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Hipster Hotline: Slayers


In a world of magic and monsters, Lina Inverse is a girl destined to…eat and steal stuff. Well, less destiny, more of a—desire, greed really. Lina is a gifted sorceress using her talents to make money any way she can without getting arrested. A girl’s gotta eat. Along the way, she meets others, some good, many evil, all annoying to her in some degree. Slayers is…it’s like a Japanese RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun, scary, thrilling, exciting—you get the idea. If you like fantasy with a mix of humor in the right spots, give it a shot. It’s downright entertaining. But where to start?

There is a lot of Slayers multimedia but I can only recommend what I’ve enjoyed. Confession time: I never read the original novels but the first eight novels based on the first two seasons of anime TV series was officially licensed. The other volumes aren’t, a damn shame too. A few volumes were translated by fans but they are hard to find. Slayers is an older property and the download links simply died. Enough self-pity, recommendations:

Editorial My Hero Academia

Welcome to Class 1-A, Shinso! [My Hero Academia]


Hitoshi Shinso, the only student in the U.A. General Department given any type of development. Interesting, considering it was said students in Heroics and General can be moved into either department based on their performance. That little piece of information got me thinking.

Hipster Hotline Webcomics

Hipster Hotline: Yumi’s Cells


Like Slice of life, romance, and humor? Read Yumi’s Cells.

Today’s recommendation is a webcomic on LINE Webtoon called Yumi’s Cells, created by Donggeon Lee.
Nothing apocalyptic here, just a great story about the day-to-day life of a woman named Yumi. The twist is we are able to see the world from the perspective of Yumi’s brain, her brain cells to be exact. Each cell wants Yumi to handle situations their way, leading to conflict or compromises, mostly conflict. Rational Cell, Emotional Cell, and Hunger Cell are only a few of the many cells in Yumi’s head fighting for at least some control.

I recommended Yumi’s Cells because it is engrossing. You care about Yumi and want the best for her. The cell interactions are fun and you really can relate to the feelings and situations she goes through. It can get crazy inside her head (we all been there) but the author does a great job slowly introducing all the main cells over time. I love that. And not just cells, the people in Yumi’s life are also revealed to the audience when they play a role in the story, building the series world one enjoyable piece at a time.

Yumi’s Cells is a treat, period. If you are even remotely curious, give it a shot. It’s a hidden gem that deserves to shine.

Editorial Manga My Hero Academia

Girls Can Fight Too! [My Hero Academia]


Please, Hirokoshi. I’m begging you. Please give us kick-ass female characters!

My Hero Academia is a manga taking place in a world of heroes and villains. Many ideas for the series is drawn from western comics, mainly Marvel and DC comics. But, at its core it’s a battle shounen series, so it makes sense the popular manga will have tropes related to this genre. Unfortunately, we may be getting a trope many fans do not want, the weak female character.

Editorial My Hero Academia

Who Will Kill All Might?



Why would the hero killer cut down the one person he regards as the pinnacle of heroism? Because All Might isn’t dead.

Eiichiro Oda Interview Meet The Geek One Piece

Meet the Geek: Eiichiro Oda on Pedro [One Piece]


I finally got another chance to travel to Japan. While here I decided to sit back down with Eiichiro Oda and talk a bit about the last couple chapters of One Piece.

Redgeek: Oda-sensei! Been ages!
Oda: Sup, baby boy! Homie dude! Scruffy Toad! Yes, yes I’ve been very busy.
Redgeek: Have to say, Oda. Your English is getting better and better.
Oda: Yeah, man. Watch enough Game of Thrones you start to pick up on it. Go Robb Stark! Love that guy, he’s my favorite character.
Redgeek: Um, yeah… Let’s talk about Chapters 877 and 878. Really, Oda? Pedro died? This is Pell part two, isn’t it?
Oda: Why does everyone have to bring up Pell? Okay, a few of my characters escaped certain death, so what? I’ll have you know people can survive a gunshot point blank to the face just like Brownbeard. Saw it on the internet.
Redgeek: But, don’t you think that well is dry? It’s true you’re are a great storyteller. Even after all the characters who came back from a doomed scenario, people still believe this will be the exception. Don’t you think it there are better ways to handle these types of story beats?
Oda: I promise you, Pedro is dead. Totally. Absolutely. Irrefutable. Dead.
Redgeek: Perospero survived. They both were at the center of the explosion. They both should be dead.
Oda: ……………………..
Redgeek: And when you say dead, does that mean not alive or missing until they show up again in the story like Sabo?
Oda: How about this? If Pedro is alive, I’ll take you to Tokyo Disneyland next week.
Redgeek: But, I’m going back home tomorrow.
Oda: Sorry, next week only. I’m a busy man. Only get four minutes of sleep a night, you know.
Redgeek: Yeah, yeah, whatever Oda. Always a pleasure, see you next year. …You sure I can’t take a raincheck on Disney—
Oda: Sorry, no understand. Me English not good. Bye-bye!

My Hero Academia

Does Shigaraki Know Deku Has One For All? [My Hero Academia]




All For One revealed something to All Might during their fight at Kamino Ward. He figured out Midorya Izuku was the hero’s successor. But, did the Mastermind behind the Villain Alliance reveal that same information to Shigaraki?

Editorial Star Wars

Ezra Won’t Die [Star Wars Rebels]


The second Star Wars Rebels season four trailer dropped and it’s looking good. This is the final season so anything goes, no one is safe! Okay, Hera and Chopper are safe, they were seen or mentioned in Rogue One, but everyone else could die–everyone except Ezra. He ain’t dying.

Let’s be honest, Disney won’t kill the teenage main character of their kids show. Not happening. But, what about the canon, you ask? There should be only two Jedi in the galaxy by the time of Empire Strikes Back. That’s right, Jedi. But, what if you’re a force user who isn’t an official Jedi? Let’s back it up a bit. Here’s two ways I think the Star Wars Rebels creators can keep Ezra alive without wreaking continuity: