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Ezra Won’t Die [Star Wars Rebels]


The second Star Wars Rebels season four trailer dropped and it’s looking good. This is the final season so anything goes, no one is safe! Okay, Hera and Chopper are safe, they were seen or mentioned in Rogue One, but everyone else could die–everyone except Ezra. He ain’t dying.

Let’s be honest, Disney won’t kill the teenage main character of their kids show. Not happening. But, what about the canon, you ask? There should be only two Jedi in the galaxy by the time of Empire Strikes Back. That’s right, Jedi. But, what if you’re a force user who isn’t an official Jedi? Let’s back it up a bit. Here’s two ways I think the Star Wars Rebels creators can keep Ezra alive without wreaking continuity:

1. Ezra No Longer Classified as Jedi
Ahsoka Tano. Remember her? The Clone Wars character who left the Jedi order. She no longer a Jedi, so it’s possible Rebels will do the same to Ezra. Seeds have already be planted that Ezra is fighting the pull of the dark side, but it was seemingly resolved fairly quickly in season three (much to my annoyance). Ok, so Ezra gets more dark sidey next season and decides to go full Bendu and embrace both sides of the Force. Remember Bendu? Again, we have a character introduced as a powerful force user who isn’t a Jedi or Sith. The stage is set, all we need is the plot car to drive itself to the conclusion.

Or, do you think they’ll kill Ezra AND Ahsoka? Ahsoka wasn’t in the trailer but come on-she alive. And no way are they killing such a popular character on Rebels. If Ahsoka can escape the continuity Death Star so can Ezra.

Now, for this to fully work Ezra can’t not only lose his Jedi status, but fake his death. Too many people, both Rebels and Imperials, know he exists. That has to be corrected, but if Disney won’t kill him, they certainly can make it seem like he’s dead. Continuity can’t work if everyone knows he’s alive. Of course, the main cast may know he’s alive but to the galaxy as a whole Ezra must “die”.

And so will Kanan, but the odds of it being a real death seems more certain to me. Kanan is a guy I doubt can stray from the core Jedi teaching. He can hide it but he can’t change it. He’s gonna die. Or, will he? Maybe he will join Erza and…

2. Ezra Travels to the Unknown Regions
Mon Mothma and Bail Organa didn’t mention Ezra or Kanan during Rogue One. Could it be they already knew the two Jedi were dead? Or, perhaps they were no longer part of the Rebellion and couldn’t be reached?

Grand Admiral Thrawn, remember him? Yes, you do (Sorry, I’ll stop). He’s a very popular character from the legends canon brought in the new official continuity in Star Wars Rebels. Let’s face it, Thrawn ain’t dying in Rebels; he’s too popular a character to throw away. My guess, he’s going to high-tail it back to the Unknown Regions once he’s convinced the Empire is a lost cause and somehow, someway Ezra is joining him. Maybe to help fight the evils in that part of space. Maybe Yoda tells him to go because they got Luke and he’s redundant. Either way, he could be shipping out to the Unknown Regions, with or without Kanan. Oh, who am I kidding, Kanan’s not surviving Star Wars Rebels.

That’s where I’m placing my bets, folks. But, no matter what happens it should be a fun ride ’til the end. Unless they don’t kill Kanan. Don’t worry buddy, I’ll be sure to keep Hera company through her grief, heh heh heh.

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