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Don’t Trust The B– in U.A. Dorm 23 [My Hero Academia 337]

That’s right, Aoyama. You can still be a hero. …As long as you help us trick All For One.

I’m still disheartened by the traitor revelation. Aoyama or Hagakure, I just wanted a true villain as the spy. Instead, we get a by-the-books betrayal ending with everyone seemingly forgiving Belly Laser, with a chance at redemption thrown in for good measure. What’s Aoyama’s chance at redemption, you ask? Getting Deku alone, of course. That’s one of the orders AFO gave our sneaky friend. U.A. simply needs to have it appear Aoyama does exactly that to lure AFO in. Not AFO himself, mind you. He’s too smart to go himself, but U.A. can work with that somehow.

Somewhere, Gentle is uncontrollably rolling his eyes
Wait. Hagakure’s not bald? *SIGH* And the disappoints just keep on coming.

That stupid Hagakure fake out at the end of Chapter 335! I still can’t get over it. Horikoshi has always played fair with his audience. Every. Time. It was so cheap. Red herrings, I can deal with, but flat out lying to the audience? And for what? This Talk no Jutsu redemption crap? I’m trying to be civil, but every time I think about the fun and chaos of having a true villainous spy among Class A, I just want to scream! I’m holding on to hope Hagakure’s indeed another spy. Yes, it’s a long shot, but if Horikoshi pulls it off, it could be one of the greatest moments in My Hero Academia.

We still haven’t gotten Aizawa’s reaction to everything that’s happened. Looking forward to that. Also, how did Aoyama’s parents find AFO? I guess money talks. And no doubt they found AFO because he wanted to be found, using the opportunity to attain more tools. Makes me wonder how happy AFO gets going to the hardware store.

We learn why the League of Villains keep Spinner around: Free back rubs!

This was an okay chapter. Nothing wrong with it structurally. I just hate it’s going down like this. Again, I’m hoping Hagakure is another traitor, but I’m not holding my breath. I need another carton of ice cream! My tears give it more flavor. Mmmm, yummy-yum…*sobs*

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2 replies on “Don’t Trust The B– in U.A. Dorm 23 [My Hero Academia 337]”

Yeah………. YEAH. This reveal is falling flat on its face. I don’t think this plotline was handled well to begin with- but revealing it like this was SO NOT how I wanted it to go. I mean; it made sense that it would be another quirkless. But……. yeah; being an Unwilling traitor and a redemption arc does the “sting” out of the betrayal.
My MAIN problem was the mischaracterization of All For One- which you can read in my post. To summarize: I felt that he would never let on that he’s simply “using a tool” to the people he SEES as tools. That’s how you get rebellions- leading to your defeat.
But as someone pointed out in a video I just watched talking about the chapter; Izuku blames himself a lot for what’s going on. But if we go back to the Fallout of the Hero Killer arc; didn’t he call that mentality “selfish.”
He thought it was his OWN fault for not seeing the signs of Ilda’s descent into darkness, because he was too focused on his One For All training. But he IMMEDIATELY dismissed that thought because it “made it all about him.” HE DID THAT HERE, THOUGH. He said it was HIS fault for not seeing Aoyama’s SOS. Why was it selfish there and not HERE?
Not to mention it’s more his toxic mindset. He REALLY needs to get over that line of thinking- it’s clearly shown to be self destructive. And if he’s still thinking like that, then……. Did he actually undergo ANY type of character development? Did he change at ALL over the course of the story. He hasn’t had that dopey grin All Might started in a while. But that itself ain’t “development.”
I……. I don’t know what’s going on with Horkioshi right now. I hope he’s okay……

Very interesting points I never thought of. Deku working with U.A. could be seen as growth though. Will he stop making everything about himself? I don’t know. In a way, it is about him. Or, at least the quirk he has. Again, interesting points. I’m gonna keep a closer eye on Deku’s internal monologue from now on.

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