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Interview with Brad Pitt’s Daughter [My Hero Academia 225]

I need more. No, not more Brad Pitt. More information on the Meta Liberation Army.

Ladies & Gentlemen, the coolest character in My Hero Academia: Alligator Guy!

For example, how “free” do they want people to be able to use their quirks? Are we talking using quirks in public in everyday life or are we talking no limit shoot blast kaboom chaos? It’s not clear what restrictions, if any, the Liberation Army wants. As I said in past reviews, most folks these days would probably support legal quirk use in public as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else. So, why revive the cause as an army again? My guess is blind faith in the original Destro’s ideals.

Think about it, generations ago, mysterious quirks are popping up all around the world out of nowhere, the number of people with them growing more every day. I think the Japanese government wanted civil order and they wanted it immediately. That’s where the no quirks in public law came from, in my opinion. But, thinking about it from that perspective makes that law obsolete today. Civil order has long since been reestablished. We now have heroes and quirk usage is normal in today’s society. Japan can handle more relaxed quirk laws. That’s what’s so frustrating about the Liberation Army. If they’d just abandon Destro’s militant ways and forge ahead using public opinion, propaganda, and lobbying as their weapons they could change the laws legally! Their extremist ideas are killing their cause and all because Destro’s descendant wants to do things the old fashioned way. It’s a shame, and I hope there’s someone in the organization who realizes this method of violence won’t get them anywhere.

Manga One Piece

Tonoyasu is Denjiro? [One Piece 940]

So, everyone just let Law go to save his crew alone. Jerks.

Look, you can’t expect them to remember everyone from Chess Club.

Oda gave us one of the most real moments in One Piece history: forgetting an old acquaintance. Solid. So, who is Tonoyasu? My guess he’s the last samurai the Alliance is looking for, Denjiro. He’s basically hiding in plain sight. Maybe he used a ninja art to hide his true appearance or used his devil fruit power if he has one. This also explains why Komurasaki and Toko are so close, seeing as their fathers were friends.

Ah, yes. Oda continues cleaning up Komurasaki’s shitty old behavior by making the guys who lost everything total sleezebags. I’m fine with it. We already knew one of them sold their family for money so it makes sense.

Now, this reminds me of when I was in the school choir. Rehearsals were brutal.

Oh, Caribou. Stick that quarter up your butt now because you’re playing yourself. And, nice twist on the labor camps being full of those hating Orochi and Kaidou’s guts. Yep. Instead of escaping, Luffy and friends (plus Chopper’s team) are going turn Udon into a battlefield. Guess this is where we’re getting our big fights and where we’ll close out Wano Part Two. Whether it’s Luffy or Big Mom or Kawamatsu, Queen is getting his ass handed to him before the prison arc ends.

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Evil Portland, Oregon [My Hero Academia 224]

A city full of hipster extremists. Yep, Deika City is Portland but evil. This is what happens when coffee shops stop selling Peppermint Mochas.

OMG! Twice is Ryan Reynolds!

I love Twice. What a bro! The League of Villians is his family and he’s very protective of them. Makes me sad knowing there’s a chance Spinner might abandon them for the Liberation Army.

Shigaraki has a plan, Y’all! First, the entire League walks right into the Liberation Army’s trap. Stay with me, here. BUT, Gigantomachia will follow Shigaraki to Deika City and continue trying to kill him. Wait. Wait. Wait! Here’s the kicker: Giganto, the loose cannon that he is, will fight everyone, League and LA alike, widdling down his energy until Shiggy is finally able to take him down. There. A perfect plan. And, all Shiggy has to do is survive for over an hour inside enemy territory, and then have the energy to outrun and defeat Gigantomachia. Simple, right?

Well, we got confirmation Slide N’ Go is part of the Liberation Army. No shocker there. I’m still waiting on Aizawa’s old classmate to show. I wonder if he’s the Liberation guy in the coat?


