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Reading Rainbow [My Hero Academia 244]

What’s going on here? Who was that old guy? How does Hawks want Endeavor to pick up on the Paranormal Liberation Front threat? Let’s talk about My Hero Academia 244 and figure it out. But, you don’t have to take my word for it!

Uh-oh! Looks like that office worker’s been drinking the liberation kool-aid too. Chill dude, you ain’t the Punisher.

I’m dying to talk about Starservant. Caleb Cook, Viz’s English translator for My Hero Academia believes he could be a local hero or a palm reader. While I agree the old man could be some kind of palm reader/fortune teller, I’d think Endeavor or the police would’ve mentioned if he was a hero so I’m guessing he’s not in the hero business. I also find it interesting how powerful Starservant is. The guy’s using his quirk to float high in the air on balls while using said balls to absorb glass windows. What the what??? And not just a couple windows, he absorbs windows off of multiple skyscrapers, y’all! I don’t think that’s something your average citizen can do. That’s why I believe Starservant is using a quirk enhancing drug like Trigger to take on Endeavor. His nose bleeding could also be a sign he’s using the drug.

And, yes, I think it’s safe to say he planned this whole rampage out just to grab Endeavor’s attention and attack him. But, why? Well, I think the answer is simple: Starservant joined the Paranormal Liberation Army. Or, at least, he’s down with Destro’s ideals. He could see Endeavor as a government stooge holding up the ideals of a restrictive society. We did learn Destro’s ideals are becoming more popular after the (fake) Deika City incident. And with Shigaraki wanting the group to go wild, I can see the PLF supplying its lower-ranked members with Trigger just so they can cause whatever damage they can.

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Rocky Horror Pirate Show [One Piece 957]

Most of this chapter was just a glorified meeting. And, I loved every bit of it!

957lenny kravitz
Stop lying, Sengoku. You know that’s Whoopi Goldberg without her glasses.

Before reading this chapter, I was wondering what we’d get. More around the world reactions? Warlord shenanigans? Wano: Part Three? Nope. Instead, we got a big ‘ole exposition dump which makes me wonder if Oda’s really good at making TED Talks or if I’m so disinterested in Wano I’d rather read wanted posters. Okay, that’s not fair. Those are some mega important bounty reveals. I’m sorry, Wano. No more below the belt pop shots from me. I’ll save them for your flashback. Ooooh! I’m such a meanie~

Continuing the trend of half-explaining unknown events from the last chapter, we listen in on Sakazuki and Fujitora talking about the Seven Warlords no longer working for the World Government and get a clue about their replacement. Or, I should say, the special science team building whatever’s going to replace the Warlords, the SSG. Special Science Team? Special Science Group. There we go, that fits better. I think most people guessed at some point Vegapunk would step in and create something to replace the Warlords, assuming he’s running this group. I mean, yeah, there’s no one else but Vegapunk that could be important enough to lead it but I’m trying to be diplomatic here, y’all.

What could the SSG be cooking up to replace the Seven Warlords? I’ve said in the past it may be a weapon or weapons made out of seastone. It could be a new line of Pacifistas. Maybe even replicas of an ancient weapon. Whatever it is Vegapunk’s official introduction into the story is inchin’ closer and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

Shanks can’t stop looking at his phone long enough to take a picture.

At New Marineford, Brannew updates the class on Big Mom and Kaido teaming up in Wano. Prof. Sengoku takes over, revealing more about the two Yonko’s connections as former members of the Rocks Pirates, the Foo Fighters of pirate crews. Now, there’s really no point in talking about what’s happening outside of all this juicy new information we’re given by Sengoku this chapter, so I’m just gonna dive deep into my thoughts on everything I think is worth talking about.

Fullalead Island. Is it a coincidence Blackbeard controls the same island where the Rocks Pirates formed? Could Captain Rocks have left something there Blackbeard wants to find? Or, is the island located in a very convenient part of the New World? Hm.

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Goggles Chrome [My Hero Vigilantes 62]

You know what? Something tells me things aren’t gonna end well for Shirakumo. Brace yourselves now, y’all. We’ve reached the beginning of the end.

Stick with sunglasses, baby. You look like a try-hard Twitch streamer.

It’s a new semester and Aizawa and Shirakumo are still interning at Purple Highness’ agency. They’ve become a great team, so much so they (And, by “they” I mean Shirakumo) decides to partner up in a 2-on-2 training battle. Yamada and his work-study teammate, Sensoji, also team-up. By the way, whose agency are they working at? And, what’s the homeroom teacher’s name? I still need details damn it!

