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Survive: The Facility [Cabin In The Woods]


Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!
This is a toughie.

I absolutely need a head start to have any chance of making it out alive. Let’s set the clock to sixty seconds before the first Purge wave, teleporting at some random spot inside The Facility with added knowledge of what’s coming.

Alright, I have no clue how to get out. If I appear near the elevators I’m hauling ass, yelling I’m just an intern to keep any I.D. watching soldiers out my way. Actually, I should be hauling ass no matter where I end up. Problem is without an I.D. I’ll eventually get stopped or blocked by an access only door. No matter, when the monsters start coming all that crap goes out the window.

Hiding may be an option. Dana and Marty hid for awhile. If I can hold up in a closet—no, that’s stupid. Either I starve in there or a monster finds me. I need a weapon, fast. Gotta be an armory somewhere. Go there, grab whatever’s around and fight my way out. But, I don’t know where the armory is. I’ll be monster chow by then. Unless, I grab a dead soldier’s gun, not much but it’s all I got.

I can pretend to be a zombie. But, the monsters don’t attack each other. Must be some supernatural force at work there. Won’t get far like that. I can follow Gary Sitterson underground, but killing Marty won’t stop the Ancient Ones from awaking. Damn it! Forgot about them. I have to get out of the entire Facility to stand a chance not getting killing by them just waking.

Okay, factoring in the vast number of monsters, lack of places to hide, and no plot armor, I can survive The Facility for…

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Hipster Hotline: Wakfu


Ever played a MMORPG called Dofus? It’s sister game, Wakfu? No? Okay, you like shounen anime? Yeah, now we’re on the same page. While Wakfu the show isn’t technically anime, like Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s pretty much the same with the only difference being it was made outside Japan. Sidenote: Funding Wakfu’s English dub was my very first Kickstarter. I love this series, but strangely I forgot about it until recently. Not entirely strange. I know why, but lets save it for later.

Wakfu is the story of Yugo, an orphan boy living a quiet life until he’s thrust into an adventure that has him traveling the world with a new group of friends trying to save a kingdom from a…science wizard? Yeah, sounds basic but what sets Wakfu apart is style.

First things first, Wakfu is a good looking show. The world is vibrant and the characters look unique. No time is wasted pulling you into the World of Twelve from a visual standpoint. You can tell the show is based on a MMORPG and, yes, that’s a big compliment.

Manga My Hero Academia

The Future Can Change. Maybe? [My Hero Academia]


Well, Deku saved Eri and defeated Overhaul but Sir Nighteye’s predicted death came true. Nighteye theorized Deku was the focal point of the hope/will to succeed from everyone, allowing him to reject his awful future.

I don’t agree.
Well, I don’t WANT to agree. It’s a bit cheezy. The whole friendship=energy (power) trope is standard in shounen, but I want a more realistic answer. So, I’ll say yes, it was the power of friendship, BUT it wasn’t some best friend spirit bomb, it was Eri. Eri was the trigger, she saved the day. The moment Eri decided to fight for her freedom (thanks to Mirio’s encouragement) changed HER future. If that’s true, Deku was only a tool Eri used to change that future. Luckily, Deku benefited from her actions as a result.

What does this all mean?

Deku doesn’t have the power to change the future on his own.
For Toshinori to survive, it will take more than his protege. But, who is powerful enough to help Deku? No clue. Either Deku will have to become powerful enough to change fate or his allies will all have to band together to save the former number one hero. And we’re talking Eri’s uber quirk levels of power, yikes! All hands on board to survive that storm.

So, we have the ticking time clock of Toshinori’s approaching death, and a possible way to avoid it. How does it play out? If changing the future boils down to choices, could All Might choose to die? If his last feat of heroism is sacrificing his life, no one can stop it. And from a meta perspective, there isn’t much left for Toshinori to do. Telling Deku how he inherited One For All and his relationship with Nana Shimura, including her connection with Shigaraki, via flashback is pretty much all that’s left. And even most of that can be explained by Gran Torino.

Deku is getting a personal tragedy eventually. Toshinori, Inko Midoriya, Gran Torino, someone close to him will die. In my opinion, it’s gonna be Toshinori, but I won’t count Gran Torino out either. Hirokoshi loves Star Wars and if old man Gran T. is the Yoda of the series, Toshinori is the Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hmm… All I can say is a mentor surviving a shounen series to the end is rare. Two surviving? Not happening. Plus, we can’t forget Toshinori, the symbol of good, has to die for the Villain Alliance to truly change the world.