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Busoshoku Beyonce [One Piece 939]

Ah! So that’s why Luffy wants to learn that haki hand attack. No, he doesn’t want to beat Kaidou, he wants to sell out stadiums.



Okay. Okay. I admit Komurasaki’s reasons for taking a risk in telling Zoro her secret made sense. The Kozuki prophecy is coming and Zoro, being a foreigner, could mean he’s there as an ally. If not, then he’d be one of Kaidou’s goons, right? So, yeah. You get props Komurasaki. Good call.

Who the heck is Kikunojo? Could it be Tonoyasu in disguise? I wouldn’t be surprised. Well, at least Zoro’s getting healed so he’ll go into his next fight at 100%, maybe.

Fukurokuju and Kaidou’s forces are rounding up more and more Kozuki allies. Yep, they’re all being kept in one place together along with Bepo and the rest of the captured Heart Pirates. Would be pretty cool if Law and a Strawhat member or two freed them all. But, I’m sure there’s no way that’s happening. *goes on Law/Franky/Usopp team up watch*

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Giran’s Alive and Joining The Last Leg [My Hero Academia 223]

Move over Alex Brooker, there’s a new disabled star on the rise. And, his name is Giran.

Giran taking his non-disclosure agreement as seriously as his no refunds policy.

We’re back to the present, Y’all! Shigaraki and friends are still trying to jump Gigantomachia into the gang. It ain’t working. Turns out a guy tough enough to handle multiple quirks and be All For One’s bodyguard is pretty damn strong. Well, Giganto is naked, they should try whacking him in the junk. That’ll force anyone to submit.

Spinner’s sticking around but still has his doubts. But, where could a guy who was mistreated because of his mutant quirk go to join with like-minded people who desire quirk acceptance and usage for all? Hm? No time thinking about that, Twice’s ass is ringing! It’s the Monarch, or, I should say, Redestro, the Supreme Commander of the Meta Liberation Army/President and CEO of Detnerat.

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Goodnight, My Sweet Black Market Prince [My Hero Academia 222]

I still upset over Magne and you do this to me, Horikoshi? Damn it!

Giran died giving the Liberation Army the middle finger.

That mass looks similar to Giran’s scarf plus a (mushy?) finger. Screw you, Monarch! But, that does add weight to my theory Ujiko will be providing the League of Villians with new, updated gear from now on. Can you imagine what kind of souped-up metal arm he can give Mr. Compress? Watch out, Winter Soldier. There’s a new metal arm badass coming. And, not just gear. The Doctor could have improved on the Trigger formula. So, not only would our favorite evil organization have the latest gear, their quirks will be overclocked to their maximum potential. Now that’s an upgrade!

It looks like Giran’s remains were dropped outside Overhaul’s old headquarters. Check it out, courtesy of Reddit.


That has to be meant as a message to Shigaraki. The Liberation Army knows he has Overhaul’s quirk erasing research and wants it destroyed. Those guys are kinda obsessed with quirk freedom, after all. Can’t be free to use your quirk if you don’t have a quirk to use. Right?

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Victoria’s Secret [One Piece 938]

That was the secret? That’s like saying Scooby Doo being afraid of ghosts was a secret. Ugh, before we go there let’s—

Not to worry. Cocaine Dog will save us all!

No! Screw it, I’m talking about it now. The game-changing final page secret: Komurasaki is Hiyori, Momonosuke’s missing little sister.

not impressed00

I’m mean, who the hell else could it be? Toko? Tama? Kin’emon’s wife? Komurasaki was the only candidate. No red herrings. No way the character couldn’t be someone of importance. This wasn’t worth a final page reveal. And, why did she drop that secret on Zoro? Okay, he saved her life. That’s great, but if someone pulled me away if I collapsed in the middle of the street I’m not giving them my credit card number. It was so hamfisted. Oda, you’re better than that. Did you want to go to the movies and just rushed this chapter out? It’s okay, you can tell me. Call me.