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Empathy VS Apathy [My Hero Vigilantes 104]

Oh, Koichi. You were so close.

It was bound to happen; the kindhearted Koichi, unable to finish off the evil No. 6. It still sucks to see it though. So, does this mean Koichi will overcome his empathy and beat the living snot out of No. 6? I doubt it. That’s not The Crawler. Sure, he fights, but he’s not a mega violent person. I think Koichi’s friends and allies will help him take down No. 6. That plus No. 6’s decent into madness and eagerness to destroy Koichi will ultimately be his undoing.

No. 6 offering dating advice

Loving the hero/villain relationship between Crawler and No. 6. Both are speedsters, one modeling himself after All Might. The other, born from All For One’s evil ambitions. The two even look like similar to their morality adjacent mentors (Koichi’s costume and No. 6’s no-face). Not to mention, learning No. 6 modelled his Rokuro Nomura face after Koichi’s! It’s so fascinating watching a glorified sociopath wanting to become a hero go head-to-head against an overly sympathetic vigilante. This alone makes this arc one of my favorites of the entire series.

Manga My Hero Academia

Never Go Full Batman [My Hero Academia 317]

Oh, Deku. My Sweet Deku-chan. You’re supposed to be the next Superman, not Batman.

You’re letting All For One get in your head, dude. Not a good thing. Do you really think he expects one of the Tartarus ex-goons to take you out? Nah. It’d be a pleasant surprise but what AFO really wants is to break your spirit and wear your strength down. Then either OG AFO or AFO/Shigaraki can easily capture you. Maybe both.

Manga One Piece

But Then Along Came Zeus [One Piece 1016]

Nami’s been redeemed! Not really, but you can pretend it happened that way.

Sure, her kindness helped Zeus survive long enough for him to escape death, but KO’ing a mostly injured opponent, even if they’re a Tobi Roppo, isn’t something to write home about. It’s just an easy way to see Nami’s climate baton upgrade and, maybe, have her steal credit for taking down Ulti from Big Mamma Jamma. Hey, I’m not complaining! I love Zeus merging with the climate baton. The chapter seemed to want to make it clear he’s been reborn and weakened, but still tough enough to down powerful fighters. Hopefully, it all means Nami gets at least one more formidable battle before One Piece ends.

How NOT to shoo flies off other people’s heads.

Two Tobi Roppo down, three to go. Too bad we didn’t get X Drake’s reaction. We haven’t seen him in a while. Anyway, I hope this means the other Tobi Maguire fights finish up soon. Jack, Queen, and King are still fighting, and I doubt they’re going down before them. I swear, if freaking Page One gets back up Oda… *fist shaking intensifies*

CP0’s still there providing narrative updates. Moving on.

Manga My Hero Academia

Gassy Endeavor [My Hero Academia 316]

You thought All For One set up a bomb? Silly My Hero fan, it’s obvious Endeavor had way too many dried apricots for lunch.

Shigaraki just wants to destroy, but All For One wants you to suffer. Safe to say it’s not a good thing when you have his full attention. Let me put it another way: I’m glad Inko Midoriya is most likely living at U.A. right now. Shigaraki, I doubt he gives two chapped lips about Deku’s mom. But, AFO? The guy who killed Nana Shimura’s husband, turned her grandson into a monster, and loves bragging about it to All Might? Yeah…maybe you should buy some pepper spray just in case, Inko.

I wanted Deku to punch Chisaki in the face so bad! Personally, I hope Chisaki says he’s sorry for hurting Eri. Not to her face, mind you. That piece of ostrich crap shouldn’t get near Eri ever again. I think Deku just wants Chisaki to acknowledge he’s living fecal matter, even for a microsecond. Good luck with that, Deku.

AFO, the scourge of Airbnb

Keeping with Deku for a minute, I wonder how far into darkness will he go? No, I’m not talking about him going evil, but getting emotionally broken down from one fight after another without support from his friends. Is Deku slowly getting pushed into All Might’s state of mind when he “killed” AFO? Yeah, All Might crushed AFO’s head in. He wanted that bastard dead with a capitol D! Will Deku want the same at some point? Now, I’m not saying Deku will kill AFO. I’m just pondering if Deku will want to kill AFO at some point or even try to? Hmm…

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Nougat 6 [My Hero Vigilantes 103]

We got confirmation the O’Clock vestige is simply No. 6 talking to himself. It’s okay, buddy. We’ve all been there.