My money is on Toshinori willingly dying to protect Deku and/or the world. Shigarki will do the deed or be indirectly responsible, cementing Deku VS Shigariki’s rivalry equaling that of All Might VS All For One. Toshinori’s clock is indeed ticking down folks. And just like losing his powers, he’s going out like a hero.


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Hipster Hotline: Now and Then, Here and There


Let me take a deep breath. This anime is great, but…look, its been years since I first saw this show and I still remember how hard it hit me. I went in blind thinking this was a typical boy-meets-girl-while-going-on-an-adventure story. No, no, no, there’s a bit more to it.

Our protagonist, Shu, a caring young boy tries to help a girl, Lala-Ru, in trouble. Soon he’s transported to another time and place where…stuff happens. This story doesn’t pull punches. Shu is “interrogated” and at that point I realized this thirteen episode series is not going in the direction I first thought. This series doesn’t shy away from brutality.  

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Survive: Beach City [Steven Universe]

beach city00

Beach City, home to Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. Remember, his name’s Steven. Don’t worry if you forget, the show will constantly remind you, repeating his name at least twenty times an episode.

Tangent, sorry. I moved to Beach City. How long can I survive? The Crystal Gems can take care of any gem related problem, just have to keep my distance from their HQ. Will need a job, the Big Donut has an opening. May as well make myself the manager, more money for me.

Guess I’ll live in an apartment near the Big Donut. Do they have apartments in Beach City? Well, if not, I can live in a motel until I can afford my own house. Maybe learn martial arts or get a motorcycle in case a gem threat goes down. I can sorta protect myself or escape on my bike.

Okay, considering the price of living, intergalactic threats, and abundance of heart-filled talks involving healthy displays of emotion, I can probably survive in Beach City for: 

cartoon Dead Jem & The Holograms

Eric Raymond Dead at 53 [Jem & The Holograms]


Surprise! Surprise! Do you like surprises? Well, I got one for you. Listen Up. Eric Raymond is dead. It Takes A Lot to Survive in this world. But, Eric couldn’t survive changes in popular music, overdosing on reality star auto-tune. Police have yet to determine whether that is the official cause of death or if he was mistakenly killed by the Misfits in a scheme to stop Jem & The Holograms from performing at a Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Allegedly Makin’ Mischief for other musical acts, Raymond was being investigated over possible involvement in a freak plane crash that killed Josie & the Pussycats after their glorious return from outer space. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! answers.

The Misfits are scheduled to play at the former music mogul’s Free and Easy funeral service this weekend in Hawaii, using the opportunity to challenge Jem & The Holograms to their two-hundredth Battle of the Bands. No, the Stingers aren’t invited. The entire event will be streamed on KJEM’s website.

This is Farewell to you, Eric Raymond. Congratulations for almost Takin’ It All, but Now it’s the end of your careee~~eer.

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Survive: The Mushroom Kingdom


Nintendo’s Mushroom Kingdom. Home to fungus and angry turtles. Lava pits, pipes,  and sentient clouds. How long could I survive in this fantastical world?

The Mushroom Kingdom is ruled by a monarchy but she’s at least kind. Lot’s of bricks and bottomless pits in the way, but plenty of power-ups to get around safely. I’ll need them against Bowser’s forces because I don’t think the Mushroom Kingdom has a police force. The Mario Bros. are basically it, so I can’t expect help from them if they’re constantly out saving the princess.

Not sure how the Mushroom government works. Who keeps the trains on time if Princess Peach is always getting kidnapped? Doesn’t matter, I’ll just collect coins with my power-ups and buy whatever I need. Better be careful not to rent a haunted house. Maybe get a cloud house in the Sky World, away from all that royal dragon turtle drama. Don’t wanna get caught in the middle of a battle—Hammer Bros. or Bullet Bills are not my idea of fun. Yep, gathering coins and power-ups then laying low in some area away from Peach’s castle is my best bet. Does Mushroom Kingdom have electricity? That’s a huge deal breaker if not. I think it does in some places. It’s got planes and other machines.

