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My Ketsubutsu Academia [My Hero Academia 307]

Heroes being heroes. No U.A. students anywhere to be seen. Yes, my friends, the world is now a scarier place with people like Jailbreaker roaming about. Fortunately, there’s someone who may do something about him.

No, I’m not talking about Ketsubutsu Academy’s Yo Shindo AKA Grand or Tatami Nakagame AKA Turtle Neck. They were useless in this chapter. Sure, it’s great seeing them again. And by their character descriptions we know they’re 3rd years, meaning U.A.’s Class 1-A is officially in their 2nd year at the school. Nice. Things have changed and Horikoshi seems to be slowly showing us just how much is different at our favorite hero school…by not showing anything at all.

So we meet again, Justin Briner!

But, hey, it’s Jailbreaker, kids! Or should I call him, Muscular? He’s just chillin’ and killin’ like we all figured he would be doing. It’s gonna take a powerful hero to take that monster down. Enter Deku.

Manga One Piece

Still A. Live [One Piece 1008]

Od*n. Shogun Orochi. Ashura Doji. Let’s go down the list and see just who’s alive and who’s living impaired.

First up, Od*n. *SHUDDERS* Thank Enel he’s still dead! Like many had predicted, the former Whitebeard and Roger pirate was a living painting controlled by Kanjuro. Yep, turns out a notable villain in this arc didn’t get off-screened. Shocking, I know, but now he can get a proper death. Death, you say? Yeah, I don’t think Kanjuro’s making it out of this arc alive. But, then again, this is One Piece. Hmm…I’d say YES. He’s a dead man. Not by Yamato’s hand. He’ll protect Momonosuke long enough for Kin’emon to make the killing blow.

Introducing Kaido’s man-beast form! Isn’t it simply…underwhelming? Seriously, Big Mom looks more imposing than him.

Next, Ashura Doji. Is he dead? Given how seriously Oda is taking the Akazaya Nine’s plot, I’d say YES. He’s dead. Oda gave him a very dramatic death, named the chapter after him, and even showed a portion of his charred body. Yep, he dead like disco, Y’all.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Lights Out [My Hero Vigilantes 98]

The final battle begins. Nightmare Night. Terrible Twilight. Nasty Nocturnal. Deadlight Saving Time. Okay, that last one didn’t work so much but, yeah, welcome to My Hero Vigilante’s last battle arc.

It makes sense. Everything going down in Naruhata. It started here. Most of the series took place here. So, naturally, the good guys will have to work together in order to save it in the finale. I really like that. The whole fighting for your home thing. But, from the ending narration, things are gonna get worse before they get better.

This chapter’s sponsored by L’Oreal. Because You’re Worth It.

No. 6 is looking a little crazy this chapter. Well, crazier. He’s still talking to that image of O’Clock and he’s not even trying to look cool and collected. He’s going all out this time. Looks like All For One gave Roku 6 another quirk or two. We’ve never seen him use that EMP ability before, and he was also “activating” those creatures walking around Naruhata. Yep, our good friend No. 6 has been upgraded. I probably should’ve seen that coming. The Crawler is really in trouble now!

Manga My Hero Academia

School’s Out Forever [My Hero Academia 306]

The Final Act? What do you mean, Horikoshi? The final arc? The final “season”? The Final Fantasy? Tell me!

Fine. I’ll guess what you mean. Based on how far Midoriya has mastered One For All, Shigaraki needing to take his top villain spot from All For One, and other future plot points like Toshinori dying, the traitor reveal, etc,; I estimate we’re at least at the series’ halfway point. You know, like the 2 year time skip in One Piece or whatever year time skip in Naruto (I’m not wasting my precious life looking the exact number up.). My point is I think there’s still LOTS of stories to tell in My Hero Academia.

Deku left U.A. High School! I’m surprised, but not really, if you know what I mean. I once predicted Deku leaving Japan to escape Shigaraki, so Mr. Ninth User dropping out of U.A. isn’t a complete shocker.

Um…I don’t get it. Are you saying heroes are villains and vice versa? AFO and OFA are the same? Red shoes are best? WHAT?!

Here’s a question: Is Deku leaving U.A. part of a plan thought up by Toshinori and the top 3 heroes to keep Deku safe? I’d say yes. There’s still a chunk of time we haven’t seen yet. I’m guessing after Toshinori told the top 3 everything they realized there was no way Deku can safely stay at U.A. and decided he had to leave. Toshinori too, since his whole reason for teaching at U.A. was looking after Deku. I believe both of them are traveling together.

Manga My Hero Academia

Somebody Save Me [My Hero Academia 305]

One For All is a quirk meant for saving. …Or, killing. Depends on what type of day you’re having.

This was a pretty straightforward chapter. The OFA predecessors wanted to test Deku’s resolve, and he came back with an honest answer. Deku saves people. But if he has to kick ass, he will. I like that. There’s no universal answer to being a hero. Unique situations will come up and Deku has to be prepared to do what he must, but that doesn’t mean he can’t at first try doing what he wants: Saving lives.

We learn AFO tried stealing the OFA quirk on two separate occasions other than from Deku. Interesting. So, Mr. Steal Yo Quirk knew full well he needed more than his quirk to get the power. He needed a stronger will and emotion. This also plays into my theory: AFO killed most of the other users but made sure they survived long enough to pass on the OFA quirk.

Sure. How much money you got? No checks.