Anyway, Sensoji, being the established Class Jerk that he is, rags on Aizawa using goggles because he’s decided he should be the only one in the hero course with eyewear. Even though he stole the idea from Present Mic. What a meathead.

Sensoji challenges Aizawa and Shirakumo to a fight with their goggles on the line. High stakes, people. High stakes. We learn Sensoji’s quirk is Blast, and from what I can tell he fires a beam or energy force from his hands that causes a lot of random debris flying in every direction. Hence, the need for him to wear protective glasses. Anyway, Sensoji charges in on his own without Present Mic and quickly loses to Team Aizakumo.

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What’s up with Kaminari? [My Hero Academia]

Denki_Kaminari body

Denki Kaminari. Is he the U.A. traitor? Is he working for the League of Villains? Is he working for the Meta Liberation Army? Is it both now because they merged? Let’s talk about where Kaminari’s true allegiances may lie.

First things first, is Kaminari working for the League of Villains? NO. I mostly think this because Hagakure seems like the most likely traitor given her unconfirmed location during the USJ arc, her invisible quirk being the perfect ability for a spy, and her seemingly overall being a character who isn’t overly forward but not super passive either. She does just enough to make herself noticeable while being unnoticeable if you get my drift. Plus, I think she’s way stronger than she lets on (ex. blinding people during the Provisional License Arc) and to me, hiding your true power is a big red flag she’s actively keeping attention off herself.

What not to say watching a kid make the MLA pose.

Okay, so, Kaminari may not be working for the League. But, is he working for the Meta Liberation Army? My answer is YES.

Woah, woah, woah! Hold on fellow My Hero fans! It’s more complicated than you may think. I believe our favorite battery charger is working for the MLA’s ideals, not, I repeat, not feeding them intel on U.A. or any of his classmates in general. Keep in mind that becoming a hero doesn’t conflict with the MLA basic ideology. In fact, it actually helps fulfill it on some level. Think about it, what job in the My Hero Universe allows someone permission to use their quirk on the job in an almost unlimited fashion? A Hero. To someone like Kaminari, becoming a hero could mean having the most freedom in a society built on quirk restriction. Could that be why we’ve seen several heroes revealed as MLA members? Possibly, but we can’t dismiss a hero’s popularity too. If a large number of famous heroes pushed for less quirk restriction the public would listen. It’d be the easiest way of getting the average citizen on your side. Not to mention, the added intel you’d gain from working with the police and government officials. It’s the perfect job for someone who believes in what the MLA stands for.

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The Zero Warlords [One Piece 956]

Or, Shichibyekai if you prefer the Japanese name. In any case, it’s gone and with it a big hole in the Three Great Powers…for now.

All those brawls with Peter Griffin paid off.

Let’s save the replacement talk for later. There’s too much that happened in this chapter I want to discuss. Firstly, Sabo and Vivi. What went down? We know Im, the secret ruler of the World Government, has the Alabasta Princess on its radar. Did they follow through with an assassination attempt and blame it on Sabo? Is Sabo still alive? YES! I’m won’t even try drumming up tension with that one. No way is Oda off-paneling Sabo’s death. He’s alive, for now, but at the very least he’s in Marine custody.

Could the theorized assassination attempt be the news the World Government wanted taken out of the papers? Probably. I doubt the WG wanted info on Sabo’s status and the possible assassination attempt out in the open too soon. I’m sure they didn’t want to tip off Dragon and the other Revolutionaries this soon. But, the same could be said for them not wanting to tip off the Warlords. Ah, so much to cover up, and so little time.

So, what’s Blackbeard after now? It’s something the Marines are about to get or recently obtained. Could it be Pluton or Ploton’s plans that’s rumored to be hidden in Alabasta? Maybe. I got no clue what else it can be.

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I Like My Heroes How I Like My Coffee… [My Hero Academia 243]

…strong, sweet, and able to keep me up all night. From partying, I mean.

What the— Get the hell outta my room!

Not much happened this chapter, but I’ll touch on the most important stuff. One being Deku spending some time with Mama Inko. She’s trying to be supportive of Deku’s choices. I like it. And, Deku’s being honest, talking about his troubles with his quirk. I like that too. It can’t be easy for the two of them being apart but I’m happy they’re being honest with one another.

We check-in with Hawks who was smart enough to know he’d be monitored by the Meta Liberation Front at some point and is using a code to communicate with the Public Safety Commission. My guess: using his feathers in some fashion. Slidin’ Go showed up again. I really like that character. Still hoping Kaminari or another U.A. student interns under him.

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Knock it Off, Hagakure! [One Piece 955]

Bad enough you’re betraying your fellow U.A. classmates, but now you’re screwing up Team Luffy too?!