Lot’s of No. 6 screen time this week. He’ll be the focus of conversation this time around, starting with us learning more than half his body’s composed of bomber cells now. That’s interesting. Was it an upgrade or was his body modification necessary because of his injuries from Endeavor? Maybe both. In any case, No. 6’s Clay Face body makes him much harder to capture, let alone kill. That said, I doubt he’s far from immortal. Destroying his brain will still do the trick, but as we know, Koichi doesn’t go for the kill. That leaves either Knuckleduster or No. 6 himself doing the deed. Yes, my friends. My long-standing theory on No. 6 going full suicide bomber is still in effect.

Manga My Hero Academia

You Got a Bad Platitude [My Hero Academia 315]

What doesn’t kill you strengthens you. Right, Lady Nagant?

I’m positive you’ll survive, but we all die someday. Today just isn’t your day. So much for Lady D teaming up with the good guys. Being blown the eff up tends to put such plans on hiatus. Good catch, by the way, Hawks. I’m sure you and Lady Nagant have lots to talk about, including how horrible the Hero Safety Commission truly is.

Everything happens for a reason. So, how did All For One blow up Lady Nagant? Did the Overlord of Evil Respirator Masks give Nagant a third quirk? Or did he simply use a quirk on her? Something like Curious’ Land Mine quirk but stronger? If so, how did he know when to activate it? Is AFO somehow hacking into One For All’s dream space? Getting little bits of information here and there to conclude Lady Nagant failed and thus earned an explosion sandwich? Guess we’ll find out, eventually.

Lady Nagant changed his clothes. Sounds hot until you realize she made him wear all polyester.
Manga One Piece

The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated [One Piece 1015]

Luffy gained Wifi Haki. Cool, but he still needs a Gum-Gum VPN if he doesn’t want the World Government knowing his browser history.

So it was Luffy calling Momonosuke, not Seakings. Okay. Law’s submarine saves Luffy’s butt once again. The Heart Pirates should start an Uber service with that thing. He’d be the richest pirate in the Grandline just from charging Luffy alone.

That takes care of the rubber man, but what about Momonosuke and Shinobu? They’re falling now too (How long has it’s been since Shinobu used her devil fruit power? I forgot she had one.)! No problem. Momo can fly in his beast dragon form and Shinobu can ninja glide.

The smokers meet at last. Last one to get chronic bronchitis wins.

And with Kaido distracted by Yamato, nows the perfect time for them to make their escape. Yamato VS Kaido. It’s been a semi-long time coming. I’m jazzed about it. But that also means we’re probably getting flashbacks of their past and current relationship. The Wano Hater™ in me is not happy about this arc lasting even longer but what can I do? Stop reading until the Wano Arc ends? Hahahahaha! ……Could I? I’ve been reading One Piece “weekly” for over a decade. I never considered it until now…

Manga My Hero Academia

Don’t ust-Tray e-thay ero-Hay afety-Say ommission-Cay [My Hero Academia 314]

The CIA of crime fighting. The MI6 of a synthetic hero society. Welcome to the world of the Hero Safety Commission. Now play nice, or else.

We knew it was coming. I’ve mentioned before the Hero Safety Commission probably operated in part as an intelligence agency. Neutralizing threats to hero society in secret, by any means necessary. What I didn’t know is how extreme they are. It’s not just major imminent threats but minor threats get rooted out to keep society blemish free. Even talks of crimes against society are up for erasure. That’s cold.

Sting operations. Court order raids. Nope. Just death. Even the media is their puppet. Do you know how much power it takes keeping missing corrupt heroes and alleged criminals off the radar? To kill stories TV news stations or newspapers if they caught wind of a story? Here a hint: A freaking lot!

Don’t you know it’s not polite to point, Deku?
Manga One Piece

New Haki, Who Dis? [One Piece 1014]

Who’s calling Momonosuke on the haki line? Luffy? Sea Kings? Jonathan Davis? I just hope it’s not another telemarketer..

Let’s see… Luffy fell into the sea, so either Law’s submarine saves him or Sea Kings. Guess I’ll go with Sea Kings assuming they’re the ones giving Momonosuke a migraine. But if I’m right, who called them? Hmm…I doubt Shirahoshi will show up anytime soon so… I’m stumped on this one, Y’all.

Kaido has no joy, loves getting drunk and is suicidal. Someone call a psychologist, quick!

Once again, it’s time for everyone’s favorite game: Who’s Dead! On today’s show we have Monkey D. Luffy, Kiku, Kanjuro, and Kin’emon. Let’s start with the easiest. Luffy’s alive. He’s the main character! Kiku? Hmm… Assuming Oda’s genuinely killing off at least some of the samurai, I’d say YES! Next, Kanjuro. Oh, yeah, he’s dead. Killed by Kin’emon is the perfect way for him to go.