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Slayers’ Lord of Nightmares, Best Omnipotent Being Ever


One Thing I must say before jumpin’ in:

1. Watch Slayers Next, the second season of The Slayers TV series. Subbed or dubbed, doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about the first season, you can always go back. Major spoilers from the last two episodes are coming. This is your only warning!

Let’s talk about the Lord of Nightmares.

The Golden Demon Lord, L-sama, the Sea of Chaos, she has many names. In the fantasy world of Slayers, the Lord of Nightmares sits at the top, above humans, above dragons—demons, Gods, she is a creature in a class by herself. I’m talking next-level cosmic stuff here. So, why do I think the Lord of Nightmares is awesome? It’s not like omniscient beings are rare in fiction. The answer to that lies with what she is as well as her interactions with others.

Being a fictional world, the Lord of Nightmares fits quite comfortably within the Slayers lore. In fact, the magic and overall hierarchy of world building in Slayers is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I encourage anyone interested in magical fantasy to check out and read up on the detailed word of Slayers.

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Hipster Hotline: Slayers


In a world of magic and monsters, Lina Inverse is a girl destined to…eat and steal stuff. Well, less destiny, more of a—desire, greed really. Lina is a gifted sorceress using her talents to make money any way she can without getting arrested. A girl’s gotta eat. Along the way, she meets others, some good, many evil, all annoying to her in some degree. Slayers is…it’s like a Japanese RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun, scary, thrilling, exciting—you get the idea. If you like fantasy with a mix of humor in the right spots, give it a shot. It’s downright entertaining. But where to start?

There is a lot of Slayers multimedia but I can only recommend what I’ve enjoyed. Confession time: I never read the original novels but the first eight novels based on the first two seasons of anime TV series was officially licensed. The other volumes aren’t, a damn shame too. A few volumes were translated by fans but they are hard to find. Slayers is an older property and the download links simply died. Enough self-pity, recommendations: