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Ranting Redgeek Strikes Again + One Piece 904


Damn, Oda. You are off the rails, out the park, and colliding threw buildings.

You caught me on a bad day, Chapter 904. I found a YouTube video from a well known One Piece content creator talking about women being sexualized in One Piece. Watch it yourself and form you’re own opinion. From what I gathered his main points are these:
1. One Piece is created for young boys and they’re horny so its okay to most women are drawn that way.
2. One Piece wouldn’t be popular without the women drawn that way.
3. Hey, the anime is worse. Don’t blame Oda.

If anyone has videos or links to posts with females discussing sexism in One Piece, please share it. I feel like there’s a disconnect with certain male One Piece fans and it’s perfectly understandable. Being male and not wanting to criticize a manga you like can create a huge bias. But, am I overthinking it? Is it just acceptable that shonen manga is sexist to the point of being expected? Is manga one of the last mediums where treating women as weak pin-ups okay because, hey, traditionalism. It’s been done since the beginning, why stop now? Maybe I’m expecting too much from a man who grew up in a sexist country and makes a living creating sexist material? Maybe…oh no. Maybe I want Oda to change because it’ll justify my love for the series? Is this all a way for me to unleash my guilt? I don’t know, or maybe I don’t want to know.

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Sour Commander Smoothie? A One Piece Rant.


One Piece Theorists. People, fans, in love with One Piece so much they can’t help but talk and theorize the snot out the pirate series. I put myself in that category, even if I don’t talk about it often here. Mostly because I’ve fallen out of love with One Piece. I like it a LOT, but if I had to talk about it constantly I’ll only be complaining and I don’t want that. Well, I don’t want that all the time.

I love listening/reading (thought-provoking) One Piece opinions and theories though. Mostly in forums but do subscribe to some One Piece theory YouTube channels (The ones that don’t put a freaking spoiler thumbnail in reviews. I hate that!). And boy, did one of them tick me off today. I wasn’t going to link to his video, but considering a few at most read anything I say it doesn’t matter. Plus, while I disagree with Joy Boy, I’m still subscribed and mature enough not to do otherwise because his opinion differs about a Japanese pirate comic series. I got 99 problems and Joy Boy ain’t one. Seriously, check out his videos.

Joy Boy’s Smoothie video outlines his opinions on her and Smoothie haters. Again, nothing world breaking. I’m not so much upset as disappointed with Joy Boy. I respect his opinion, but it seems he’s taking a wishy-washy stance on Smoothie’s role in Big Mom’s arc. He acknowledges she hasn’t lived up to her Sweet Commander title but throws it back at fans. We didn’t give Smoothie the title of one of the most powerful Big Mom Pirates crew members. We didn’t draw Smoothie hardly doing anything of importance throughout the entire arc. There is nothing Smoothie did, baring her devil fruit powers, that couldn’t be done by anyone else. She wasn’t a Sweet Commander. She was a lackey. A grunt.


Sexism in Anime/Manga, I Figured It Out


We all know anime and manga has problems concerning the female image. I was reading a new manga series in Viz’s Shonen Jump called Noah’s Notes where the girl character had pink hair (of course), big breasts (complete with cleavage), and a short school girl skirt (with plenty of up-skirt shots of her ass). No underwear, just ass. Either she doesn’t wear any or she wears a g-string. She’s basically a thirteen year old boy’s wet dream. That got me thinking.

I can go on a rant about women being treating like sex objects and that it should stop, but I won’t. Maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t stop! I propose an idea:

Create anime/manga studios, companies, and the like with the sole purpose of creating male objectified properties.

No, I’m not talking “girl’s anime or manga”. I’m talking the same types of series aimed at males with mostly female characters and a focus on buff guys with big dicks.

Here me out.


Music Snobs

music notes00

No one cares if you liked that song before it was cool.

Why do some people seem to think it’s cool to mention they liked a now popular song before it was featured in a movie, TV show or anime? As if that now popular song makes them popular by association, giving them fifteen minutes of fame.

Sorry, but the song was always good, just unknown. It happens. There’re lots of songs on this watery world with more being made every year, every day even! Mainstreamers don’t have access to or aren’t willing to work finding lesser known songs or music artists, instead being force fed by large music companies or relaying on word of mouth from friends or associates.

