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Part Of A Balanced Breakfast [My Hero Vigilantes 114]

Number 6 is on a strict plasma and keto diet.

Okay. This fight ain’t over yet. I’m loving it, but what else is there to happen? Number 6 refuses backing down and even absorbed the Anons in a last ditch effort to strike again. So yeah, the Anons are gone. All that’s left of Operation Anonymous is a not so subtle flying plasma skeleton in a dogfight against a vigilante. It looked like No. 6 is about to blow himself up again on the last page. Maybe he now has enough bomber cells/plasma to do that several times. But…that doesn’t seem exciting enough to close out this battle.

As opposed to a catfight where both fighters clash in a condo while knocking over picture frames
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The Ghost and Yamato McGee [One Piece 1032]

♪Through the window, through the wall. Kazenbo burnt masked men balls.♪

That’s right, kids. Everyone’s favorite Fire/Ghost Pokemon is continuing its journey to the basement to blow up the armory along with all of Onigashima! How will Yamato and Fuga stop it? No idea, but I’m really interested in where Oda’s taking this living time bomb sub-plot.

Kazenbo’s so popular, it’s now sponsored by Better Help
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He Who Fights And Runs Away… [My Hero Academia 334]

I’m not sure I like where this is going.

And by this I mean “Tenko”. Okay, sure, Tenko is very much the victim as any other innocent affected by All For One. Buuuuuut, at the same time, didn’t Horikoshi establish Shigaraki wanting to destroy the world? That it’s his decision? Which is it, Hori? Tenko being manipulated by All For One doesn’t excuse ALL the death and destruction he’s called over the years. Yes, Tenko needs saving, but Shigaraki needs prison.

Now, I’m willing to let this angle play out given Horikoshi’s track record with Endeavor. I don’t want to be one of those internet haters coming down on him. Endeavor’s quest for redemption was a lot more complex than people first thought and maybe this is a similar situation. Maybe “saving” Tenko means killing him. Maybe Shigaraki will sacrifice himself to help take down All For One. I don’t know. For now, I’ll stick to my theory Shigaraki will gain control of his body and kill the OG All For One.

Deku clearly been putting his free U.A. gym membership to good use
Manga My Hero Academia

If I Can’t Win, Neither Can You [My Hero Academia 333]

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time…

Star And Stripe is dead. And, I gonna say, I’ll miss her. We didn’t know her for long, but I really liked the character. A shame she got introduced in the same arc she died. Why, Horikoshi? Why keep America’s top hero under wraps just to kill her off? It would’ve been great seeing her interact with Toshinori and Deku and…any of the main cast. How about a movie set in America where we see her show up? No? Okay…

Horikoshi has created such an interesting world filled with interesting characters and concepts that it boggles my mind he’s so seemingly reluctant diving deeper into it. This arc, this whole final arc in general, just feels…too soon. Did we really need My Hero Academia to enter its final arc now? What about more inter-school interactions? Trips abroad meeting foreign hero students? Chapters focused on other characters? More, Horikoshi. I wanted more!

Star needs to switch to decaf
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Lightning McMean [My Hero Vigilantes 113]

Number 6’s electric transformation is truly shocking!

Sky battle! Didn’t think I’d see this after No. 6 blew himself up last chapter, but here we are. No. 6’s Lightning Style helps even the playing field a bit, giving the villain aerial maneuverability similar to The Crawler. Add that with the nefarious number’s new ability to shoot homing plasma missiles at Koichi and you have the makings of an action-packed final round. I don’t see No. 6 getting more powerful than this. It’s now or never if he ever wants to defeat Koichi.

No. 6 calling Koichi the “ultimate villain” goes to show how much of a sociopath he really is. He truly believes it’s his right to succeed O’Clock, no matter the cost. Still, a part of me feels bad for the guy as, like with Shigaraki, All For One cultivated his dark emotions, creating a tool run on destruction and pain. That, I doubt, is a coincidence. After all, No. 6 is AFO’s experiment. He’s there to…um, what’s No. 6 an experiment for?

