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Hipster Hotline: Bastard (webtoon)



N-no, not you. Bastard is a web-comic thriller about Jin Seon, a high school boy with a secret, he helps his father kill people. Jin doesn’t like being an accessory to murder but what can he do? He was hurt badly as a kid so his body’s weak. And, he’s not the most socially adept teenager in the world, though, he can fake it if he wants. In any case, Jin wants to stop his father from murdering people. But, death loving daddy is starting to realize Jin could become a threat to his psychotic tendencies. It’s a cat and mouse game where the loser doesn’t get a continue.

Bastard puts the thrill into thriller. The struggle between Jin and his dad slowly escalates throughout the series, never letting up. We see Jin’s desire for independence and discovering romantic love. Jin is actively trying to lead a normal life but dad is constantly in his way. Seems like every step he takes Jin falls back two and I love it. Jin’s dad holds all the cards and seeing him manipulate Jin and everyone around him is amazing and horrifying.

Manga My Hero Academia

Endeavor is NOT a Good Person (My Hero Academia)


He’s a complex person, sure. But, not good.

Ran across a YouTube video praising Endeavor, the current number one hero, for reaching out to Toshinori on how to become the new symbol of peace. While I do agree Endeavor even approaching him is admirable, I can’t agree with the video’s other points, mainly trying to excuse Endeavor’s previous bad behavior.


Endeavor, physically and emotionally, abused his wife to the point she threw boiling water on her child. That is horrible. Of course, both parents are responsible, but the wife’s actions is a direct response to the harsh treatment done to her by her husband. I get people love redemption characters, but trying to downplay Endeavor’s treatment of his wife and child just because you’re starting the like the character is wrong. If you must judge someone, do it based on their life as a whole, don’t cherry pick or hand wave the bad parts because a character reached an epiphany he may not be the greatest person in the universe.

I personally love where Endeavor’s character is going. I hope he becomes worthy of the number one hero title, but the guy has a LONG way to go on the path of redemption. A heart-to-heart with Toshinori only puts him at the starting line. But, if anyone can give Endeavor the kick in the butt he needs to become truly great it’s Toshinori.

Also, it’ll have more impact when he’s killed. Oh! Did I say that out loud? From my lips to Hirokoshi’s pencil.


Dr. Stone Shifting Gears? (Dr. Stone)


Something seems final about chapter 40 of Dr. Stone. Senku became village chief and it’s resolved in a few pages. Everyone in Senku’s gang are happy, even Gen (mostly because he finally got his cola [Dr. Cola™]). Point is, I thought we had more hardships coming before Ruri got her antibiotics. Not that it’s a bad chapter, just caught me off guard.

Yeah, we still got the big showdown between Team Senku and Team Tsukasa coming. But, the series isn’t ready for that. So, what’s gonna happen next? Well, the series has two options: Stick with Senku as he takes the next steps towards his ultimate goal or sideline the science kingdom storyline while the audience checks in with Taiju & Yuzuriha. Remember, its been around six months their time since we last saw them. There’s a lot to catch up on, but I think their update won’t be as long at Senku’s science kingdom adventures so far. The series is called Dr. Stone after all.

Who knows, really. All I can say is my pessimist sense is tingling. The overpowered high school jock shoe will drop at some point. We can’t have Senku on the fast track without Tsukasa becoming more of a threat and right now if Taiju & Yuzuriha did join his group as spies that makes three people in his community secretly working against him. Hmm…I don’t think Senku being alive will be secret much longer. I think that conflict is coming, not immediately, maybe at the end of our Taiju & Yuzuriha status update, but its on the horizon.

Oh, well. Maybe I’m chasing shadows and the story will continue with Senku in the forefront. But, if I’m right I’ll get to brag about it to all my many many friends. …Internet friends count, right? Oh… Well I’ll brag in the mirror.

Manga One Piece

I’m Scared of the Reverie (One Piece)


Scared how awesome it’ll be!

Come on! The Reverie was first introduced in chapter 142. Wow! Been a long time coming. A meeting of world leaders. I bet the nightly parties are amazing. Heard a rumor Beyonce was performing but who knows.

I do know we’ll see returning past characters from earlier arcs like Vivi, Stelly, Dalton, and Wapol. Dalton and Wapol in the same room, that’ll be fun. Maybe Coby or Neptune will show. King Riku will probably be there. Not to mention Cersei Lannister and Princess Celestia, but only as background characters. Seriously though, maybe the third admiral, Green Bull, makes an appearance. At least one admiral must be going for added security.

