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Wakfu Wakview: Season 3 Episode 2 – Like Father, Like Daughter

Aww! Miss Elely gonna smash your wittle face.

Episode two picks up with Elely dragging her beat up dad, Percedal, to safety. In true Iop fashion, Percedal lets his young child go off to fight a giant bear-man alone—as you do. It’s the Iop version of a child’s first errand. And surprise, Elely can kick ass! Guess it makes sense with Percedal as your dad. I don’t want to imagine fighting anything barefoot in the snow. And Evil Kevin Smith’s only wearing a speedo—one of the few times being a hipster isn’t a good idea.


Darkwing Duck in Ducktales, For Real? Who Cares, Let’s Talk About Negaduck!


Ducktales’ latest episode, Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System! featured a one minute cold open set in St. Canard. Yes, my friends, we got the see Darkwing Duck in Ducktales…as a TV show.

Don’t misunderstand, I LOVED every second of Darkwing. My brain almost imploded! But, why a TV show? I get it, mostly. It’s a way to make Darkwing Duck Launchpad’s hero. And it worked. We now know Launchpad’s a crash manic because of Darkwing’s motto: Let’s get dangerous. I love it, and I love the episode. It has Fenton and Gizmoduck’s introduction into the reboot universe, that’s an instant ten across the board. But what about my Darkwing Duck spin-off? How will they pull it off?

Yes, I said how not if. No freaking way the showrunners closed the door on a Disney Channel Darkwing Duck TV show. He’s the most likely character to spin-off from Ducktales. My guess? An alternate universe. Yeah, it’s convoluted (have Darkwing being real makes more sense, but what you gonna do?). See, Gyro makes a dimensional portal and voila! Launchpad can visit St. Canard anytime he wants.


Wakfu Wakview: Season 3 Episode 1


Good old Wakfu. I watched every season except the lasted, but I finally have time to get on it. Wakfu, in case you don’t know (and you probably don’t), is a French animated series based on the MMORPG with the same name. Translation: It’s French anime. Seriously, that what it is. Seasons one and two were fantastic. The OVAs are okay. Not bad, but its less character development, more fighty-fight. And even that includes only two of the main characters. My faith in the series waned but here we are. I’m ready to continue watching the story of the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Such a hipster name, love it!

Episode one set the season up nicely. A standard slow starter with viewers checking in on the Brotherhood. Evangelyne and Percedal are still doing the family thing. And, Eva is pregnant with their third child. That’s nice, I guess. Question: How old is Yugo? Because the Brotherhood meet when Yugo was twelve if I remember, and the kid looks maybe three years older tops. Eva and Percey’s oldest kid looks at least eight— and that’s being generous.

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Carmen Sandiego Dead at 33

carmensandiego00 (3)

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I’ll tell where she isn’t, somewhere breathing. Carmen Sandiego, leader of V.I.L.E. (Villains’ International League of Evil), and world record holder for most frequent flier miles earned, died attempting to escape an underage child apparently working for a detective agency. Witnesses saw the woman running through the streets holding a Fabergé egg when she unexpectedly tripped and fell in the path of drunk roller bladers on their way to a Rockapella concert.

Police were baffled how she obtained the rare egg from the museum and, even more so, how she made it so far wearing high heels. Onlookers took photos of the deceased criminal’s trademark red trench coat, torn open, revealing a t-shirt with the words “What’s Crackalackin?” and booty shorts with stop signs on each cheek.

Sandiego’s funeral services will be held at a secret location accessed to anyone willing to travel the globe hunting for clues or reading spoilers on reddit. V.I.L.E. representatives are encouraging anyone attending to bring all their credit cards and bank statements for “special I.D. checks *coughcough*.” An investigation into ACME Detective Agency’s child labor hiring practices is currently underway.

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Hipster Hotline: Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears


You know what? I miss Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears. I rarely think of it but I enjoyed watching it centuries ago.

DAGB tells the story of a small band of talking bears living in a forest believed to be nothing but legends. They meet a human boy, named Cavin who changes their lives forever.

After re-watching the first episode I realized the show aged well. I think I know why. DAGB is treated like an animated fairytale. It takes place in a medieval world comprising of Ogres, wizards, monsters, etc. And, it has a timeless feel. It’s not bogged down by pop culture references or 4th wall breaking. Good, well-written storytelling is all you need and DAGB delivers.

I’m a fan of kids show not talking down to their audience and I never felt that watching DAGB. Again, well-written, and we even get character development and overall story arcs. I love any episode having to do with Great Gummi magic or technology, makes the world feel lived in.

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Star Wars Rebels Finale (AKA Four Year Preview For New Series)


It’s over, and I’m sad…Star Wars Rebels wasn’t better.

Rebels wasn’t the worst show ever, but being set in the Star Wars universe I had high expectations that weren’t met. The overall story was good. Season premieres and finales were nice and there were good episodes scattered in-between. But, so much of Star Wars Rebels felt mediocre. I watched because it was a Star Wars show more than anything else. That said, I’m glad I watched it but I’ll never watch the entire series again, just YouTube clips of favorite scenes.

Now, about that finale.

