straw Hats? Could it have something to do with Luffy’s Gear 5? Oda has stated Vegapunk’s an expert on devil fruits. They could know the whole truth about Luffy’s uber duper devil fruit. And maybe “hire” the new Emperor and his crew to help the genius scientist in exchange for all his devil fruit knowledge. Or at least, offer info on the location of the final Ponegliff? I can’t wait to see where this goes!

No, Atlas and Astro Boy aren’t dating anymore. Stop asking.

Light Pressure Gloves. My foreshadow senses are tingling! Maybe Franky will use that tech to upgrade the Thousand Sunny to withstand laser fire. Or allow a Straw Hat crewmember to fight Admiral Kizaru. The possibilities are almost endless.

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The Doctor Will Save You Now [One Piece 1061]

Dr. Vegapunk, I presume?

Yes, and no. Is that a Vegapunk? Yes. Is it THE Vegapunk? Maybe. Okay, look. There’re tons of ways this can go. From the female Vegapunk being an android controlled by the real Vegapunk to a clone of the doctor. From what little we know of the genius scientist, he’s a master of robotics, genetics, and devil fruits. Basically, what she, he, or they can do is limited only to Oda’s imagination. And we all know Oda’s got that in spades.

Daughter? Clone? Cyborg? Android? Evil Mirror Universe Double? Place your bets now!
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The World Government Strikes Back [One Piece 1060]

  • Evil Empire? Check!
  • Palpatine? Check!
  • Death Star? Check!

The World Government owns Uranus! Okay, we don’t know if it was officially Uranus that destroyed Lulusia, but come on! It was Uranus. If destroying an entire island isn’t a clue, I don’t know what is. Scary, huh? I wondered what the World Government would do when backed into a corner. What their trump card could be? Well, we know now. If the promise of “peace” can’t keep the countries in line, then fear will do the job. Fear of this battle station ancient weapon. We really are in the endgame, Y’all.

How the hell did Sabo learn about Im? He’s one of the biggest kept secrets by the WG. Was he protecting Vivi from him? Did Im kill King Cobra? In any case, Sabo had to die after learning something as huge as that. …Of course, he’s not really dead, mind you. I wonder what Sabo will do now? The Revolutionary side plot is getting real juicy. Gimme more, Oda!

You’re next, New Jersey!
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Once You Go Blackbeard… [One Piece 1059]

Blackbeard’s in the chapter. Instant 10 out of 10.

Well hello there, Blackbeard! How’s you and you’re 3.996 billion berri bounty? Geez, that’s high! Almost like you’re gonna be the final antagonist or something. So, why did Blackbeard kidnap Koby? Or did Koby go with Blackbeard willingly? Maybe the plucky naval officer wanted to speak with ex-admiral Kuzan? Hmm…

Why does Blackbeard want Hancock’s power? Does he want to give it to a member of his crew? Or, is it simply too broken a power for anyone not on his team to wield? I’d say it’s the second reason. Can’t have instant KO devil fruits like that putting Teech’s plans at risk. Basically, Boa Hancock is a liability who had to be taken off the board.

Hancock can’t handle that BBC (Big Blackbeard Captain).

And, what’s the current pirate empress gonna do now? Where will she go? I guess she could find Luffy or someone who might know where he is. Maybe she’ll track down a member of the Straw Hat Fleet. That would be a fun way to bring them back into the story.