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♫You Know You Make Me Breakout…Of Prison♫ [My Hero Academia 298]

Hahahaha! Oh, All For One. You sneaky mothertrucker.

Yeah, I have that same problem with YouTube unsubscribing channels I follow. Just hit the notification bell, Spinner.

That’s right my fellow My Hero fans. Instead of one prison breakout, we got seven. That’s a lot of chaos distracting the authorities, all the while keeping the tippy-top most powerful criminals from Tartarus close as AFO’s new goon squad (Note that none of the feature convicts from last chapter are seen attacking other prisons.). Or, maybe the better term is army. Hmm…

But wait! Seven other prisons were attacked but only six had additional convicts escaping. What could that mean, you ask? Well, I think the guards from that last prison may have gotten some unexpected help from a few notable detainees: Rappa, Gentle, and La Brava!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Detective Tanuma Knew-ma Too Tanu-much [My Hero Vigilantes 94]

Mother. F*cker.

This is the last time the three of them will meet in real life. On Minecraft servers however…

Welp! Now we know why Detective Tanuma hasn’t shown up in the main series. He’s dead. Well…unless he’s got a quirk that could protect him, but I doubt it. No one knew AFO was back at the beginning of My Hero Academia. Meaning, Tanuma didn’t survive to tell anyone about the connection between the Underground Masquerade Case, All For One, and the Instant Villains. Yeah, he’s dead.

Oh, Number 6. You crazy bastard. Now you’re having visions of O’Clock. Well, actually, someone on a forum (Thanks, Rizaadxn!) pointed out that No. 6 “talked” to fake O’Clock before way back in chapter 71. This just adds more fuel to the O’Clock obsessive fire. Remember, he called the former hero his master even though the two hadn’t met until the Sky Egg Arc. Not to mention his sociopathic determination in becoming the next O’Clock in both name and profession. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, when No. 6 is forced to realize The Crawler is the better speedster (and true successor to O’Clock) he’s gonna flip his shit!

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What? No Cutaways? [One Piece 1001]

Alright! A lot happened this chapter. So much I’ll have to break this review down one panel at a time! Brace yourself, y’all. It’s gonna be a long one.

Kaido’s already thinking about remodeling the Thousand Sunny after he kills Luffy.

Just kidding! This was a fighty-fight chapter. There’s not much to talk about. In fact, let’s talk about what didn’t happen: a cutaway. None. Not one. Now that’s rare coming from One Piece these days. I was certain we’d get 3 pages of the big fight then switch gears over to what everyone else and their little brother is doing. Good on you, Oda! Too bad it won’t last. Would I like to see Queen and King and the Tobi Roppo defeated? Yeah. But, my desire to see this arc done overrides all of that. I’m such a Negative Nancy.

Manga My Hero Academia

Tartar Sauce [My Hero Academia 297]

No super long Tartarus Arc for us, huh? That’s fine. Just give me the prisoners.

Giant robots VS Nomu. Yes, please!

This ain’t One Piece. There’s no Impel Down Arc happening in My Hero Academia. And, who wants to see that anyway? I didn’t wanna see Pro Hero level guards with licenses to kill attacking prisoners. Or, a couple super advanced Ultron like robots defending the perimeter. Or, even the prison itself being littered with death traps like gas or acid or spikes. Nope, didn’t want to see any of that…

Okay, maybe a little. BUT, at least we got a bunch of powerful villains escaping who are ready to put the final nail in society’s coffin. Let’s breakdown all the prisoners of interest.

All For One (OG Version)– The guy’s got ambition I’ll give him that. Wants to be the biggest, baddest Demon Lord son of a biscuit ever. And then there’s his talk of an Impeding Void Era. That’s not good, whatever that is. Hm… void. An era without heroes, maybe? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Overhaul. Without his arms he’s not much use to AFO. Not that the guy would follow AFO anyway. He’s gotta somehow fix his Yakuza Boss’s body. On a completely unrelated note: AFO’s original body’s a wreck too. Uh-oh! If AFO steals Overhaul’s quirk he could fix his body. So, even if Shigaraki regains full control of his own sexy half naked body he’ll still have to deal with his old mentor in combat. AFO VS Shigaraki death battle is unofficially a go!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

30 Seconds to Mights [My Hero Vigilantes 93]

Was it a Dream? Nope, the chapter’s here! No Alibi needed. Let’s talk, kiddies.

Pardon me while I scream. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Not much to talk about. Here I thought this chapter would focus on All Might taking down the Instant Villains and chapter 94 showing Team Overclock fighting Hoodie, but no. All Might only took 30 3 seconds to beatdown the Instant Villains. Wowsers! I keep forgetting how truly powerful the former #1 hero was.

So, yeah. All Might saved the day and Team Sugar Rush was able to fend off Hoodie long enough to be saved. Go Team Venture and all that jazz. Now, let’s talk predictions!

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Mr. Pirate Captain Straw Hat Luffy [One Piece 1000]

A website called Claymore. Yeah, I think that was the name. I clicked on a short video clip of Luffy punching Captain Kuro. The art style in that video was nothing I’d ever seen. The punch was satisfying too. That, y’all, was my first exposure to One Piece back in…2004? 2003? Somewhere along that time.

Fast forward buying cheap, badly subbed anime episodes to buying Japanese volumes to look at while I read chapter translations online to actual scanlations. To, finally, reading official English Translations the same day it comes out in Japan! If you told me that’s how I’d be reading One Piece one day I’d think you were nuts.

Of course, you always thought Luffy could get One Piece, Ace. That’s why in the past you stated you were trying to make Whitebeard the Pirate King. Can you spell retcon, kids?

So, here we are, One Piece chapter 1000. I gotta say, I enjoyed it. Mostly because we’re getting to the actual fight between Luffy and Kaido. But, it’s bigger than that. It’s Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law VS Kaido and Big Mom. It’s gonna be quite the fight!

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Midnight at the Oasis [My Hero Academia 296]

The Paranormal Liberation Front wanted to destroy the current society. This chapter is a dark reminder they almost succeeded.

Big Thanks to My Hero Academia’s English Translator, Calab Cook, for providing many details about the chapter I missing during my initial reading.

R-Rated Hero: Midnight is dead.

I seriously didn’t think Horikoshi would go there, but here we are. I’m shocked. Really shocked, y’all. I thought he was going for the classic fake-out death. I was wrong. Look, I’m no huge Midnight fan, but I liked her as a character. Especially, after seeing her more informal side in My Hero Vigilantes. We learn how much of a true friend she is to those around her. How she cares for them and is willing to even put her career in jeopardy for them. Midnight was never my favorite character, but she was always a welcomed character. I’m gonna miss her.