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Venom? [My Hero Academia 211]

Can someone please put Hirokoshi on Oda’s auto-break schedule? The guy needs a nap.

Monoma keeping it real. There’s a complicated human under all that insecurity. He just may be my most reliable character in the series. …I need a hug.

He’s been chucking out short chapters for a while now. Poor guy. I hope he’s enjoying a relaxing Christmas eating buckets of KFC in his underwear. You deserve it Hirokoshi-sensei.

On to the chapter. We get a brief moment between Monoma and Shinso about having to play the villain in order to use their quirks effectively. Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes lower the toilet seat after use either, I guess.


All For One is going out of control, black tentacles are attacking everyone in sight. Interesting enough, we see the eyes of a previous All For One user. I think it’s Shimura’s teacher, the man with the goggles. Could that be a clue the tentacles were his original quirk? It’s not like the previous users were evil (at least going by what we know), so whatever’s happening isn’t meant to be malicious. This could all be growing pains.

Manga My Hero Academia

One For All Stockpiles Skills? [My Hero Academia 210]

I wanna talk about Deku’s quirk, so let’s get everything else out the way.

He’s an asshole. But, he’s an asshole with style.

No. Uraraka and Mina won’t get standout moments this fight, and that sucks.

Yes. Monoma is a dick.

No. I don’t know if Shimura became a hero before or after she received OFA, but I’d like to know.

Yes. I completely understand Shoda’s Twin Impact quirk.

No. I wasn’t being serious. I’m confused as all hell about it. Does he punch something then can later Jedi force punch it again? I don’t get it.

Yes. I think Monoma has Shinsou’s quirk.

No. I don’t think Class A is blitzing Team Monoma like Bakugo’s group did.

Yes. Everyone has no excuse not reading the official English translation because its free now. But, I still get chapter pics from scanlations because I don’t know how to save Viz pics on my computer.

Now that that’s out the way, let’s talk about One for All!

Manga My Hero Academia

Match-o No. 5 (A Little Bit of…) [My Hero Academia 209]

Bakugo’s a good friend, Toshinori?

Can someone please tell Bakugo this crap is getting old? Or, at least punch him in the face.

The asshole still has apologized for bullying Deku for years. Just sayin’.

Match 4 is over and everyone’s on Bakugo’s nuts, er, grenades. We get a more confident Deku, standing up to Bakugo and proclaiming their team will win. He’s being a true leader now, not just with brains, but he’s inspiring his group. My baby Deku has grown up. *cries*

Class B is trying to form a plan against Class A, namely, Deku. He’s their key to victory, after all. Good on Shinso for mentioning Deku once broke his brainwashing. They’ll have to do more than that to be him. Also interesting that Monoma cautioned Shinso not to rely on him. What does that mean? You’d think he’d want to attack with some double brainwash maneuver, but no. Hmm.

Manga One Piece

Hancock 2.0 [One Piece 927]

Komurasaki’s gonna look like Nami in a komono. Calling it now.

Crazy Old Man Terrorizes Jellystone Park. More at 11.

See? That’s why Oda didn’t have Nami wear one. I know how you think, Oda-san. Can’t fool me!

So, Sanji’s soba shop is a hit among women. Shocker, I know. Nice to see him interacting with Usopp, Franky, and Robin again. Well, the party’s over, we got to introduce the Kyoshiro Family, gangsters in league with Kaido. I don’t see Kyoshiro himself as a threat fighting wise. I wonder what his ultimate role in the story will be.

Anyway, the gangsters step up and Sanji and Franky knock ’em back down. We meet a new little girl in the process, Toko. Ugh! Another kid in this arc. That’s, like, three already! Well, the kid’s funny, so that’s a plus.

Manga My Hero Academia

Class B’eatdown [My Hero Academia 208]

Bakugo won both Japan and America’s popularity polls. Jerks must be in this season.

The most adorable thing with horns not counting my old BMX bike.

Team Bakugo won.

And, all through the power of friendship. …Or, teamwork, if you wanna be accurate. Tokage didn’t know Bakugo is more of a team player now, so her plans to capitalize on McSplode’s lone wolf tactics failed, big time. Class A worked together and took down every Class B member for a total 4-0 steamroll. Good job, Class A.

Manga One Piece

Kid ‘n Work [One Piece 926]

Oda gets points for quickly showing how powerful Kid is by having him keep up with Luffy. Short and sweet.

No one muscles in on Gordon Ramsey’s territory and gets away with it.

Luffy and Kid are almost running the joint now. Time for the Warden, whoever he or she is, to make their debut. Vice Warden Dobon’s design is amazing. Oda’s having fun with the smile fruit designs. Also, I like Luffy and Kid’s rivalry. In a way, you can call Kid an Alternate Luffy, as in what would happen if Luffy was crueler and you’d get someone like Kid. A bit different than Blackbeard, the Anti-Luffy. If Kid is Luffy but meaner, Blackbeard is Luffy flipped. Still a pirate, but plays the long game and is already strong.