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Best Jeanist’s Back, Alright! [My Hero Vigilantes 120]

Guess your coffee break’s over, huh heroes?

Finally! The heroes arrived! Well, Best Jeanist anyway. Ingenium, Edgeshot, and Eraser Head are either heading for BJ’s location or implementing a plan to take Number 6 down. Guess we’ll get a flashback explaining it next chapter.

Nice seeing Koichi’s friends and other citizens of Naruhata cheering their vigilante on. No, not vigilante, hero. Official or not, the Crawler is Naruhata’s very own hometown hero.

And, weirdly, telephone booths.
Manga My Hero Academia

I Know Why the Caged Villain Sings [My Hero Academia 344]

Divide and conquer.

That’s pretty much the chapter. Having Monoma use Kurogiri’s teleportation quirk to transport the caged villains to different locations. Good seeing Monoma, along with Shinso, play an important role in the final arc.

Yep. It’s confirmed Shinso brainwashed the Aoyama Family to bypass AFO’s lie detection quirk. Nice. I hope Shinso joins the battle against Team AFO. His quirk will be really useful if used strategically. Have him call AFO a rat bastard in All Might’s voice. That’ll guarantee AFO responds and gets brainwashed.

Witness the power of UPS Express Delivery!
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The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall [One Piece 1040]

It’s official. Big Mom lost!

Emperor of the Sea, Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom, is down for the count. It was a hard fight, but Law & Kid pulled it off. Does that mean the two are now Emperors of the Sea? Well, if beating an Emperor doesn’t do it, nothing will. Of course, there’s the question if they even want the title. In any case, if Luffy’s considered an Emperor, they are too.

Raizo won his fight? Okay, I guess?

Silent, but deadly
Manga My Hero Academia

My Hero Academy Awards [My Hero Academia 343]

The stage is set. The actors are ready. Now, go out there a break a leg. A couple of ribs too; AFO deserves it.

The ol’ double cross. Always a good start to a fight scene. Nice going, Aoyama. Maybe not Oscar worthy, but you’re definitely getting a MTV award for that performance. AFO mentioned stealing his lie detector quirk from someone whose descendent’s working with All Might. If you read My Hero Vigilantes, you know AFO’s referring to Detective Tsukauchi. While not confirmed in the spin-off series, we know his sister, Makoto, has a lie detection quirk. Don’t take a Nezu to figure out the good detective has one too.

Great acting, Deku. But, did you have to send your fellow heroes a box of used condoms just to get into the role?

Are we all in agreement Shinso brainwashed the Aoyama Family over the phone so AFO couldn’t detect them working against him? Yes? Okay, then. Moving on…

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Clash of The Titans [My Hero Vigilantes 119]

The Crawler’s gone. But Koichi Haimawari lives on.

Kochi’s All Might hoodie, essentially his vigilante costume, getting destroyed, is symbolic of where he currently is as a person. He’s no longer reliant on it be a hero. Koichi IS a hero. He’s taking on Number 6, not because he has to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

The Crawler + Knuckleduster = Koichi. His heroic nature has always been there, but it’s now refined, encompassing KD’s offensive style and resolve along with Koichi defensive attitude. This is Koichi at his strongest, mentally and physically.

Manga My Hero Academia

Second War Prelude & Predictions [My Hero Academia 342]

The second war begins. Beware of flashbacks.

LOTS of flashbacks. It’s gonna be one of those arcs, Y’All. We’re gotta learn what exactly the heroes’ plan is, as well as the villains’. Spinner’s speech, Toga and Dabi’s full backstory, how Shirakumo’s mind got restored, Ragdoll’s true role being in the thick of it, the possible recruitment of Rappa, Gentle, and La Brava, the heroes asking Stain for help, and much, much more.

And since I did such an awful job predicting the first war, why not give it another try, right?

Oh! Guess I should talk about this chapter first, huh? Okay… The heroes are getting ready for war. And the day is finally here. Like I said, the real juicy stuff will be told through flashbacks. Now with that over, on with the predictions!

Today’s the day AFO binges all of Downton Abbey

1.) Flashbacks up the wazoo! Just thought I’d make this one official.

2.) Recruitment Party. The heroes need allies. That’s where Rappa, Gentle, La Brava, Stain come in. I doubt the good guys want Stain on their team, but now’s not the time to be picky. They need all hands on deck in a major way.

Manga One Piece

Goodnight, Grandma [One Piece 1039]

Law and Kid prove they’re Monkey D. Luffy’s rivals.

I said it before. I’ll say it again: Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid had to defeat Big Mom in order to join Luffy on the top-tier plateau of current pirates. No other way around it. And, it looks like they succeeded.

Quite the feat, actually. Big Mom’s a physical force of nature with an extremely powerful and versatile devil fruit, the Soul-Soul fruit. Makes sense it’d take the combination of Law’s almost equally powerful and versatile Op-Op fruit along with the raw power of Kid’s Magnet-Magnet fruit to win. Definitely a more technical fight than Luffy and Kaido’s slug fest. If this is indeed the end of their fight, I’m very pleased.

To anyone looking at this picture who’s never read One Piece, it’s okay. She deserved it for turning off their Xbox.

Are there anymore big fights left other than Luffy VS Kaido? There’s Yamato’s fight with Kazenbo, but I feel that’s just a way give the strong Yamato something to do. That said, there’s a really good chance that armory is blowing up eventually. I’m curious to where Oda’s taking that sub-plot.

Manga One Piece

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…[One Piece 1038]

…get out of the floating pirate castle.

Kaido’s castle’s still on fire and not a firefighter in sight. This happens when you don’t pay property taxes, kids. Worse, Kazenbo entered the armory but Yamato’s there to put the ice power kibosh on its plans. Now he just needs to find a way to promptly deal with it. Dose it with water? Freeze it directly? Not sure how he’ll beat this monster, but don’t underestimate the power of a good bribe, Yamato!

Zoro, meet Death. What does Zoro seeing the Grim Reaper mean? Even MORE bandages, of course! Not like he’s dying or anything. Franky’s looking for him and Chopper and his medical mink friends, along with Marco, will do whatever they can to save him. Dare I say, in addition to bandages, Chopper will use…rubbing alcohol? Welcome to the true world of pain, Zoro.

Chopper accidentally mixed Zoro’s medicine with LSD