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Here Comes a New Challenger! (My Hero Academia 194)


At this exact moment, Tumblr fans exploded.

Wait. Wait. Wait! Let’s back it up.
Okay, so, Deku talked to Toshinori about his dream and hand explosion. Toshinori also has no idea what “singularity” the First mentioned means. Could One For All still be mutating? Or, is it just Deku’s genes because he may be related to the First (my crack theory). Either way, put a pin in it because I doubt I’ll come up again soon.

Under a different property and they’re still more likely to be in a Marvel movie than the Netflix heroes.

It’s happening, Y’all!
Class A vs Class B!

Honestly, I expected an inter-school training session to happen with Ms. Joke’s school because I forgot such a thing could happen. Sidenote: What the hell is Hagakure going to do during the winter months? She has to be a hero in a warm climate. Maybe she can use her hard nipples as weapons. Poke some eyes out!

Some Class A students are wearing warmer versions of their costumes but screw that. Let’s talk about Class B’s costumes! Overall, I like them, the ones in the spread, at least. Snake girl and Mushroom Girl really stand out along with the boy wearing the Chinese ghost outfit. Can’t wait to see more.

All For High Five

He’s wearing Aizawa’s weapon scarf. Someone’s been training. And, he’s got something for a voice. A voice changer? An amplifier? Both? All I know is Aizawa is a tough physical fighter and if he taught Shinsou everything he knows, Shinso will be a close combat monster. He’s getting into the Hero Course, alright. But, does that mean someone else gets dropped down to the General Studies?

Shinsou did say that was possible way back before the School Festival Arc and if the maximum number of students in each class is 20, well…

Great chapter. Hope Aizawa addresses how students can get in the Hero Course (and how they can be removed from it). Of course, I don’t think anyone will be. The student traitor will get busted and open up a spot for Aizawa Jr. Could this mean, him or her’s identity will be revealed soon? Oooh! The next few arcs will be quite interesting.

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