One Piece Chapter 742: Ever At Your Side

Plot is moving. That’s good.

I’m conflicted with this chapter. I’m happy, very happy, Usopp fought Trebol & Sugar knowing he would probably lose. But, I’m bothered we only saw the beginning and ending. Now, about the last page, I didn’t like it. When I first read it I had no idea what the hell was happening. I thought Usopp made some sort of plant tentacle vine double of himself. After I got an explanation from a forum I understood the joke but still didn’t care. Don’t hate it but it was too reliant on dumb luck for my taste. Like Oda wrote himself into a corner having to make Usopp beat Sugar while also losing to Trebol while making sure he didn’t physically hurt Sugar.

I hope the Kyros flashback is justified in the next couple chapters because I don’t care about him enough to enjoy all the attention Oda is giving him because at this point I’m assuming he’s going to get taken out quickly by Doflamingo to get to him fighting Luffy. Maybe he’ll take out some members of the Donquixote Family instead. At this point he needs to do something awesome to get me to care more about him.

Speaking of the Donquixote Family, I’m curious how the rest of the family will be defeated. Franky and Usopp are out of commission and Team Sanji busy with Big Mom and/or her crew. That basically leaves Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Kinemon, and Kyros to deal with the rest of the family. Or, not.

Sabo will take down Diamante and there are several pissed off toys about to turn human to serve Trebol and his grunts hell on a platter. Zoro got Pica so that takes care of the elite officers but what about the other Donquixote executives? Kinemon could take one down but someone is missing…Fujitora! Even Law may help a little. I knew Sanji leaving Dressrosa was a departure from the usual versus formula but Oda could be taking it to another level. Looking forward seeing how it plays out.

I wonder if the woman looking at baby Rebecca was the queen? By the way, what’s with Oda hating queens? Either they’re dead or not around. Bad experience watching Alice in Wonderland or Freddie Mercury kicking sand in his face, you decide.

Manga One Piece

One Piece Chapter 733: What Soldier-san Desires

Color Spread Alert! The Strawhats playing in the snow. So whimsical, so fun. Reminds me of a simpler time when I was young- Is Sanji trying to give that snow woman huge tits?

Operation S.O.P. continues! Robin and Usopp get henchman hand-me-downs courtesy of the Tontata’s Tail Hammer attack, brutal. What’s in the booox? Thunder Soldier. And, he brought some Tontatas and an ass kickin’ with him. Back at the coliseum, everyone is passed out. This is why you don’t do shots before fighting tournaments. Who won? Easy, Jack Daniels.

Best Boxers: Skinny Henchman
Elevator MVP: Kenny G

Manga One Piece

One Piece Chapter 732: The Underground World

Operation S.O.P. begins! This is a step-up chapter, moving characters into place and giving readers information. Information on the Donquixote Family hierarchy and underground world. For such a naive group the Tontatas are excellent information gatherers. TMZ would offer them a job in a second. Franky VS Senor Pink looks promising and Team Usopp, now inside the underground port, are ready to Solid Snake it to Sugar.

Best Hair: Franky
Best Napkin: Bikini Top