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I Have a Plan… Attack! [My Hero Academia 207]

Here we go again.

Love the way Hirokoshi drew Bakugo’s eyes immediately reacting to Tokage. Nice touch.

Class B dominates the tactics, while Class A plays catch up. Been there, done that. But, hey, it’s Bakugo. The kid is fun to watch at least, win or lose. Aizawa acknowledges he’s been skipping Teamwork 101 in favor of Power Up 202. To be fair, Aizawa’s methods will wield higher results further down the line, but the ideal method is a little of both teachings.

Win to Save. Save to Win. Step on to Protect. Protect to Step on.

Not much else to say. Tokage distracted Jiro so her teammates could hone in without notice and Bakugo saved their butts. I hope Jiro does something, but Bakugo will probably carry the team. Too bad. This is a great opportunity to showcase Sero, Saito, and Jiro. Won’t happen, but I can dream. I’ve given up on Hirokoshi giving the C and D cast important screen time this arc. They’re filling the usual background roles. *sigh*. Oh, well, at least I got Papa Vlad’s smack talk.

Manga One Piece

Back in Blackbeard (One Piece 925)

Wow! What a chapter!

Me reading this chapter

Who would’ve thought Oda would throw in One Piece world current events between Wano’s acts? And, what surprises we learn.

First, Absalom is dead. Like, really dead. The type of dead that isn’t ambiguous. For someone to lose their devil fruit they have to die. Absalom is 100% dead. Let’s pour one out for the sexual assaulter. Hm, maybe not. Gecko Moria is back, but is he truly joining Team Blackbeard, or will he scamper off into the sunset? Well, considering the Warlord system might be kaput, he’s gonna need some allies. Even, if he’s an ex-Warlord. Gecko isn’t getting anything done on his own, he needs a crew. And, no, only having Perona won’t do much.

Ladies and gentlemen, Blackbeard makes his time skip debut. And, it’s glorious! The man loves a good party and at the same time, we see he’s keeping tabs on everyone important in the One Piece world. You can tell he’s taking a quick R&R before heading out to Wano to grab Kaido’s fruit in the final inning. Big hug to the folks thinking Shiryu was getting the diamond devil fruit. I’m not one of them, but I’m sure Oda will have some fun in the fated Shiryu VS Zoro fight. Cool appearance by Catarina Devon and her nine tails fruit and Pizarro and his lunch.

Manga My Hero Academia

Sponsored By Snickers [My Hero Academia 206]

A draw.

I hope she’s a lizard version of Spider-man.

And, with that my predictions are thrown out the window. But, let’s backtrack. Iida woke up but couldn’t move, leaving Pony, Shoji, and Ojiro to duke it out for the win. Naturally, Ojiro gets thrown in jail evening the score to one apiece. Now, I’ll give Tailman credit for freeing Shoji, but the jail thing balances his performance to zero. Sorry, Ojiro.

Manga My Hero Academia

It’s All Up to Ojiro? [My Hero Academia 205]

Meaning, Class A is screwed.

Yes, we get it. They’re hot. You don’t have to rub it in.

Todoroki didn’t have a specific heat attack, he simply increased his fire output to dangerous levels. Not what I expected, but still cool, ha. It’s also a stepping stone for Todoroki to began copying Endeavor’s actual fire attacks.

Ojiro did something, Y’all! He helped takedown Pony with Shoji. But, Mudman ruined their day. I’m assuming Ojiro and Shoji are trapped in the now hardened ground, leaving Pony to, I don’t know, win the game?

Let’s review.

Manga One Piece

Back Behind Bars [One Piece 924]

Buggy, Crocodile, Impel Down, Big Mom. Luffy’s been locked up more times than Martin Sheen.

One Piece fans learning the manga won’t be in next week’s Shonen Jump.

Remember when Kaido got so angry we thought he’d kill Luffy and Law on sight? Amazing what a little time and a lot of alcohol can do. Luffy whips out some King’s haki and all of a sudden Kaido wants him on his team. I have a feeling everyone strong working from Kaido got their ass kicked by him. That’s his equivalent of a job interview.

We have the answer to what happened to everyone at Oden Castle: Shino’s ripe-ripe fruit. She rotted the ground. Sure, why not? Hawkings and Law had a scuffle, yet somehow Law got away. Hmm… Somone’s playing the long game. And, that someone is made of straw and doesn’t live in Oz.

Manga My Hero Academia

Tetsutetsu, Hottest Guy in Class B [My Hero Academia 204]

And, Todoroki’s the coolest in Class A. Get it? No? I’ll explain later.

Never tell the enemy about your power. Don’t you watch Jojo?

We learn how Iida developed Recipro Turbo, by self-mutilation. And training. Can’t forget the training. But, mostly by ripping out body parts. Thanks, Grandpa Iida!

Mudman does the smart thing and escapes to back up tetsutetsu while Iida does the same for Ojiro. That’s one Class B student down, three to go. Maybe Ojiro can pull himself together and help take down Mudman. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Woo! But, seriously, I hope he does something useful.

Manga One Piece

Emperor of the Sea Kaido VS An Idiot [One Piece 923]

“VS”. Yeah, right. Kaido has more trouble opening a bottle of mayonnaise.

Dead girls and the dirty ground When I know you’re not around

We still don’t know how Nami and friends survived Kaido’s attack, but who cares right now? Poor Tama got beatdown. Don’t you just hate it when the best day of your life turns out the be the worst, or even your last?

Okay, let’s talk about the main part of the chapter: Luffy getting steamrolled. Kaido didn’t just one shot Luffy, he made sure to do so after he did his strongest attack! He allowed Luffy to go hog wild just to crush his spirit into pieces. Did I mention he tanked Luffy’s attacks without using armament haki? Yeah. Kaido’s just that freaking tough. And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem.

Manga One Piece

Punch-drunk Kaido [One Piece 922]

That outta sober him up.

Love how they instantly knew it had to be Luffy.

But, this is Kaido. Wouldn’t be surprised if he lost consciousness. Not from the punch, but from all that bourbon. There’s no reason for Kaido to stop attacking so Oda will have to put their real fight on hold somehow. Yep, Passed Out Kaido incoming.