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One Piece Chapter 731: The Dressrosa S.O.P. Strategy

One Piece Chapter 731 The Dressrosa S.O.P. Strategy


I should build it up but screw it. Sabo! Now, my excitement doesn’t come from confirmation he’s alive, I knew I was. Most Piece Heads figured it out, wasn’t hard. The real shock comes from seeing Sabo this “early” in the series. I figured we wouldn’t see he for at least two years real life time but there he his. So, what does this mean?

1. High probability Sabo is getting the flame-flame fruit. Makes sense considering the other Strawhats wouldn’t want it.

2. The Revolutionaries are starting something big. From the conversation between Sabo and Koala (she’s back, yay!) they’re looking for the underground port too. They are either looking for Smile to steal for the Revolutionaries and/or trying to strike at Doflamingo at the heart of his operation to bring him down. Doflamingo. The Warlord Doflamingo. The former Celestial Dragon Doflamingo. That’s bold. Kick in the World Government’s crotch bold! If that’s their plan the Revolutionaries may be starting their final push to take down the World Government. Insane!

Whatever the result, the Revolutionaries are now in the forefront of the story and that’s exciting.

Backtracking a bit, we learn Dellinger is a master of kicking people in high heels AKA Skank-Fu. Bellamy, get a clue my friend. Doflamingo doesn’t like you. Move on! Sugar has the Hobby-Hobby fruit, confirming she’s the one turning people into toys. Not impressed until I see her change someone into a PS4. And finally, Koala knows fishman karate, interesting! Looking forward to see her in action and happy she’s back in general. You go marsupial girl!

Oh yeah, Caribou cover story is over too. Thank Enel!

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