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Sacred Mary J. Blige (One Piece chapter 906)

If there’s one thing people love about One Piece is its world building and we’re getting a huge helping throughout the Reverie.

Vivi and Rebecca aren’t playing around

First things first, Team Luffy Allies have finally meet! Happy it was done early since we knew it was coming. Those Nami clones are taking over the world. We got Blue Name, Pink Nami, Big Nami and even Old Nami. I swear if Oda one day reveals all Nami clone are actually the result of DNA manipulation during the Void Century I’d lose my mind.

Manga One Piece

I’m Scared of the Reverie (One Piece)


Scared how awesome it’ll be!

Come on! The Reverie was first introduced in chapter 142. Wow! Been a long time coming. A meeting of world leaders. I bet the nightly parties are amazing. Heard a rumor Beyonce was performing but who knows.

I do know we’ll see returning past characters from earlier arcs like Vivi, Stelly, Dalton, and Wapol. Dalton and Wapol in the same room, that’ll be fun. Maybe Coby or Neptune will show. King Riku will probably be there. Not to mention Cersei Lannister and Princess Celestia, but only as background characters. Seriously though, maybe the third admiral, Green Bull, makes an appearance. At least one admiral must be going for added security.

Oh, the sweet sweet world building to come. The stuff between arc crusts are just as compelling as the arcs themselves. Now we get a nice plumped world building arc! We’ll learn most, if not, all the current news around the world. The hierarchy among world leaders and, possibly, Celestial Dragons. Information the World Government knows about the state of the Revolutionaries, and the most dangerous pirates. We can’t forget possible talk of eliminating the seven Warlords. And, perhaps, we may see someone with a solution to all the government’s problems. *coughtVegapunkcough*

While it’s doubtful the Strawhats themselves will make an appearance (with so many old characters returning we don’t need them there), I’ve been debating whether the Strawhats are big time enough to garner their own crisis panel at the conference.

Who am I kidding? Luffy has done WAY too much not to earn his own special bullseye target from the world!
Defeating Crocodile and Moria AND Doflamingo.
Burning the World Government flag at Enis Lobby.
Participating the the Marineford War where everyone learned he’s Monkey D. Dragon’s son.
And…beating Katakuri and escaping Totto land. That’s it, folks. That’s the tipping point. When you can beat Big Mom’s strongest subordinate AND escape Totto Land, no one can deny you. You. ARE. The. Real. Deal.
Doesn’t take a genius to realize if you beat the strongest pirate in Big Mom’s crew, there’s nowhere to go but up to Yonko tier or Pirate King. Luffy and the Straw Hats have to be stopped and the Reverie is the place to figure out how. Unless, some uninvited guests come and screw things up. Or both!

I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t put so many expectations into the Reverie but it’s been built up for so long and Oda is a master world builder. I know he’s been planning it for years. YEARS! I really, really shouldn’t…but I will. Take all my excitement Oda and give us fans something mind blowing. I know you of all people can do it.

Manga One Piece

Chapter 735: Fujitora’s Outlook

Violet joins Team Luffy in an effort to sneak inside the palace. Senor Pink protects Ms. Valentine 2.0 as the marines join in deciding a cyborg with enough firepower to blow up a small country is kinda dangerous.

Best part of the chapter is Fujitora declaring his goal of having the Royal Shichibukai abolished! He made DoDo sad. The chapter ends with the final match for the mera-mera about to start.

Let’s talk about the Reverie for a moment. Ship is gonna go down at the Reverie. Perhaps crappy new World Government rules or a plan formed to take down the world’s worst pirates and/or revolutionaries? Or, could Dragon and his buddies crash the Reverie party or use the opportunity to start revolutions in countries with their monarchy away? Whatever happens there one thing is sure, it’ll be a game changer.