Kingdom Manga

Kingdom Chapters 337 & 338

First things first, if you like shounen manga you should be reading Kingdom. Seriously, pick any chapter and read it.

Finished? Congratulations! You’re a Kingdom fan! Action, humor, tragedy, interesting characters, this series has everything to keep you entertained.

Shin VS Futei ended quicker than I thought but was still satisfying. Kyoukai saved his hide again for the five thousandth time. I completely forgot her and couldn’t be happier. Not because I hate her but because I had doubts the series could be as good without her. Glad I was wrong.

The real treat was Karyo Ten VS Kaine. Seeing them walk the line between duty and mutual respect makes their relationship interesting, especially for Kaine. She’s clocked more battlefield experience than Karyo Ten and doesn’t seem to be someone who lets her emotions get the better of her in a fight. Guess there’s a flashback explaining this in the future. Hoping Ten and Kaine will interact again this arc but I don’t see that happening. What I do see happening is Riboku learning Sei is leading the militia and going all out to take them down. Shout out to Turnip Farmers for scanlating this awesome series.

Best Panel: Kaine bitch swatting Karyo Ten with her sword hilt.
Heisman Winner: Ryuusen

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