Oh, the sweet sweet world building to come. The stuff between arc crusts are just as compelling as the arcs themselves. Now we get a nice plumped world building arc! We’ll learn most, if not, all the current news around the world. The hierarchy among world leaders and, possibly, Celestial Dragons. Information the World Government knows about the state of the Revolutionaries, and the most dangerous pirates. We can’t forget possible talk of eliminating the seven Warlords. And, perhaps, we may see someone with a solution to all the government’s problems. *coughtVegapunkcough*

While it’s doubtful the Strawhats themselves will make an appearance (with so many old characters returning we don’t need them there), I’ve been debating whether the Strawhats are big time enough to garner their own crisis panel at the conference.

Who am I kidding? Luffy has done WAY too much not to earn his own special bullseye target from the world!
Defeating Crocodile and Moria AND Doflamingo.
Burning the World Government flag at Enis Lobby.
Participating the the Marineford War where everyone learned he’s Monkey D. Dragon’s son.
And…beating Katakuri and escaping Totto land. That’s it, folks. That’s the tipping point. When you can beat Big Mom’s strongest subordinate AND escape Totto Land, no one can deny you. You. ARE. The. Real. Deal.
Doesn’t take a genius to realize if you beat the strongest pirate in Big Mom’s crew, there’s nowhere to go but up to Yonko tier or Pirate King. Luffy and the Straw Hats have to be stopped and the Reverie is the place to figure out how. Unless, some uninvited guests come and screw things up. Or both!

I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t put so many expectations into the Reverie but it’s been built up for so long and Oda is a master world builder. I know he’s been planning it for years. YEARS! I really, really shouldn’t…but I will. Take all my excitement Oda and give us fans something mind blowing. I know you of all people can do it.

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Hipster Hotline: Baby & Me


Baby & Me is the slice-of-life story of elementary school student, Takuya Enoki, and his younger brother, Minoru. Their mother died in a car accident so it’s up to Takuya to take care of Minoru while his dad works. Becoming your brother’s nanny while still dealing with your mother’s death is not easy for Takuya. He knows he’s missing out on the carefree life his classmates have and Minoru isn’t always an easy kid to take care of. Takuya is a good child but the stress of dealing with this responsibility is told very well. He gets mad, frustrated—it’s nice to have a main character who isn’t unrealistically positive. It’s a bad situation but he does his best to handle it, for better or worse.

cartoon Hipster Hotline

Hipster Hotline: Reboot


I don’t how to approach this. Well, let’s start by getting the general stuff out the way.

Reboot is a great series. Sure, the computer animation doesn’t hold up, especially in the first season, but the plot is fantastic. Well, it starts getting really good in the second season. What I’m trying to say is Reboot is original, groundbreaking, and entertaining.

Reboot is the story of a world inside your computer called Mainframe, protected by a Guardian called Bob. He fights you, the user, in video games, and also computer viruses. Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!


Anyway, like with most Hipster recommendations, it’s all about the story. Reboot is a show not afraid to be funny one episode, serious the next, though mostly it’s funny. Reboot is telling a story, and bad things happen to people, bad people even win sometimes. Things get crazy and our heroes have to handle it. Actions have consequences, weight to them. I’m painting a much darker picture of the show than I think it is but too many kids shows don’t deviate much from a standard formula. Bad things happen and by the end of the episode everything is as it was. Since I was a child I always hated when kid shows treated their audience like idiots. Reboot doesn’t do that. That’s why I love it.

Characters learn, grow, change because of personal experience. And, yeah, the villains seems one-note in the beginning, but they, like Bob, Dot, Enzo and the other regular cast are evolving. It’s amazing how Reboot starts as simply a standard cartoon with a CGI gimmick becoming something more, something its creators slowly build into a complex world full of dangers, we the audience as well as the protagonists, take for granted as minor grievances, but, in reality, are capable of causing great destruction and misery.

Hipster Hotline music

“The Night Begins to Shine” (Teen Titans Go)


Teen Titans Go is decent. I remember trying to get into it during its first season and bailed, but I have watched some funny clips and episodes on YouTube since then. It’s a gamble. You may get a funny episode or a clunker. In my opinion, the show is best watched on YouTube where fans post the best moments of the series. Alright, with that out the way, let’s talk about “The Night Begins to Shine”.

“The Night Begins to Shine” is an 80’s rock styled song made in 2005 by a band called B.E.R. It was the focus of an episode about Cyborg’s love of it. Gotta say, he’s not wrong. I like this song. I REALLY like this song. It’s so good I thought it actually was made in the 80s!

I haven’t been this infatuated with a cartoon song since Spongebob Squarepants’ Sweet Victory episode. Well, not counting Futurama’s Robot Hell song, but that’s more for adults. Can’t count anime or kids movies either, I guess. Point is, “The Night Begins to Shine” is a great song if you’re in the mood for 80’s rock. It’s, honestly, too good for Teen Titans Go. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Side note: After a little research I learned “The Night Begins to Shine” hit the Billboard charts earlier this year and it was covered by CeeLo Green and Fall Out Boy. Does that still qualify it as hipster? Well, it didn’t hit the Top 20 and I’m recommending the B.E.R. version only, so I’ll allow it.

