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Sucker Punched [My Hero Vigilantes 110]

He’s baaaaack!

Knuckleduster is here! And with that, the final two pieces needed to finish this battle has arrived. Or should I say three? Or…four?

Let me explain. One, we have Knuckleduster. He had to return to finish his arc, which is tied to the very heart of My Hero Vigilantes: The defeat of the Villain Factory.

The Crawler is currently doing what he does best, protecting civilians. Now, it’s KD’s turn to take on the monstrous Number 6. And unlike Koichi, he’s got no problem killing the artificial human. How? Well, I’m sure Oguro has a plan or two. The guy is as tactical as Batman, he’s got this. I hope.

Knuckleduster hates litterbugs

Next, location. We’re at the final battle stage, Old East Naruhata. An area containing few civilians and near Koichi’s apartment. The best place to deal with a walking explosion monster. Remember that object under a cover Soga found in Koichi’s apartment building? Yep, that should come into play very soon.

Manga My Hero Academia

Stain, The Rain, and All Might’s Pain [My Hero Academia 326]

A chapter featuring Toshinori and his biggest fan. No, the other one.

Stain and Toshinori finally meet! Who knew the Hero Killer would give the former number one hero the pep talk needed to keep fighting. Crazy as Stain is, Toshinori’s positive influence on Japan is still indeed alive. Hope, like crunk, ain’t dead. Right Lil’ John?

We only got a couple panels of young Toshinori, but did you notice the panel of him running similar to Deku saving Bakugo in the first chapter? A Toshinori: Origin/All Might: Origin may be on the horizon. It’s about time we learned the full story on how Toshinori meet Nana and why he was chosen to receive One For All. Wouldn’t mind seeing All Might and All For One’s first battle too. Will we ever see it? I’m not sure, but chances are O’Clock from My Hero Vigilantes discovered AFO’s location for All Might meaning the high-speed hero could make a future cameo at some point!

Who? Ed Sheeran? He’s okay, I guess.
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Double Dragon [One Piece 1025]

What’s better than one enormous dragon? Two enormous dragons, a dedicated cosplayer, and a rubber pirate all duking it out.

Okay. This was a fun chapter, but not a lot happened. We got a little more of Yamato’s childhood. Yes, yes, all his friends died, and that’s gonna be juxtaposed with him having friends now. Get it? Got it? Good.

Next, we have confirmation both Kaido and Yamato are ogres. Where is Oda going with this? I’m not sure. Is there an ogre island out there on the Grandline? Guess we’ll have to find out because I doubt this arc will be the last we see an ogre, even if it’s in the flashback of an upcoming arc.

That’s the last time Kaido insults BTS in front of Luffy and Yamato
Manga My Hero Vigilantes

All For One Has Entered The Chat [My Hero Vigilantes 109]

Well…I didn’t see that coming.

I knew “O’Clock” wasn’t a real vestige because of how casually he talked about violence and killing. I just dismissed it as further proof Number 6 was losing his high-speed mind. Guess what, kiddies? The O’Clock vestige is actually an All For One vestige! Dun-dun-duuuun!

And if AFO’s a vestige, then that means Number 6 currently possesses a copy of the All For One quirk! Yeah, AFO didn’t give No. 6 each of his quirks one at a time. No, he simply gave the artificial human a copy of his quirk with the others pre-installed. That’s incredible news! Why? Because AFO only gives his quirk away if it furthers his goal of obtaining a new body free from the effects of quirk singularity. “This experiment” had to be referring to No. 6 himself. How far can he push the limits of his body? That’s what AFO wants to know, and it looks like he’s gonna find out.

Naruhata’s hatred of recycling saves Koichi once again
Manga My Hero Academia

United We Stand, Divided We Fall, That Giant Fox Woman Is Really Darn Tall [My Hero Academia 325]

We’re all in this together. Well, not me. The second Gigantomachia attacked, I fled to New Zealand. But I’m here in spirit.

Kota and Giant Fox Woman stepped up, leading to a wave of Deku support. No surprise there, but the emotions still got to me. What a lovely couple of chapters! And someone finally said it: The citizens need to get off their butts and do something! Support each other, support heroes. Don’t just turn your head if something bad is going down and hope a hero comes by. Don’t kick the remaining heroes while they’re down and still fighting for you. Step the hell up! Even if it’s just that crowd of people, it’s a start.

Oh, and a big F.U. to the shelters turning down Giant Fox Woman. Heteromorph discrimination still exists in case you forgot. Horikoshi is leading us somewhere with this. Don’t forget, Spinner’s full backstory hasn’t been revealed yet.

Except Texas toast. The world’s better off without it.

That reminds me, how come NO HERO has ever addressed discrimination in the series yet? Even Deku, back when he first saved Giant Fox Woman, didn’t chastise those jerks for trying to KILL GFW (Giant Fox Woman) based on her looks. What the ever loving fish, Deku? Yeah, I’m still pissed at that.

Manga One Piece

Plenty of Pride, Not Enough Pizza [One Piece 1024]

I guess Blue Apron doesn’t deliver to pirate controlled islands. They really need to get on top of that.

We got some Yamato backstory. Okay… Sure… I mean it was nice learning he had Supreme King haki at an early age and he meet Shimotsuki Ushimaru (Zoro’s Daddy?) but other than that, not much happened that interested me.

Usopp found One Piece! It was in the upper-left panel all along.
Manga My Hero Academia

Super Heroes Need Love Too [My Hero Academia 324]

I got emotional reading this chapter, Y’all.

Ochaco’s speech wasn’t the stuff of legends, but it was overflowing with love. Love for her friend, her classmates, her teachers, and other fellow heroes. Heroes. Need. Support. Too. The public doesn’t have to keep putting heroes on a pedestal. No, it’s the opposite. Citizens need to realize heroes are people too. And they need their support to continue fighting. Everyone is in this awful situation together and they better start acting like it instead of hating heroes because they can’t save the day all the time, every time.

Um, Deku saved me too. Wanna talk about our similar experience over dinner, Giant Fox Woman?
Manga One Piece

Sanji Going Through Germa Puberty [One Piece 1023]

Just because a lot happened doesn’t mean it’s all important. Let’s trim the fat on this full course chapter meal and talk about what really matters: Sanji’s body changing.

Yes, fellow manga pirates fans, Sanji is becoming a real boy…or is it the opposite? Maybe Judge figured out how to unlock Sanji’s full genetic potential by nullifying whatever Sora Vinsmoke did to him through the raid suit? In any case, I smell a power up!

King and Queen kindly letting Zoro and Sanji pose before their counterattack