Worse, are the original fans of a song or artists who don’t like when “their” song goes mainstream. WHAT? How do fans of an anime or other form of media liking a song you love devalues that particular song? Did the artist write it specifically for you? Did the songwriter tweet she/he only wants people who bought all the band’s albums to enjoy it? Saying the obvious is frowned at times but I think our society may have reached a point where this should be stated as default:

Unless the singer or band has a problem with their song going mainstream, stop complaining. If your happiness is based on being one of a few hundred or thousand who know about a song, that’s your problem.

Nothing wrong with loving a song, or a movie, or anything that doesn’t hurt others, but please, please, please stop basing your self-worth on things you love. Love it, enjoy it, share it, and be happy. Save all that outrage for the countless horrible things happening in the world you somehow forgot existed. Remember, you can always blast that underground remix while protesting injustice in the streets.



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Overhaul? No, Female My Hero Academia Heroes Are the True Losers This Arc.


Welp, the Eri Arc is officially over, well, not “officially” (Support the official release!), and it pains me to say my honeymoon period with My Hero Academia is over.

Not to say the series is going down the toilet. While not a huge fan of the wrap-up, the overall arc was good. Red Riot, Suneater, Lemillion, Toga, Rappa, Shigaraki and Twice all deserve praise. Even Eri found the courage to help save herself in the end, quite the millstone for a kid pretty much at the end of her rope. I look forward to re-reading all the parts I liked. But, there was a HUGE hiccup I want to address.

Why didn’t the female heroes get more chances to shine? I was so excited when Uravity and Froppy were coming along to the yazkuza stronghold. I really thought those two would get to showoff a new attack or have a character defining fight. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. No one-on-one fight equal the their male counterparts, no cool new attacks, nothing but basic hero roles any nameless grunt could do.

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Girls Can Fight Too! [My Hero Academia]


Please, Hirokoshi. I’m begging you. Please give us kick-ass female characters!

My Hero Academia is a manga taking place in a world of heroes and villains. Many ideas for the series is drawn from western comics, mainly Marvel and DC comics. But, at its core it’s a battle shounen series, so it makes sense the popular manga will have tropes related to this genre. Unfortunately, we may be getting a trope many fans do not want, the weak female character.

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Hunting for a My Hero Academia Podcast


I love podcasts. Whether I’m eating, taking a shower or doing the dishes, I can always find time to listen to a good podcast. Unfortunately, podcasts don’t last forever. Comic Book Queers, Hellmouth Podcast, and Ultimate Facepalm are just a few of the many great podcasts to have came and left from my life.

Because podcasts don’t last forever, and even favorites like Super Podcasto Magnifico! or Hollywood Babble-On can never realistically make enough new content to satisfy me, other podcasts must fill the void. Which brings us to the question: Where are the My Hero Academia podcasts?


Manga Reviewers Reading Bad Scanlations


You can’t expect a scientists to do a good job with inaccurate data, but many manga reviewers are analyzing translated manga chapters, called scanlations, with inaccurate or just plain wrong translations. To be fair, I’m sure most don’t know their go to manga site cares more about pumping out an English scanlation first for website clicks than accuracy. I’ll also bet some don’t care. Like the viewer hungry translation group dumping an English worded mess on the impatient masses, the speed reviewer only cares about being the first to comment on the newest epic chapter, the greatest chapter in the history of the series ever, until the next chapter in a week or so.


Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor is Blonde!

So, which is it?
The fear of change? Force of habit? Assumption that their pretty female companions will be M.I.A. during her run? Or, just old fashioned sexism?

Doctor Who, the famous British science fiction television show announced their next doctor will be Jodie Whittaker, the first ever female version of the doctor. Guess what? Some people aren’t happy with about it.


Don’t Watch Lazy Reaction Videos

I finish watching an entertaining video on Youtube, mostly, when I should be doing actual work, and there it is in the suggestions list, a reaction video, complete with a goofy picture of said person watching the video. I’d probably buy Youtube Red if it meant never having that type of video suggested again.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of reaction videos, I even subscribe to a few. The first official Youtube reaction video I ever watched was a One Piece reviewer reading a chapter with a huge character reveal (Sabo, but you knew he was already alive, right?). I remember thinking how cool it was seeing someone enjoy something I enjoy too for the first time. But, the following week he did it again, to a less than eventful chapter. And, that’s when I realized reaction videos became the new abridged series.