Honestly, wasn’t expecting much. My main reason watching was seeing how they wrap up Erza and Thrawn, two characters, by continuity standards, shouldn’t play an active role in the original trilogy. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a good solution, taking them off the board (and out the galaxy) until after the Battle of Endor. From there, Disney is free to go nuts with the two and Ahsoka, another fan favorite too popular to die on a kid’s show.

Sabine spent all or most her time protecting Lothal, I’m cool with that

We knew Hera and Chopper were surviving, thanks to Rogue One and Forces of Destiny, passed Battle of Endor. No problems there. Oh? Hera’s got a kid and Kanan’s the father, how sweet.

What the hell, show!

No, you don’t. No. You. Do. Not!

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Optimus Prime Dead At…How Old Is He?


Autobot leader and licensed wedding planner, Optimus Prime, born/built Orion Pax, has died, once again. Officials report this latest death due to ransomware. Sources close to the former carrier of the Matrix of Leadership blames Prime’s negligence to update his anti-virus program for millions of years.

Galvatron in a statement last night said “The next person to call me Megatron gets a particle accelerator cannon where the CPU don’t shine.” Currently, plans are in effect to announce Arcee as the new Autobot leader. Seems the new leader is picked from names out a cranium compartment. “Doesn’t matter. We all know he’s coming back,” said Ultra Magus. “And he still owes me five energon cubes I loaned him at Autobot City.”

This time Prime’s funeral will be held inside Unicron’s head with Michael Bay leading the proceedings. Expect a twenty-one explosion salute. Guests will include members of G.I. Joe, New Avengers, and Styx.

Editor’s Note: An error occurred. Turns out the robot who died was in fact Leader-1, leader of the Guardians. As requested, his body will be melted down to make affordable cell phones for improvised families. We apologize for the confusion.

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Hipster Hotline: Reboot


I don’t how to approach this. Well, let’s start by getting the general stuff out the way.

Reboot is a great series. Sure, the computer animation doesn’t hold up, especially in the first season, but the plot is fantastic. Well, it starts getting really good in the second season. What I’m trying to say is Reboot is original, groundbreaking, and entertaining.

Reboot is the story of a world inside your computer called Mainframe, protected by a Guardian called Bob. He fights you, the user, in video games, and also computer viruses. Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!


Anyway, like with most Hipster recommendations, it’s all about the story. Reboot is a show not afraid to be funny one episode, serious the next, though mostly it’s funny. Reboot is telling a story, and bad things happen to people, bad people even win sometimes. Things get crazy and our heroes have to handle it. Actions have consequences, weight to them. I’m painting a much darker picture of the show than I think it is but too many kids shows don’t deviate much from a standard formula. Bad things happen and by the end of the episode everything is as it was. Since I was a child I always hated when kid shows treated their audience like idiots. Reboot doesn’t do that. That’s why I love it.

Characters learn, grow, change because of personal experience. And, yeah, the villains seems one-note in the beginning, but they, like Bob, Dot, Enzo and the other regular cast are evolving. It’s amazing how Reboot starts as simply a standard cartoon with a CGI gimmick becoming something more, something its creators slowly build into a complex world full of dangers, we the audience as well as the protagonists, take for granted as minor grievances, but, in reality, are capable of causing great destruction and misery.

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Jokey Smurf Dead at 153



It was bound to happen eventually. Resident practical joker and Overwatch rage quitter, Jokey Smurf died yesterday from, what else, a practical joke gone wrong.

Jokey Carlin Smurf, known for getting residents of Smurf Village to fall for the same exploding gift joke for decades, got the ultimate surprise trying a new explosive for use in his classic gag. The blue prankster, according to Autopsy Smurf, used too much C-4 resulting in a mishandled explosion blowing the shirtless comedian to bits. A statement released just hours ago from Obvious Smurf said “Duh! Like anyone needs a PhD to figure that out.”

Jokey’s funeral is slated to be held at Quarrel Castle with an estimated expected crowd of at least ten. Seems the joking smurf’s reputation precedes him as almost everyone thinks it’s some kind of elaborate joke. According to Jokey’s will, his funeral will be a comedy roast hosted by Pee-Wee with guest appearances from Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Bianca Del Rio, Grouchy Smurf, and Jeff Ross. Get your tickets now. Wizards under two-hundred get in free. Absolutely no gift boxes allowed!

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Hipster Hotline: Wakfu


Ever played a MMORPG called Dofus? It’s sister game, Wakfu? No? Okay, you like shounen anime? Yeah, now we’re on the same page. While Wakfu the show isn’t technically anime, like Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s pretty much the same with the only difference being it was made outside Japan. Sidenote: Funding Wakfu’s English dub was my very first Kickstarter. I love this series, but strangely I forgot about it until recently. Not entirely strange. I know why, but lets save it for later.

Wakfu is the story of Yugo, an orphan boy living a quiet life until he’s thrust into an adventure that has him traveling the world with a new group of friends trying to save a kingdom from a…science wizard? Yeah, sounds basic but what sets Wakfu apart is style.

First things first, Wakfu is a good looking show. The world is vibrant and the characters look unique. No time is wasted pulling you into the World of Twelve from a visual standpoint. You can tell the show is based on a MMORPG and, yes, that’s a big compliment.