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Rage Against the Life-Support Machine [My Hero Academia 356]

You won’t like me when I’m angry.

Raw emotion. When used effectively can give someone the power to accomplish things that were otherwise impossible. Here, Endeavor’s using his pure rage to give All For One one hell of a fiery beat down. Losing his arm? Well, that just adds fuel to the number one hero’s impassioned fire. Sorry, AFO. It’s your fault for not stealing an ice quirk. Jerk.

Points to Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow for knocking the taste out of AFO’s mouth. That was a nasty punch. I can’t help but wonder how monstrous they’d be if they were fighting AFO at night. Endeavor, Hawks, and a full-power Dark Shadow? AFO wouldn’t stand a chance.

Never thought I’d be so happy watching a blind man get punched in the face.
Manga One Piece

The Emperor’s New Groove [One Piece 1053]

Let’s get this party started!

3 billion berries. Luffy, Law, and Kid are all wanted for that amount after defeating Kaido and Big Mom. I thought Luffy would have the highest bounty, but the Elder Stars made him an Emperor, probably under the pretense of Monkey D. heading the alliance. Smart move. Wow! I can’t believe Luffy’s an Emperor now. Remember when a 100 million berri bounty was a huge deal? Congratulations, Monkey D.! I’m so happy to be a One Piece fan!

What about Zoro and Sanji? What’s their current bounties? I don’t see them getting anything less than 1 billion each. Maybe Killer hits 1 billion too. The rest of the Straw Hats will naturally receive higher bounties but I don’t see any of them hitting 1 billion. As for Yamato, he’s getting a wanted poster, no doubt.

Where’s the DJ? Anybody got any coke? …What the hell kinda party is this?!

Kaido and Big Mom. Where are they? Well, the Big Mom Pirates most likely recovered their fallen captain, but Kaido wasn’t among the Animal Kingdom Pirates at Udon, so I’m assuming the Big Bad Dragon Daddy’s with Big Mom’s crew. Probably best he’s off Wano. If anyone got word he’s still there, the entire country would try to finish him off. Still, I’m interested in what his and Big Mom’s reaction will be learning they lost their Emperor status.

Manga One Piece

We Wano Visitors [One Piece 1052]

Wherefore Art Thou, Nico Robin?

Reading Poneglyphs, of course. Gonna be some huge info dropping since Oda didn’t even bother showing our favorite archaeologist. Kaido’s, Big Mom’s and the Zou Poneglyphs have all been found by the Straw Hats. Only one left. On Elbaf? Probably.

So just how will the Elder Stars manipulate Team Luffy whooping TWO Emperors? Appoint another Admiral? Try to execute Kaido and Big Mom, assuming they’re both in Navy custody? Who knows, but the World Government needs a win in the eyes of its citizens and the Elders are gonna find one, real or fake.

Yamato gave Brook a boner. Skull Joke!
Manga My Hero Academia

Everybody Was Combo Fighting [My Hero Academia 355]

It’s Jiro’s world and you just live in it.

Wow! Jiro’s really shining in this arc. Going up against All For One? One of the biggest bads there is, and she’s still pressing on. Remember how the Bakugo Rescue Team (Deku and Friends) were paralyzed and almost threw up in AFO’s presence back in Kamino? Yeah, Jiro’s strong willed, Y’All. Even losing an ear didn’t stop her. MVP of the Week right here!

Buuuuut, there’s one tiny problem: Jiro’s speech/conviction motivating the wills of AFO’s stolen quirks. That was a bullsh*t sandwich with cheese. Took me out the chapter. Now, if it’s revealed to be some effect of her sound quirk? Sure, it’d still stink but less like a New Jersey sewer and more like a post-broccoli cassorole fart. I’d take the fart but I’d rather not have either.

And that’s why AFO stole a duct tape quirk
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skycrawler [My Hero Vigilantes 126] [Finale]

What a ride!

Got a lot of thoughts bouncing in my wacky little brain. Thoughts about this chapter, the series as a whole, whether we’ll see the Skycrawler again. But, first let me say I’m happy. I’m happy I got to enjoy such a well thought out, well-written series. Happy this manga series ended on a hopeful note. Happy My Hero Vigilantes ended on its own terms. But yeah, I’m sad to see it go.

Let’s jump in. This chapter’s great! It did a great job updating us on the fates of the main and supporting characters while delivering a typical fun Vigilantes chapters. Koichi’s massive debt and impending lawsuits keeping him out of Japan (and away from All For One and what happens in the series) makes sense. It also sucks. The guy saved Pop, the Police and medical professionals at the hospital and he gets slapped with lawsuits? Bleh! The price of being a vigilante finally caught up with Koichi, but at least he’s now a hero. So, good for you, Skycrawler!

126 chapters. 1260 times Koichi almost died.

I love Koichi saving the plane. That’s his thing. He helps people. But now he does so on a massive scale. His Skycrawler costume’s cool too! I like the nods to Captain Celebrity’s costume. Koichi receiving the New York All Might hoodie reminds us where he came from. That no matter the outfit, he’ll always be an All Might fanboy.

Manga One Piece

Young, Fun, And Full Of…Commitment [One Piece 1051]

Dictatorships are fine if the person in charge is nice.

Maybe you should give democracy a shot, Wano? …No? Okay then. Welcome, Shogun Momonosuke, Wano’s newest unelected leader! According to the Oda Boxes, Momo will become known around the world. Safe to say Wano’s borders are opening, eventually. Does it also mean Wano’s joining the World Government? I’m thinking no and yes.

Momonsuke’s first trial as Shogun is cleaning out Orochi’s room. Just…don’t look in his closet.

I can see Wano joining the World Government 2.0 at the end of the series. You know, after the final war where Im, the Elder Stars, and Celestial Dragons get the boot. A new and improved global government spearheaded by Wano, Alabasta, and every other country Luffy saved will probably take its place. Well, that’s my theory, anyway.

Manga One Piece

The Seafloor Is Lava [One Piece 1050]

Wano 3.0

Meet the new Wano, same as the old Wano. That’s right, kids. While Kaido and Big Mom take sexy lava baths, the samurai nation begins its process of healing. That may be why Momonosuke won’t open Wano’s borders immediately. It’d be like if Disney World is was under evil rule, then suddenly Beyonce takes over. You gotta get your own amusement park—erm—nation in order before inviting the neighbors over for cookies and teacup rides.

Democracy? What’s that?
Manga My Hero Academia

Welcome Back, Jack [My Hero Academia 354]

The backup singers have arrived!

Now, that’s a superhero entrance! Bravo, Earphone Jack & Tsukuyomi! Helping Hawks and Endeavor fight All For One is one hell of an upgrade. It’s about as pro-hero as you can get. Just don’t die, okay?

Wish Jiro would sit on me. Wait! Did I say that out loud?