Okay, considering access to money, possible housing locations and the overall state of a kingdom at war, I think I can survive living in the Mushroom Kingdom for:

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Hipster Hotline: Moribito


Why am drawn to these stories I may never get to finish? Moribito is an anime based on the first novel of a series about Balsa, a female bodyguard and Chagum, a prince of New Yogo, a country part of the world of humans but closely connected to the world of spirits.

Prince Chagum has a spirit egg inside his body and through certain circumstances (AKA misguided dad) is saved by Balsa, the most bad ass spear wielder since…I don’t know.

*looks up anime spear users*

Geez! Either they have huge boobs or look like ten-years olds. Anyway, Balsa is calm, cool, and not afraid to kick butt if she has to.

Being based off a novel, Moribito doesn’t fall into many typical anime tropes. It’s not fueled by fan service or has the fate of the world at stake. It’s the story of a child prince adjusting to life as a commoner, hiding from his father’s assassins while his protector and her friends try to solve just what the heck is going on with that spirit egg inside him. Adventure, action, mystery—Moribito has it, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the characters.

You care about Balsa and her mission to protect Chagum, both from his father and the spirit egg.  You care about why she became a bodyguard. You care about Chagum, a kid being hunted by his dad’s secret squad and adjusting to everyday life—and not only them. Balsa’s kind-hearted childhood friend, Tanda, the brash old magic weaver, Torogai, even the antagonists ​​are all fully developed characters playing the hero from their point of view. This is a character driven story where you learn why each individual does what they do and the conflicts that follows those decisions. I love it.

I recommend the anime or manga, both retelling the first novel, and both are great. Or, read the original novel and the second book, Guardian of the Darkness (Love it!), officially translated for an English audience. Unfortunately, the later books won’t be getting the same treatment as the publisher decided not to translate them due to low sales.  There is a kind fan translating the third book, Guardian of the Dream, so hope is not lost. Maybe one day English fans will get to read every book in the series.

Moribito is a classic in my eyes. An engaging  fantasy with heart. Anime, manga, novel—don’t matter which you pick, you won’t lose.

One Piece Survive

Survive: Totto Land


Yonko Pirate Big Mom’s archipelago, home to Whole Cake Island, her primary base of operations. How long could I survive in Totto Land?

First I’d have to show loyalty to the Big Mom Pirates, maybe join the crew as a lackey. But, I’m not a fighter so I’ll probably get a normal job on one of Totto Land’s thirty-five islands—islands made of food. Cacao Island, Nuts Island, Cheese Island, Milk Island, so many to choose from. Well, not Milk Island, place is most likely ninety-nine percent rancid. Can’t forget the rivers of juice. Think I’ll travel about before settling down.

But, what to do about the soul payment? Big Mom collects one month of every resident’s life span twice a year. Small but it’ll add up over time. And, it’s not like I can leave. Big Mom isn’t one to let members of her crew go—the same is probably true for her regular citizens. So, adding up the soul payments, option to join Big Mom’s crew and the general living conditions of one constantly living in, on, and around food, I estimate I can survive for…

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Hipster Hotline: Alone (comic)

Alone 1 - 41 copy

Ever stumble across something by chance, a book, song, TV show, etc., and after enjoying it you knew you had to have more? Instant love. It happens to us all, it’s a wonderful feeling. My most recent experience came from a comic book series called Alone, written by Bruno Gazzotti with art by Fabien Vehlmann. From what I gathered it’s originally a French comic with at least ten volumes released. English websites currently have the first seven volumes translated.

Alone is about five children; Dodzi, Leila, Ivan, Camille, and Terry, seemingly the only people left in their entire city. What happened? Where is everyone? What will they do? Questions asked in any post-apocalyptic story but, like with any story, it’s the execution that matters.

No adults here to bail them out. They have to somehow figures thing out on their own. Fortunately, most of them are resourceful. Dodzi, the mature one due to personal circumstances. Leila, a determined tinkerer. Ivan, the lonely rich kid looking for answers. Camille, the model student slowly coming out of her shell. And, Terry, the youngest, also kinda of a brat. They’re mostly smart kids but still kids. Heck, any adult who gained free reign over a city would enjoy the benefits and our protagonists do just that, a way to have some fun while figuring out what’s going on. It’s a tough balance to pull off but the creators walk that line perfectly.