Bege in Dressrosa. Coming soon to Disney+

Alright, who’s the traitor? Law? Kyoshiro? Nah, too obvious. Gotta be someone else. Honestly, I’m stumped. It has to be an important character. Maybe one we haven’t seen yet. Denjiro, maybe? Nah. Although, I’m surprised we haven’t seen that guy yet. Guess Oda’s waiting to unveil him in Wano’s flashback first. Wait? What’s Cat Viper been up too recently? Hm…

The Alliance learns Hiyori’s alive. Franky’s working on ships, enough to hold 100,000. Yeah, they’re getting 100,000 people somehow. Most from Jinbe and Marco no doubt.

Lots of sword talk this chapter. We get confirmation Tama’s caretaker, Tenguyama Hitetsu, is a katana blacksmith. He’s the one who made Kozuki Oden’s swords, Ame-No-Habakiri and Enma. True to Hiyori’s word, Zoro gets Enma. Did I mention both swords are Excellent Grade? Yeah, they’re ridiculously powerful. Enma’s so strong it feeds off its wielder’s haki. Basically, only strong peeps can use it. Love the power-up, Zoro. Also, why did Zoro’s childhood friend, Kuina own one of the best swords on the planet? Hm. Guess the rumors her dad’s from Wano could be true. Could Zoro also be from Wano? Double hm…

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I Wanna Be Your Lover [My Hero Vigilantes 61]

I was expecting O’Clock but we got someone better. Attention, friends! His Purple Highness has arrived!

If his quirk’s not Purple Rain we riot.

Team Purple Revolution (Aizawa, Midnight [You Sexy M.F.!] and Shirakumo) are on the scene stopping a thief who looks a teensy bit like Majin Buu. And, by “teensy” I mean a lot. He’s definitely not one of The Beautiful Ones. Darling Nikki—erm—Aizawa fails to capture Buu who may or may not have escaped in a Little Red Corvette down Alphabet St.

Prince is more upset about Aizawa not giving off a positive (stage?) presence than the Delirious villain getting away. Back in the locker room, a Soft and Wet Shirakumo suggests Aizawa use his goggles in order to get close to the smoky villain and use his Erasure quirk. I Adore that idea. And, now we know why Aizawa started wearing goggles.

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What’s Up With Dabi? [My Hero Academia]


I feel everyone’s given their thoughts on the Dabi/Toya theory so I’ll keep it brief. Do I think Dabi is secretly Toya? Yes.

Now, here’s the real question: Why hasn’t anyone, especially the Todoroki Family, figured it out yet? Well, here’s what I think.

Natsuo talking about Toya like he’s no longer around. Hm…

There’re several answers as to why Dabi’s true identity’s still hidden. His disfigured body, Enji (or Rei) never getting a good look at him up close, but I think the most important reason is Toya’s dead. Okay, maybe I should say presumed dead. We’ve seen the police and government in the series be pretty competent. Learning the location of the League of Villain’s bar as well as most of their true identities, adjusting the provisional license exam to deal with a post-All Might world, and sending Hawks undercover after the League. These people know their stuff, so there has to be a very good reason why no one’s assumed a missing Toya is Dabi. That reason has to be there is no missing Toya, he’s supposed to be dead. What happened? No clue. But, I’m guessing a reason why Dabi was drawn to Stain’s ideals is because of his forgotten hatred of Endeavor.

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Happy New Year! [My Hero Academia 242]

♪’Tis the season to read manga. Fa la la la la, la la la la♪

Wait, we do that all the time. Don gay apparel? Decorating your halls/home? Giving presents? There’s nothing done at Christmas we can’t do all year round. It’s all a lie!

The equivalent of saying “I’ll be right back” in a horror movie.

I love it when characters aren’t being stupid for the sake of the plot. The U.A. staff figures out really quick the “requested” work study for students sent down from the Public Safety Commission means there’s crap about to go down. Now, we know Hawks (well, all the heroes technically are supervised under them) reports to the PSC so it’s safe to say the work study is in response to information received from him spying on the Paranormal Liberation Front. But, what exactly does that mean? Is there something specific coming that they know or is it general measures taken out of caution? We don’t know, but it’s a smart move by the PSC. Better to have all hands on deck just in case than sit back and do nothing.

I’m also interested in whether or not Endeavor knows Hawks is a double agent. Hawks did mention a couple chapters ago he needed to report to Endeavor about his findings. Is he feeding the number one hero intel on the sly or did he and the PSC bring him in on their operation? He’s the top hero, after all. I think if at least one other hero knew what’s really going on it should be Endeavor. And, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Deku may all work study under him. Hm. I think I’m starting to see one way this can play out.