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Let’s talk about Jimbei and Carrot [One Piece, Chapter 881]


Jimbei is the Strawhat helmsman, we get it, Oda!

You’ve been dropping clues throughout the series, but chapter 881 is our first look at the former warlord showing how top-level a helmsman he truly is. Not only did Oda get on a megaphone, blasting Jimbei’s crew role but also hinted why no one reached Raftel since Gol D. Roger and his crew. Here’s the mathematical equation to reach Raftel:

Nami + Franky + Robin (Road Polyglyphs) + Jimbei=Raftel

The best ship steered by the best helmsman with the best navigator following the route given to them by one of the few people who can read the directions. The perfect fit. And, let’s not forget Jimbei’s unique fighting abilities, the fact that he represents a species that hasn’t joined yet, him already interacting with the crew as a straight man and the fact we’ve known him pre-time skip. I’m a firm believer no one else is joining the crew after Jimbei. One Piece has moved on from members joining. It’s about allies and reaching the end goals now.

Jimbei is a loose end getting tied, an exception to the new rules. He was too powerful compared to the other Strawhats during Fishman Island and a veteran of the New World. Oda had to wait for the others to get stronger and navigate the New World on their own, to see it with eyes of wonder and portray that to the audience. Frankly, the crew and the series itself wasn’t ready for Jimbei joining.

Chapter 881 also cemented my thoughts of Carrot not joining. She has no role, no function to the crew. True, she fills the visual requirement, but that’s it. Where’s her feet of skill? Her excellent cooking? Her top-notch navigation abilities? Her unparalleled medical knowledge? Her rare skill to read an ancient language? Carrot may have another purpose; sailing with the crew to Wano, showing up to Wano with everyone on Zunisha in the final Wano battle, or even starting her own crew and becoming an ally. Whatever it is, compared to Jimbei, she is not officially joining the Strawhat crew.

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