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Match-o No. 5 (A Little Bit of…) [My Hero Academia 209]

Bakugo’s a good friend, Toshinori?

Can someone please tell Bakugo this crap is getting old? Or, at least punch him in the face.

The asshole still has apologized for bullying Deku for years. Just sayin’.

Match 4 is over and everyone’s on Bakugo’s nuts, er, grenades. We get a more confident Deku, standing up to Bakugo and proclaiming their team will win. He’s being a true leader now, not just with brains, but he’s inspiring his group. My baby Deku has grown up. *cries*

Class B is trying to form a plan against Class A, namely, Deku. He’s their key to victory, after all. Good on Shinso for mentioning Deku once broke his brainwashing. They’ll have to do more than that to be him. Also interesting that Monoma cautioned Shinso not to rely on him. What does that mean? You’d think he’d want to attack with some double brainwash maneuver, but no. Hmm.

Now, that’s a heroic face if I ever saw one.

And speaking of Shinso, he’s not in the final Class B group shot. Double hmm.

We cut to Tartarus Prison where All For One is getting excited. Seems like he’s got access to One For All TV just like Deku. How? Who knows, but Gigantomachia has been knocking on Tartarus’ door. Uh oh! The fact the guy got away shows either the heroes were too far out to catch him or he kicked someone’s ass before peacing out.  Well, I’m not worried. The guy failed to get in. Not like he’s gonna team up with a group, say, League of criminals and try again. Nope. Not happening.

Ah, yes. I forgot All For One has a Talking Dead quirk. Chris Hardwick is AFO confirmed!

Like this week’s One Piece, this was a good setup chapter. The breakout arc is coming. Heroes will be assigned to the prison, making it a high octane battle. Don’t know about AFO, but Stain is definitely getting an early release when it all ends. Watch your back, Iida!

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