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The Emperor’s New Groove [One Piece 1053]

Let’s get this party started!

3 billion berries. Luffy, Law, and Kid are all wanted for that amount after defeating Kaido and Big Mom. I thought Luffy would have the highest bounty, but the Elder Stars made him an Emperor, probably under the pretense of Monkey D. heading the alliance. Smart move. Wow! I can’t believe Luffy’s an Emperor now. Remember when a 100 million berri bounty was a huge deal? Congratulations, Monkey D.! I’m so happy to be a One Piece fan!

What about Zoro and Sanji? What’s their current bounties? I don’t see them getting anything less than 1 billion each. Maybe Killer hits 1 billion too. The rest of the Straw Hats will naturally receive higher bounties but I don’t see any of them hitting 1 billion. As for Yamato, he’s getting a wanted poster, no doubt.

Where’s the DJ? Anybody got any coke? …What the hell kinda party is this?!

Kaido and Big Mom. Where are they? Well, the Big Mom Pirates most likely recovered their fallen captain, but Kaido wasn’t among the Animal Kingdom Pirates at Udon, so I’m assuming the Big Bad Dragon Daddy’s with Big Mom’s crew. Probably best he’s off Wano. If anyone got word he’s still there, the entire country would try to finish him off. Still, I’m interested in what his and Big Mom’s reaction will be learning they lost their Emperor status.

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We Wano Visitors [One Piece 1052]

Wherefore Art Thou, Nico Robin?

Reading Poneglyphs, of course. Gonna be some huge info dropping since Oda didn’t even bother showing our favorite archaeologist. Kaido’s, Big Mom’s and the Zou Poneglyphs have all been found by the Straw Hats. Only one left. On Elbaf? Probably.

So just how will the Elder Stars manipulate Team Luffy whooping TWO Emperors? Appoint another Admiral? Try to execute Kaido and Big Mom, assuming they’re both in Navy custody? Who knows, but the World Government needs a win in the eyes of its citizens and the Elders are gonna find one, real or fake.

Yamato gave Brook a boner. Skull Joke!
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Young, Fun, And Full Of…Commitment [One Piece 1051]

Dictatorships are fine if the person in charge is nice.

Maybe you should give democracy a shot, Wano? …No? Okay then. Welcome, Shogun Momonosuke, Wano’s newest unelected leader! According to the Oda Boxes, Momo will become known around the world. Safe to say Wano’s borders are opening, eventually. Does it also mean Wano’s joining the World Government? I’m thinking no and yes.

Momonsuke’s first trial as Shogun is cleaning out Orochi’s room. Just…don’t look in his closet.

I can see Wano joining the World Government 2.0 at the end of the series. You know, after the final war where Im, the Elder Stars, and Celestial Dragons get the boot. A new and improved global government spearheaded by Wano, Alabasta, and every other country Luffy saved will probably take its place. Well, that’s my theory, anyway.

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The Seafloor Is Lava [One Piece 1050]

Wano 3.0

Meet the new Wano, same as the old Wano. That’s right, kids. While Kaido and Big Mom take sexy lava baths, the samurai nation begins its process of healing. That may be why Momonosuke won’t open Wano’s borders immediately. It’d be like if Disney World is was under evil rule, then suddenly Beyonce takes over. You gotta get your own amusement park—erm—nation in order before inviting the neighbors over for cookies and teacup rides.

Democracy? What’s that?
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That’s All Folks! [One Piece 1049]

This is what happens when you over hype a fight.

*SIGH!* You know I have problems with a chapter when the most positive thing I can say is I love the art. And I do. It’s great. Plus, the fight’s over. That’s freakin’ awesome!

Too bad it ended kinda anti-climatically. Oda did the classic flashback before the end maneuver. That’s fine and all, but it wasn’t worth the wait. We saw why Kaido became a pirate and more of his ideology. Basically, he hates those who rule the world and want to destroy those unfair powers that be through his survival-of-the-fittest policy. Gotcha. But…that’s it? I don’t know quite how to describe it, but that flashback simply left me wanting more. MUCH more.

Double KO. Or as the young-uns who play that Super Smash Brothers say, DBZ!
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This Just In: Kaido And Orochi Are Evil [One Piece 1048]

Thank you Oda for reminding us. I’d forgotten.

So… Was this chapter necessary? If you like dramatic build up, yes. If you like this freakin’ fight to end already, NO! Okay, okay. Let’s check off the Oda-isms:

✓ Luffy VS Kaido is the only fight left

✓ Both are using their “final” attack

✓ Island residents are cheering them on

✓ We’re reminded the bad guys are meanies

Nice try, old timer. But we all know you’re just going through male menopause.
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For Real This Time? [One Piece 1047]

End it already!

Wano’s been fun. I had a good time despite it not being one of my favorite One Piece arcs, but it’s time for this party to end. I’m turning on all the lights and playing Michael Bolton music until this you get the hint, Oda. End the damn fight, okay?!

Idris Elba taking matters into his own hands

All the signs are there it’s ending. We get major focus on the citizens of Wano, including the samurai. You’ve seen it before. The current island residents put all their faith into Luffy, building up hype before the arc villain goes down for the count. Momonosuke’s got screen time too. His purpose is saving everyone in Onigashima and the Flower Capital. The hype meter’s filling that moment up too. So, is the next chapter the one that ends it all? Well, there’s still Orochi… Damn it… It maybe another couple of chapters, or Oda quickly gets everything else resolved, revealing Kaido’s final whopping as a two-page spread at the chapter’s end. Fingers crossed!

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Adult Swim [One Piece 1046]

How much longer?

Luffy’s Gear Five novelty’s wearing off. I’m ready for his fight against Kaido to end. We’ll if anything can stop Kaido, it’s lightning. But will Kaido awaken his devil fruit? Personally, I think he already has. His dragon form gotta be his fish zoan fruit’s awakened form. It makes too much sense. Maybe we’ll get a short flashback of Kaido first awakening his devil fruit during Luffy’s final attack. That seems like a very Oda thing to happen.

It’s distilled water, right? Sparkling? No thanks, I’d rather burn.
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Toonami [One Piece 1045]

Daffy Duck VS Dragonite

It’s one of those chapters.

You know the one. A fight chapter with little content to dive deep into. Luffy unlocked Gear Five, which comes complete with toon force and Gum-Gum awakening. He fights Kaido. The End.

Dad bod Kaido
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Looney D. Tunes [One Piece 1044]

I’m still processing all this…

Before starting, I just want to post a link to Greg’s YouTube video on Chapter 1044. For those who don’t know, Greg is one of the biggest One Piece fans, period. He lives in Japan, knows Eiichiro Oda and several of his editors! Follow this guy!

Alright. Let’s dive on in! It turns out Luffy’s Gum-Gum fruit is actually one of, if not, the strongest ZOAN fruit in the series: The Human-Human Fruit: Mythical Type, Model Nika. Did I mention I’m still processing this?

Here’s what I like: Gear Five.

I’ve no problem with its design or powers. Frankly, I like it better than Gear Four. I find the toon force aspect of the power up interesting and fun. All in all, I’m down for it.

Sorry, Luffy. But I’d rank your flat booty a Gear Two at most.

Everything else… I don’t know, yet.

The laughing. Is that all Luffy or Nika’s influence? A little of both? I’m here for Monkey D. Luffy, not Sun God Nika. Gonna assume it’s a bit of both and move on. I really don’t see Oda making Gear Five a 100% body possession. It’s all so…surprising. But, hey! It’s One Piece. I’m willing to go with it.