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Don’t Underestimate My Hoodie [My Hero Vigilantes 90]

Remember them days when I thought No. 6 was created before Ujiko made Nomu? Well…

The battle for the last slider begins.

Nomu. In the flashback. What the hell?! Kurogiri AND Hood? And here I thought All For One was using… Oh. Oh! I freaking forgot! The Warp Gate quirk was created as a result of Loud Cloud’s quirk merging with others. It was created when Kurogiri was created. So, there’s no way All For One could have it unless he stole it from Kurogiri or Ujiko created a copy for him.

So, it wasn’t All For One and Ujiko, it was All For One and Kurogiri watching through security cameras. Okay, got it. But, what about Hood? I could understand if Kurogiri was the first (and only) Nomu but we already have another! I guess it makes sense. The process of making a High-End had to have taken years with adjustments and additions and who knows what else. Yeah, I’m basically saying Hood right now is NOT a High-End. For one thing, he’s got an average human body shape, totally different from that huge, monstrous body first introduced in My Hero Academia. He also can’t fly, so yeah, this is an early version of a Nomu.

Manga One Piece

Law Wants D Truth [One Piece 996]

We got some meat them bones this week. A good amount of stuff to talk about this time. So let’s dig in! What? You’re vegan? Here, I got some tofu just for you.

Yamato, I once caught Od*n being intelligent and thoughtful.

Trafalger D. Aqua Lawyer. Nice of Oda giving him something else to strive for than simply revenge. Working with Luffy to get the Road Poneglyphs will keep Law and Luffy as allies while at the same time making his ultimate goal somewhat different from Luffy’s. I can see Robin telling Law what the Strawhats learned on Laugh Tale and Law deciding to help them fight the World Government.

Cyborg Franky VS Sasaki and his Armored Division. That should be fun. Hm? I wonder what devil fruit Sasaki has? It’s probably an armored Zoan. An ankylosaurus, maybe?

Manga One Piece

U.N. Condemns Unlawful Headbutting on Sovereign Island [One Piece 995]

Where should I start? There’s soooo much to talk about!

Not the first time Big Mom choked a chicken.

Just kidding! There really isn’t.

I try not to simply recap chapters, so in an effort to make this post longer than 10 sentences, let’s play a game I like to call: Turn The Page. I give my actual thoughts on every page in this chapter and hopefully scrape up something of interest to talk about. Did I mention I’ve been reading One Piece for decades? I’m a real fan, I swear! Game, start!

Page One (Bleh!): Hey, is that the Zombie Risky Bros.? Nice.

Page Two: Oooh! Marco’s fighting Big Mom! That should be interesting.

Page Three: Yeah, baby. Marco’s got an ancient devil fruit. Let’s see what— It’s over… Well… I guess that makes sense. Big Mom’s an Emperor after all.

Page Four: Oh, wow! It’s Carrot and… Um… Diana? That’s it, right? I’m not looking it up. It’s not worth my time.

Page Five: Why do I keep forgetting they’re called Sulongs? And how the heck can Perospero talk with his tongue constantly hanging out? And why did they go for his face? Why not his vital organs or anywhere else? Is this a sexist thing? Or a stupid thing? I can’t tell with Oda anymore.

Manga My Hero Academia

Hot Lies and Cold Truths [My Hero Academia 291]

If you do not tell the whole truth, you can mislead people just as if you tell them an outright lie. -proverb

Just look at that ass. No, the other one. No! The other one! I mean Dabi, damn it!

That being said… Bravo, Dabi! You, Sir, have joined Super Shigaraki and Gigantomachia in completely destroying Japan’s absolute trust in their current hero society forever. As if the confession and DNA test wasn’t enough, you recorded Twice’s death! I freaking forgot about you having some sort of device in your possession back at Gunga Villa. Oh, Hori, you lovable scamp. You sure do love dropping clues to future plot reveals. It’s just one of the reasons why I love you (Call me!).

Did you notice that little flashback was in Endeavor’s POV, y’all? That’s right. Hori was nice enough to give us a little taste, but the real meat and potatoes will be shown once we see everything from Toya’s POV. It’ll pick up right after Toya’s fire quirk started hurting him and will, hopefully, include how he survived the fire at Sekoto Peak (No doubt in my mind Toya continued training his quirk in hopes Daddy Endeavor would accept him again.).

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Defenders [My Hero Vigilantes 89]

We got the team-up. We got a goal. We got a villain. Don’t fret. Just come as you are.

Uh-oh! Someone’s getting cancelled.

Rappa, Mirko, and O’Clock working together. I honestly didn’t think about that happening until it did. I love it! But, who’s the person in the hoodie at the end? Hoodie… Oh! Hood! Remember him? The first High-End that fought Endeavor and Hawks in the main series? The one who’s base body was an underground fighter? Yeah, I guess it’s him, but is Pre-Hood worthy of being called a “top resource” by AFO?

Manga My Hero Academia

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humiliation [My Hero Academia 290]

Well… So much for my Tartarus theory. But, I did say there’s only two things that could make Dabi happy: Something concerning Stain or something concerning Endeavor. Ladies, gentlemen, and all the wonderful folks in-between and beyond! May I present to you, the end of Endeavor’s Pro Hero career!

Dabi’s Uber Eats order is thirty minutes late.

Dabi is Toya. We all knew, but it’s the timing that’s spectacular. Bravo, Dabi! Your patience was rewarded, Sir. You see, I figured Dabi had amneaia because he hadn’t spilled the beans about his true origin when Endeavor first became the number one hero. Turns out, the eldest Todoroki sibling just wanted daddy to earn the public’s love before destroying it. Smart guy that Toya is!

So, what now? Well, I can see Bakugo defending Endeavor from Dabi’s first attack and verbally slapping Shoto to help since both Todorokis will be in shock for a while. Yeah, yeah, but what about post-battle, you ask? That’s where the juicy stuff will happen after all.

Manga One Piece

Lay Off the Ptupid Sills [One Piece 994]

Queen, you idiot.

Yikes! Did Stephen King secretly take over writing One Piece?

You could’ve won it all but had to indulge your need for cheap entertainment. I’m starting to see why King hates you. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still my favorite out of Kaido’s crew. Your design, your personality, your devil fruit, your dance moves. You’re a fun guy. And, kudos to Oda for establishing your love of death games early on back in Udon, but you’re still an idiot.

Manga My Hero Academia

Miss Adventure and Miss Demeanor [My Hero Academia 289]

Okay, after months of saying it, we’re reaching the final chapters of this arc.

Not exactly Prominence Burn but those drawers look to be made of mahogany. Close enough.

This is it. Gigantomachia and the League of Villains have reached Shigaraki. The final 5? 10 chapters is starting, maybe? Of course, that’s not accounting for any twists and turns that may happen (We’ll get to that later). For now, let’s look at the line-up:

Villains: Shigaraki, Dabi, Spinner, Mr. Compress, Skeptic, and Gigantomachia.

Heroes: Deku, Endeavor, Shoto, Nejire, Ida, and Bakugo.

Yeah, I know. Bakugo isn’t in the final spread, but you know he’s gonna do something else before this is all over.

Since I already played my hand, let’s look at what the think the final showdown really is:

Villains: Shigaraki, Dabi, Spinner, Mr. Compress, Skeptic, and Gigantomachia.

Heroes: Deku, Endeavor, Shoto, Nejire, Ida, Bakugo, Best Jeanist, Wash, and the Wild Wild Pussycats.

Best Jeanist is a given and we still haven’t seen Wash and the Pussycats since Shiggy’s initial attack. Now would be the perfect time for them to show up.