Manga Meet The Geek My Hero Academia

Meet the Geek: Camie (My Hero Academia)


Time to end this discussion once and for all. I sat down with Shiketsu’s very own Camie to learn if she really was who she claimed to be.


Redgeek: Thank you for coming, Toga. I know this is a busy time for you.
Camie: My name’s Camie. Can I get your contact info?
Redgeek: So…killed anyone lately? You know, someone blocking you on the way to school, a waiter getting your order wrong, or even—I don’t know—a high school student whose blood you consumed so you can infiltrate one of the best hero schools in the country?
Camie: Have my own Discord channel if you want to join.
Redgeek: Hmmm…. Okay, you’re a friendly young lady. Tell me about your friends.
Camie: Oh, I have lots of friends! Always fun hanging out when not training.
Redgeek: Older friends? With many hands or burn scars?
Camie: What are you talking about?
Redgeek: Look, I just wanna know if you’re Toga in disguise.
Camie: What? No way! I’m Camie, see how happy and well adjusted I am. I’m just your average Japanese girl who can’t go one chapter without talking about a boy.
Redgeek: *sigh* I really need to talk to Hirokoshi again. Anyway, if you are Camie then what’s up with that bloody knife on the table.
Camie: No, no. That’s ketchup. I was making French fries.
Redgeek: Cutting French fries after pouring ketchup?
Camie: Weird huh? Saw it on Food Network and had to try it.
Redgeek: You know, Deku figured it out. The heroes got you dead-to-rights.
Camie: Deku! Uh, who’s that? Sound’s cool.
Redgeek: Well, looks like I won’t get anything out of you. Before we go, do you have anything you want to say to all your fans?
Camie: Yes, I didn’t steal my hero costume from Black Widow. She stole it from me!
Redgeek: Okay then, this is Redgeek signing off. Goodnight.
Redgeek: The hell!
Camie: Oh, sorry! I was trying to kill a fly on your shoulder. It landed in front of your heart. I’ll get it this time!
Redgeek: Nooooo!
Camie: There. Got it…

cartoon Dead

Jokey Smurf Dead at 153



It was bound to happen eventually. Resident practical joker and Overwatch rage quitter, Jokey Smurf died yesterday from, what else, a practical joke gone wrong.

Jokey Carlin Smurf, known for getting residents of Smurf Village to fall for the same exploding gift joke for decades, got the ultimate surprise trying a new explosive for use in his classic gag. The blue prankster, according to Autopsy Smurf, used too much C-4 resulting in a mishandled explosion blowing the shirtless comedian to bits. A statement released just hours ago from Obvious Smurf said “Duh! Like anyone needs a PhD to figure that out.”

Jokey’s funeral is slated to be held at Quarrel Castle with an estimated expected crowd of at least ten. Seems the joking smurf’s reputation precedes him as almost everyone thinks it’s some kind of elaborate joke. According to Jokey’s will, his funeral will be a comedy roast hosted by Pee-Wee with guest appearances from Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Bianca Del Rio, Grouchy Smurf, and Jeff Ross. Get your tickets now. Wizards under two-hundred get in free. Absolutely no gift boxes allowed!

Hipster Hotline

Hipster Hotline: Power Rangers Hyperforce


Never thought I’d put anything Power Rangers related on the hotline but here we are. Power Rangers Hyperforce is a Dungeons & Dragons type show on Twitch about five Time Force cadets from the year 3016 on a quest to stop a mysterious organization from causing destruction. All while trying to not screw up the time/space continuum.

I’m no expert D&D player, never played it all actually. My RPGs have all been in video game and book forms. I’m reviewing this from that and a podcasting perspective. It’s a show requiring imagination. If you like Power Rangers and are willing to let your mind’s eyes do the driving, you’re in for a good time.

You can either watch the show live and interact with other members of the audience via the chat room, or, if you don’t subscribe to Hyper RPG, watch the episodes a week later on their YouTube channel. That’s where my podcasting side takes over. Each episode is over two hours long,  so you can watch the video or just listen while doing other things. The creators know this and even have episodes on itunes. Basically, you enjoy the show however you like.

The story is good but it’s helped further by the great cast. Each ranger player is entertaining and able to think on their feet, er, butt, resulting in some good improv. And the show’s GM (Game Master)is good too, but, again, I’m not a D&D expert. Having Paul Schrier (actor who played Bulk in MMPR) as Hyperforce Yellow and the occasional guest ranger from the TV show gives the RPG show cannon street cred, making it genuinely feel part of ranger lore.

If you like D&D, Power Rangers, or podcasts, give Hyperforce a watch/listen. If it stays on track it’ll only get better from here. It’s morphine time! …*sigh* I always get that wrong.