When exactly did AFO learn about OFA? For that matter, when did the 1st User know? How did the Younger Shigaraki brother pass on a quirk he probably didn’t know he had? There’s still a lot we don’t know about the origins of both All For One and One For All. And, I don’t think Deku (and the audience) will find out until the 2nd and 3rd User cooperates. Their story seems to be linked to the origins of OFA so we can’t learn about one without learning about them.

Manga One Piece

Chopper’s Anatomy [One Piece 1007]

See, kids? That’s what happens when you don’t wear masks and social distance. You turn into ice monsters with bad stamina stats.

Chopper saved the day! Thank goodness. I felt like that Ice Oni plotline had lasted for 17 seasons. So, I guess it’s Queen VS Chopper while Marco takes on King and (maybe) Perospero. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. As much as I like Queen, somebody needs to kick somebody’s ass so we can move this arc along.

Forget the Straw Hats, Queen. Animal Kingdom Pirates HR is gonna tear you a new one for saying that. Not even Kaido can defeat a class action lawsuit.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Oda for taking out the Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi! They were barely worth the ink they were drawn on. Jobbers. But I noticed the leader of the Oniwabanshu is nowhere to be seen. Hmm… Could he be headed for the “dead” Shogun Orochi? Or maybe the bathroom? I’d take either outcome.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Fugitive Follies [My Hero Vigilantes 97]

Turbo Hero: Ingenium, you ain’t sh*t!

And here I thought most of this chapter would build up Ingenium as this great speedster hero only for The Crawler to shut him down. Nope! Apparently, you aren’t worth the pages, Tensei. Koichi’s speed and vertical mobility are just too much for you to handle now.

That’s right, Y’all. Koichi’s a high-tier quirk user, so only the best heroes have a chance at stopping him. But Detective Tsukauchi wouldn’t send Top 10 heroes to hunt down a simple vigilante with an excellent reputation only trying to help his frien—Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Geez, Tsukauchi! At this point, I’m surprised he hasn’t called All Might to kick Koichi in the junk.
Manga My Hero Academia

The Jedi Council [My Hero Academia 304]

Info Dump Alert! A lot of knowledge got dropped this chapter. Let’s sort through it together, shall we?

First up, what’s up with the 2nd and 3rd Users? Why were they standing away and not talking? Horikoshi is obviously keeping as much info about them from us as possible. I think it’s safe to say their quirks are the final ones Deku gets, as well as they’ll be the last Users we’ll get details on. Again I ask, why? Guilt? Were these two villains or former villains? Members of the Liberation Army along with Destro? I’m really interested in knowing what their deal is.

Oh! And for the record, neither the 2nd or 3rd User’s hair matches AFO’s OG Bodyguard or Oji Harima. So, my Harima’s a OFA User theory is dead, BUT he still could’ve been a vigilante.

Big respect to the 4th User, Hikage Shinomori! His decision to build up power as much as he could is probably a big reason OFA is as powerful as it is now. In fact, I’d go as far to say that he’s the reason AFO doesn’t have the One For All quirk. Let me explain. If AFO’s been trying to keep tabs on the quirk while letting it build up in power, Shinomori spiking its power up could’ve caught AFO off-guard. And, by the time the Overlord of Evil decided to cash it in and steal the quirk for himself, Toshinori had already escaped abroad. Basically, what I’m saying is AFO underestimated how quickly OFA grew in power, resulting in getting his body wrecked by All Might.

Manga One Piece

Where’s Robin? [One Piece 1006]

Let’s see… I got my popcorn and chai iced tea. Better silence my phone too. Now, I’m all ready for the greatest chapter in One Piece history!


………ArE yOu F*cKiN’ kIdDiNg Me?!

Hyo? Hyogoro the Flower? That’s the focus of the chapter? Screw you, Oda! You got me all hyped up last week thinking I’d see a Nico Robin & Brook VS Black Maria. But, instead we get a character I could give two sweaty farts about! Why? Why did I let myself look forward to anything in this arc. It was a lack in judgement on my part expecting Oda to actually not hop around from scene to scene like a tree frog on cocaine. Enough with the hype already! Just get the to good stuff!

Starting from the top row: Intrigued. Okay. Meh. No. Sorta Interested. Yeah, baby! Hell No. Nope-a-doodle. Sure, why not? You don’t belong here.

It wasn’t all bad though. Marco holding his own against both King and Queens was cool. And, then there’s…nope, that’s it. That was the only interesting thing about the chapter.

Manga My Hero Academia

It’s a Secret to Everybody [My Hero Academia 303]

A team consisting of the top 3 heroes in Japan. Nice, but what will they call themselves? The Burnvengers? The Wingfenders? The BJ-Men? Inquiring minds want to know.

So, yeah. The country’s gone to sh*t but the top 3 heroes in the country will untie to fix things. That’s quite a bold move and sends a clear message Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist aren’t playing around. It also sends a wave of much needed hope throughout the public who many I bet feel abandoned by a large number of heroes quitting and the rise of crime. It won’t immediately fix the situation, but it’s a start.

Illegal Denim was the name of my punk band back in high school. Those were the days…

Recruiting heroes from around the world will certainly help. Gee? I wonder if a certain American hero will show up? No, not War Machine! I’m talking about My Hero Vigilantes’ own Captain Celebrity. This is a prime opportunity to feature him in the main series for a bit. Especially, now that it looks like Deku won’t be going abroad.

Why do I say that? A few reasons. One, Central Hospital is so medically advanced I don’t see a reason for Horikoshi shipping Deku abroad for medical treatment for his limbs. And, two, it looks like The Brovengers will figure out Deku’s connection to All Might and help keep him safe.