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Wakfu Wakview: Season 3 Episode 2 – Like Father, Like Daughter

Aww! Miss Elely gonna smash your wittle face.

Episode two picks up with Elely dragging her beat up dad, Percedal, to safety. In true Iop fashion, Percedal lets his young child go off to fight a giant bear-man alone—as you do. It’s the Iop version of a child’s first errand. And surprise, Elely can kick ass! Guess it makes sense with Percedal as your dad. I don’t want to imagine fighting anything barefoot in the snow. And Evil Kevin Smith’s only wearing a speedo—one of the few times being a hipster isn’t a good idea.


Wakfu Wakview: Season 3 Episode 1


Good old Wakfu. I watched every season except the lasted, but I finally have time to get on it. Wakfu, in case you don’t know (and you probably don’t), is a French animated series based on the MMORPG with the same name. Translation: It’s French anime. Seriously, that what it is. Seasons one and two were fantastic. The OVAs are okay. Not bad, but its less character development, more fighty-fight. And even that includes only two of the main characters. My faith in the series waned but here we are. I’m ready to continue watching the story of the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Such a hipster name, love it!

Episode one set the season up nicely. A standard slow starter with viewers checking in on the Brotherhood. Evangelyne and Percedal are still doing the family thing. And, Eva is pregnant with their third child. That’s nice, I guess. Question: How old is Yugo? Because the Brotherhood meet when Yugo was twelve if I remember, and the kid looks maybe three years older tops. Eva and Percey’s oldest kid looks at least eight— and that’s being generous.

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Hipster Hotline: Wakfu


Ever played a MMORPG called Dofus? It’s sister game, Wakfu? No? Okay, you like shounen anime? Yeah, now we’re on the same page. While Wakfu the show isn’t technically anime, like Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s pretty much the same with the only difference being it was made outside Japan. Sidenote: Funding Wakfu’s English dub was my very first Kickstarter. I love this series, but strangely I forgot about it until recently. Not entirely strange. I know why, but lets save it for later.

Wakfu is the story of Yugo, an orphan boy living a quiet life until he’s thrust into an adventure that has him traveling the world with a new group of friends trying to save a kingdom from a…science wizard? Yeah, sounds basic but what sets Wakfu apart is style.

First things first, Wakfu is a good looking show. The world is vibrant and the characters look unique. No time is wasted pulling you into the World of Twelve from a visual standpoint. You can tell the show is based on a MMORPG and, yes, that’s a big compliment.