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Killer Instinct [One Piece 1029]

It’s difficult to outshine a Straw Hat, but Killer did it.

I’m interested in Killer. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I actually care about the character. Not only him but Kid more because of the two pirates’ friendship. This chapter and Kid trying to protect Killer when both were captured prove they truly are the best of friends. I wanna know more. When did they meet? Did they know each other before becoming pirates? Did they become outlaws before or after their punk band broke up? So many questions I need answered.

On the other hand, I care less about Hawkins. Wasn’t he supposed to be a big player? The guy has a cool devil fruit and gimmick with tarot cards, but that’s about it. Maybe Oda will do something with him later on. I wouldn’t mind seeing him joining the Kid Pirates after Kaido’s defeat. Hey! Weirder things have happened.

Hawkins’ dismemberment is brought to you today by Ace Marks dress shoes
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Up, Up, and Away! [My Hero Vigilantes 112]

Koichi Haimawari and Soga Kugizaki to the rescue!

I love love LOVE both Soga and Koichi saving Knuckleduster. His two pupils coming through, preventing their mentor from sacrificing himself was something I really wanted to see. KD is smart and all, but he’s been on a path to self-destruction since losing his quirk. He’s more than willing to die as long as he takes the Villain Factory with him. Thankfully, his students had other plans.

Little does Koichi know that No. 6 has a parachute quirk
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How Tuft Are You? [My Hero Academia 330]

Things aren’t looking good for Star And Stripe…and Tomura Shigaraki.

New Order is the name of Star’s quirk. And, boy is it overpowered. Basically, the number 1 U.S. hero can warp physics on any target she touches and knows the name of, living or non-living. That explains why she looks so much like All Might. She literally turned herself into a version of him!

And with the ability to keep two rules active (herself and one other) at once, Star is pretty much a weaker All Might with a quirk. Yeah, that’s why she’s America’s top hero and Captain Celebrity isn’t. Hmm… I wonder how much weaker she is compared to All Might? Given Star probably gave herself the All Might rule when he was in his prime, even becoming HALF as powerful would be pretty damn strong! And, that’s me low balling it. The lady can survive travel on top a stealth fighter. She’s got to be legit tough to do that!

And yes, that includes blinking. Buh-bye!
Manga My Hero Academia

Got To Spinner It To Winner It [My Hero Academia 329]

Obtaining One For All is the mid-game goal? Hmm…

Then, what’s AFO’s ultimate goal? If I had to guess: World Domination. Why be content ruling a country when he could rule the entire planet with the combined power of the All For One quirk, One For All, and Star And Stripe’s quirk. Plus, all megalomaniacs want to rule to world. It’s in their contract.

Heteromorphs. Discrimination against them has been peppered throughout the series. Now, Horikoshi’s bringing it to the forefront. I’m excited about it. Horikoshi has done a good job so far blending real world issues into his story, and he’s had a long time to prepare for this one. I’m very hopeful for this sub-plot.

Edna Mode despises her
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Sanji Looks Good In Dem Genes [One Piece 1028]

Sanji 3.0 has arrived!

That’s right, kicking chef fans, Sanji has digivolved into a new improved Sanji. A Sanji with a healing factor and tougher skin. Safe to say, the Straw Hat Pirates cook’s raid suit did indeed activate his latent Germa powers. In fact, I’d say that was Judge’s primary intention of giving his son the suit. The sly bastard!

Gotta say, I like this development. I was worried about how Sanji would keep up with Luffy and Zoro. Sure, the raid suit was a good idea from Oda, but would Sanji begrudgingly put it on every time he had a big fight from now on? Sanji’s physical upgrade helps the kicking king seem less reliant on the suit and brings the focus of his fights back on himself. I’m more interested in Sanji than I have been in years. Keep it up, Oda!

Sanji trying to do the Stanky Leg dance
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Boomer VS Millennial [My Hero Vigilantes 111]

Experiment Number 6. We finally know your backstory.

First things first, No. 6 was born human! That blob was the audience seeing him through his perspective as someone with agnosia. So much for No. 6 being an artificial human in the literal sense, but, as someone on a forum I visit reminded me, the nameless 6 was probably picked up from one of Ujiko’s orphanages. That would explain why the mad doctor doesn’t know the cause of No. 6’s agnosia.

Born human, huh? We don’t know if No. 6 originally had a quirk, but he’s got several now. Was his body modified to help contain multiple quirks? Was he given a copy of the All For One quirk? Or is it both? For now, I’ll go with both, seeing as No. 6’s invisible mentor (AFO) seems capable of independent thought.

Welcome to Chicago!

After everything No. 6 has done. All the death and destruction, I feel a bit bad for the creep. I think he truly meant what he said about only wanting to become like O’Clock. The problem with that being AFO twisting his desire into one built on suffering. AFO taught No. 6 cruelty of the highest caliber then let him loose on Naruhata. You bald bastard!

Manga My Hero Academia

Where For Art Thou, Captain Celebrity? [My Hero Academia 328]

Well, hello there U.S. Number One.

Was not expecting to see America’s top hero in this chapter. And I sure wasn’t expecting them to be Star And Stripe. She called All Might “Master”. Was she his student once? Just how long did All Might live in the States before returning to Japan? 6 years? 10 years? 15 years? I sense a flashback coming.

All Might looks good in drag

And what’s her quirk? She’s standing on a stealth fighter jet flying to Japan. That’s quite a feat! Magnetism? Solar Powered (like Superman)? Apple Pie? I can’t wait to find out.

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King’s Just Winging It [One Piece 1027]

King using his Pteranodon wings as cutting weapons, nice.

Pretty clever, Oda. I hadn’t thought of that. King’s essentially an upgraded verison of Mr. 1 (from the Alabasta Arc), except besides appendages that slice, he can also fly and create fire. And while I liked the idea of Sanji and Zoro teaming up, I’m surprisingly fine with the two pirate second bananas going one-on-one. For the first time, I’m getting excited about this fight!

Remember, kids, a little courtesy while trying to murder someone goes a long way.
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Bed, Bath & (Going) Beyond [My Hero Academia 327]

This chapter truly felt like the end is nigh.

So, the heroes have about a month to prepare before Super Shigaraki/AFO reaches full power. The final war is indeed coming. I’m a bit sad about it. There’s so much the series could’ve done before reaching the endgame. Inter-school tournaments, trips abroad, an A.I. arc villain, so much more about this world could’ve been explored. Oh well…

Did you notice Hagakure wasn’t among the students talking in the living room area? Just making a note of it.

Flat For All booty Deku. I feel sorry for Uraraka.
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Take a Bite Outta Crime [One Piece 1026]

It’s official. Luffy’s top-tier!

When superpowered fighters face-off, their clash is strong enough to split the heavens (or floating water droplets if you wanna get technical). It finally happened with Luffy. This is a massive milestone. This act confirms Luffy reached endgame levels of power. That only the strongest in the world can hope to defeat him now. Oh, how my little rubber boy has grown! *sniff*

This also means Sanji and Zoro will soon reach that level. They and Luffy are the Monster Trio, after all. If Luffy’s standing on the highest plateau, his two wingmen are destined to follow.

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