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Don’t Need Nostalgia to Enjoy Ducktales 2017, I Think


Okay, six episodes in and I’m officially onboard.

Not to say the previous five were bad, they were all varying degrees of enjoyable (least favorite is Beagle Birthday) but I’m ready to put the nostalgia glasses away and watch Ducktales 2017 as a fan of this version, not of the 80’s cartoon.

Not that criticizing the old series is hard, I love the old series but there were many episodes I didn’t like, but at its core, speaking as someone who never read the comics, OG Ducktales at its best was about adventuring with Scrooge McDuck and the rest of the main cast. That’s why the first episodes are so memorable to me. The Golden Suns arc was what I wanted Ducktales to be all the time–adventure with some comedy, mystery and character development mixed in.

Ducktales 2017 gives me that and more. This version of Scrooge is even more adventurous. Huey, Dewey, and Louie have diverse personalities, making their on-screen presence more fun. Webby and Mrs. Beakley also have more personality and Launchpad is still Launchpad. Plus, we get Donald Duck, a character I always wished was a main cast member in the old series. And, yes, I know he was in the comics but cut from the old show. Even better!

Magica De Spell as, what I assume, the season villain is amazing. Her rumored connection to what happened to Della Duck makes me intriguing. I am actually excited to see Magica De Spell–never thought that would happen. Explains her not being in the opening, but I wonder if she’s gonna be a series or season one big bad villain. Speaking of excitement, Darkwing Duck will be in an episode! Glad the showrunners are tieing him closer in this universe. I loved the Ducktales/Darkwing comic crossover (not counting its lackluster ending) and ever since the MCU became popular I hoped Disney would bring back the two series in separate movies, ending with a crossover movie. Bringing the shows back on TV is just as good. Okay, no confirmation of a reboot Darkwing Duck series, but come on! You just know Disney at least thought about it, only willing to greenlight it if Ducktales is a hit. It’s coming back, and I won’t be surprised if they announce it being in production sometime after his Ducktales appearance or at the end of Ducktales’ first season.

Really, the only problems I have with the show worth noting are the Beagle Boys and Donald’s voice. This is the nostalgia talking but I want all the old Beagle Boys back. Babyface, Bebop, Brainy, Bankjob, Baggy, etc., I miss those lunkheads. The Beagle Boys introduced in The Beagle Birthday Massacre! seem more like throwaway jokes referencing The Warriors movie than legit recurring characters. And, can we please make Donald’s voice easier to understand? That’s my only problem with the character. Hopefully, that’ll be fixed in later seasons. If I want to get nitpicky, they could bring in Daisy and Doofus but I understand if they want to wait to bring them into an already full cast, maybe in season two or three. Oh, and don’t make Bubba Duck a main cast member! An episode or arc with him is fine but Bubba was too overpowered and too much time was focused on him and off other characters in the old series. The reboot doesn’t need him.

If you haven’t, give Ducktales a watch. A solid series made with tender loving care…and ducks, lots of ducks.


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