No. 6’s Lightning Style hips don’t lie

Overclock? Sure, that’s part of it. But, let’s not forget the bomber cells. If fact, I wonder if we’ll learn why AFO and Ujiko don’t incorporate them into basic nomu designs. You’d think Bombify + Regeneration quirk monsters is a no-brainer. There has to be a reason this quirk combination isn’t standard issue for all nomu.

Manga One Piece

Sanji.EXE Has Finished Installing [One Piece 1031]

Upgrade complete. Sanji 3.0 is now online.

Goodbye Germa battle suit and hello New Sanji. He’s just like the old Sanji, but tanky and can…turn invisible? I like it! This whole upgrade for Sanji took quite a long path and allowed us to dive into his family’s past. It doesn’t feel spontaneous but instead the conclusion of a journey. Well, maybe not a conclusion. We still don’t know if Sanji truly hurt that woman, but my guess is he didn’t. I smell shenanigans. Wouldn’t be surprised if the geisha work for Orochi. I can’t be mad at them, though. They’re just trying to pay their way through college. Keep at it, ladies!

Big Mom survived. Should I pretend to be shocked? Nah! Gonna take more than that to take out an Emperor of the Sea. Especially if you’re not the main character. Just how will Kid and Law take down Big Mom? No, I’m legitimately asking. I’ve no clue. She either has to be KO’d, thrown off Onigashima, or decides to give up. If Kid and Law truly are Luffy’s rivals, they have but one option: Knockout. Hmm…maybe they can try awakening their devil fruits again. Perhaps there’s more to them than they know. Or at least use them more strategically. If all else fails, they can combine it with haki. That always works, right?

I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit! I did not hit her. I did not. *takes out Den Den Mushi* Oh, hi, Zoro!
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Not Today U.S.A. [My Hero Academia 332]

Star And Stripe lost to save her friend. Now, they can die together. Yay?

Sure. Star losing was the most likely outcome by a long shot, but it still sucks. I’ll say it again. It was a mistake for Horikoshi to introduce Star in the same arc she (allegedly) lost her quirk. Such wasted potential. NOW maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, juuuust maybe Horikoshi will subvert our expectations, having Endeavor come in and save her, but even I’ll acknowledge that’s wishful thinking. The more likely scenario is Star losing New Order. Oh well. It was a fun battle, at least.

That is not how you ask a girl to go to prom with you
Manga One Piece

Global Conference on Health and Kaido Change [One Piece 1030]

X Drake and Scratchmen Apoo are back!

And having a civil conversation, no less. I don’t see the two duking it out anymore after learning Apoo was playing the long game against Kaido. He won’t win, naturally, thanks to the Navy having the same “Take Out The Weakened Winner” plan. But, it’s cute that you tried Apoo. Here, have a cookie!

Onigashima’s blowing up. First, we learned about the huge armory. Now, we have Kazenbo taking a midnight stroll down to the basement intending to blow it all sky hiiiiigh. The question is: Who’s gonna get caught in the explosion? Kaido? Big Mom? Both? And will that mean the Navy will arrive and capture them both? TWO Emperors locked up?! Wow! It’s possible, but perhaps Big Mom’s crew will save her in time.

Um, guys? You realize the castle’s on fire, right?
Manga My Hero Academia

May The Air Force Be With You [My Hero Academia 331]

Star And Stripe ain’t done, yet!

We learn a bit more about New Order but nothing that matters, at least for now. It’s an overpowered quirk with restrictions. That’s all we need to (and already) know.

So, Shigaraki. What’s gonna become of him? At this point, I’m thinking this merged Shiggy/All For One version IS the new mind. The only question is whether the AFO vestige or Tomura will emerge as the bigger influence. Of course, Shigaraki will come out on top at some point, meaning he’ll be a more cunning version of himself thanks to the AFO merger. Yep. Think Shigaraki, but with AFO’s experience. Scared yet?

In America, you don’t break wind. Wind breaks you.